hi i made this (not great) edit myself using a photo from my hawaii trip on insta (_princess.amelia) 

but i thought it was time for another follow forever so i can show my appreciation for you guys!! 

i apologize in advance for the length of this oops

my faves (in alphabetical order)

0alien ~ em!! we have been friends for some time now and you are so sweet honestly. i’m thankful every day for your support and how understanding you are. i have been through some rough patches that you know about and helped me through and i’m just really happy we are friends and i hope that continues for awhile!! love u

belovedgadreel ~ adrie idk where to even start with you cause i mean we have been through so many years together and i even met you in person this summer and it’s just been a great ride despite the things we have been through i know your friendship is gonna last a lifetime and for that i am thankful 

blackheaux ~ maya you are an absolute cutie pie and i don’t even remember how we met but it has been worth it every single day and your friendship means so much to me and i hope we keep it that way you know? ily

booty2fat ~ felicia we haven’t talked in awhile and i know that but i just want you to know that i appreciate you anyway 

bootyboi ~ trevor!! your support over the years has meant so much to me and you’re such a cutie thank you 

chinupstagram ~ natalie!!! i can’t express how much you’ve affected me and i’m really happy we were able to see each other in person cause it meant so much and you’re so wonderful and i love u

cryh ~ mars!!! my favorite pixie!! we just recently started talking so frequently and it’s been one of the best decisions ever. you’re the biggest sweetheart and i love your sense of humor and style and everything. talking to you brightens my day and i’m so happy we started talking i love u

ctrlartcats ~ it’s interesting to remember how we met tbh but i’m glad we did you have been a great support these past months and i hope we talk more tbh 

fembarbie ~ maria my sunshine my pride n joy you are truly one of my most favorite people you are just so genuine and cute and i love you so much honestly 

frankiesnotaboy ~ frankie you’re just cute in general and i enjoy our conversations thanks for being someone to talk to 

fuckliam ~ lexie!! we haven’t talked in ages but you brought me into this fandom and i’ m still here so congrats i guess? it’s been awhile miss you 

fvkmeup ~ annaliese i have missed you you’re so cute n nice and i love u pls keep being cute 

hangovear ~ laura my love we haven’t talked in forever but you’re such a wonderful person thank you for being in my life 

heavimetal ~ abby you’re so amazing and i’m so glad we met and have talked so much and i’m thankful for you 

indiesmusic ~ ebbie you’re such a sweetheart and i’m glad we talk and i love you

jet-pack-b1ues ~ jordan i could go on and on about you cause you have changed my lie so dramatically i am so so happy we met just so randomly that one time bc i haven’t been happier like you are the sweetest and i’m so lucky to have you in my life thank you i love u

kohltracks ~ mazz my favorite person to discuss dumb things with all night!! our conversations are always something to be remembered and i’m glad i met you it’s been really fun 

monochromatic-heart ~ mando you’re my favorite nerd and i know that we will be friends for a long time 

moonemoji ~ meryl my favorite emoji you are so pretty and i’m happy we are friends bc you have made me smile a countless amount of times i love u 

morezainmalik ~ jv you are a big sweetheart and you always know how to make me laugh i love u

nativehoe ~ kan i’m still surprised you follow me if i’m honest you’re one of my favorite blogs and being your mutual is really awesome 

okuninushi ~ ian you suck 

sadbeautifultragic ~ chyna you’re one of my favorite blogs as well so i’m really glad we are mutuals 

shuckkface ~ callum my favorite dweeb in the world you’re so great and i love you a lot for just being there for me whenever i need it so thank you and i hope we stay friends forever 

sixsteen ~ celest you definitely changed my life when i first met you and i’m really glad we reconnected because it’s been really nice talking to you again love u

solarific ~ arden i’m thankful for you a lot because you are just so refreshing? which i know sounds weird but when i talk to you or look at your blog i just feel instantly better and i really really appreciate it 

starryskiesoftomorrow ~ grace my favorite sparkly star you have been with me through so much and i don’t think i can ever repay you 

teenbicth ~ ariana my beautiful flower how are you doing i’ve missed you and you are so so important to me ilysm

zeautiful ~ rachael my gf my one n only (except you know this is bs love u) i love talking to you and and doing anything with you tbh i think we are an awesome duo and we could probably rule the world one red lipstick at a time 

zeysus ~ lexie you’re just really cool and i feel lucky that you follow me lmao thanks for being an awesome mutual

my other just as awesome mutuals 


100emoji 17sblack 19payne 1derfulboys1d 420zquad 4nipschapel 5milah 64roses 


achillous adultsoda alasksayoung alcahaz alexgaskaths alexutrner allisonbrie americuns amsterbang analcrabs arctimonkeys arthunny ashirwinbby ashtonnirwen ashtonparadisex asskimo asslikekim astupidurl avsadvs awzayyn ayerland barbarapaelvin bengstyles bestsnogever bewbies bigbuttterriblepuns birdstyles blasiantrash blesszayne bradfort britaun brookesally brunettenialll bubblequmbitch butterscups caddyniall calmyourhoranmoans caradellies caramour carloineflack cherllyods chesirechapel cheslut coffeefrapp combooter confuting corbinbleuofficial crackstyles craveniam creatureceleste cullide curlystommo curseyous cutezayngirl daisydupes danielltosh dashofirish daywefellinlove deanspikachu desireharrys donechapel doubrev dragvnhearts effronzac emotionalbbygirl enchantedskys esaaclahey ethoereal everslasting exciters explicitboys


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kingsdoms​ kingsoflion​ kkaisuke​ knouis​ knyeezus​ koreanhoe​ krdei​ kwontew​ laddybropals​ larriezarry​ larrysbeauty​ larrystylickson​ lasvegaes​ latexlouis​ lavendrlillies​ lhemmlngs​ liamspastahouse​ lieams​ lilo-ve​ lilokilam​ lirrhy​ litlemixes​ littleoath​ lolniall​ londniam​ londondelrey​ lonelyrenegade​ longsbeach​ lorddisicks​ losergf​ loucum​ louegh​ louhys​ loullipops​ louquor​ lovehabits​ lrwins​ luminarrys​ lustshire​ luucyhael​ m0istnarry​ malicum​ marcusbutlr​ marleys-girl​ mclouvin​ mealik​ michaelgordoncliffordofficial​ miculcliffurd​ midnightmems​ mileicyrus​ mintyhyuk​ misundcrstood​ modelsblike​ mtv96s​ mullinlust​ murderapolisqt​ muskoke​ myfrogdaddy neatherd nialleatsass niallisthesun nialls-crazy-m0f0 niam-69 niamaddict niamt nickgrims nirry15 nonbinaerie nonstoppayne normaniss novasarn nudesofniall oanapetre obriem offcake officialiams ofsidney oftruths okayhazal okpunks okzaddy oldsportt omfliam onetedswift onlinekilla onzayn oopsndhi originarry


palik parkejimin passcety pastelperries paynecharms pencyprep piretz piscces pochemuchka-x pornarrys pornstarmie postpondsdepression poundzayn prettyboylouis princessgriffin princesspartsandbrokenhearts prissyperrie punkashtcns punkktrash punkrockofficial punkslove punkspilots punkzayn readydirection relaxlouis rightnows rimslou ripirwin rouyals rvmones samosasforzayn scrambledheggz sextinlarry sexualls shinelou showeringnialls sighbug sleepymoons snowpatrls softlylourry sohostyles sokkasgf solituded sowrappeduphoneys spaacie spacecommas spacejcms spankwhoran sparklust spicyniallerburger spiderswantcastotapdance stagink starlightzayn starrydays stilesaf stopstyles2k10 stylessext stylzes sugardaddydrake svmmerskin swallou tapdancingcorgi targearyans teapartys tequilila thegodfrogther thescriplt thethuglifechosetina thicctomlinson thinkziall thscripts timewontflys tipsyloueh tisdaleandzanessa tmhstan tmlinson tomlincute tomlinfucked tomlinson2k15 tomlionson tomno tonlisn toodlelou touristmom trofywife tropiculou trulyharrys trumansblacks tsyles turntnarry tweenswolf twrk4rapmon


ufodun unfriendlyblackhunty unusualpromises uproote uries uzayn vcuteboys veganlouis vividely wallstwolf westmth whisperies whitehairedrogue winesis woahlou xruo youngvolcaenoes youve-made-me-weak yr1993 yrkshiretea yumniam yungrascal zacforn zainasf zaynpagnepapi zaynrocksmyworld zaynsit zaynstattos zayntastics zeycnce ziallkilam ziamsum zinashenow zmalic zvynm

and that’s it! hope i didn’t include too many inactive blogs or anything! sorry again for the length lmao i wanna appreciate everyone!!

credit to adrie for this edit ily <3

Hi guys!! I told myself I should make one of these since I’ve been tagged in so many lately. Plus, with the url change and everything, this follow forever was probably long overdue. I love you guys all so much and I hope 2015 treats you right. We could all use a good year. 


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uhjavadd unfneil unpunks unusualpromises uproote uries uzayn vcuteboys veganlouis vividely wallstwolf wankharry wearethfoxes westmth whisperies winterspouses woahlou xxteamnicedynamitexx yeahnoshithoney youngvolcaenoes youve–made-me-weak yr1993 yrkshiretea yumniam zacforn zaddyofficial zain2k14 zarryemoji zarrypanye zavadd zavvad zaynrocksmyworld zaynsit zaynsquad2k14 zaynstattos zayntastics zeautiful zeighade zeysus ziaem ziall2k14 ziamsum zmalic zourryau zvynm

I know this is super long, but I don’t break mutuals often enough. Probaly half of these people are inactive, but I like acknowledging everyone, you know? So yeah, hope this isn’t too big. Enjoy!!

credit to this loser for the edit ily ria

hi guys!! i saw everyone else making follow forevers and i haven’t made one since christmas so i figured now’s the time for me too. i just wanted to thank u guys for making my dash super cool and forcing me to be chained to this website even longer <3 i hope 2014 has treated u well so far bc u all deserve greatness!!

if you’re bolded, that means we’re friends or i admire u from afar


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this is honestly a huge mess but if i forgot you or misspelled something, please let me know!

(forgive me for the length)

((also this took me forever so dont expect one of these any time soon))