Repairwork (Closed RP with kaonwarmfuzzies, black-void-medic, nightbladers)

Echo was waiting for Void, having contacted him and obtained his affirmation in Nightblade’s repairs. The state she was in looked bad, and she began to analyze the injuries for a closer diagnosis to use when Void came through, keeping her field calm and being mindful of Kaon.

She wondered if Nightblade learned something from this incident. She highly doubted it.

The Biggest Oops

The comm comes in almost at the same point as Reuse appears with Wheatbee snugged to his chest upon Teal’s ship, looking for Echo. //Um, Echo? I’m sorry to bother you, but I kinda left Wheatbee with a babysitter, and he got um…hurt. He’s dented a few things, I think he bit his glossa, and he’s kind of…um..ignoring me, or it hurts so much he doesn’t want to react, and I mean, I’ve dealt with sparkling injuries before but Weebee is special and I was worried….//

His voice gets more and more quiet as he goes, before he just meeps, //…Please don’t smack me.//

A huntin' we will go

For some reason his hunting skills had been on the wrong side of good, which meant his belly was rumbling at him to fill it with tasty little morsels. And it wasn’t like he hadn’t tried, but every time he was able to corner prey, they either slipped his grasp, or something had come along to interrupt his hunt and scare them off.

And the lowly little nest with still-warm eggs he was currently raiding on a low, thick branch barely made a dent; Today wasn’t a very good day it seemed for filling his belly.

Wheatbee is detected

Echo was shifting through Multiversal shenanigans perched on her consol, taking notes and moving on. Appearantly rumour had it that the Fallen was pregnant by Unicron, Soundwave had made out with Ratchet before the war, and apparently Smokescreen was now able to ‘taste the text’, whatever that meant.

So it came as a bit of surprise when she misplaced some codes, and abruptly came into contact with someone. Well, only by audio, but still.

“…Hello? Who would this be?”


Sonicblast strrretched his wings, planning to go onto a flight soon. Ship was nice and all, but sometimes a mech wanted more than comfort. He’d maybe pick up a solid cube to refuel with, and go a-flying.

The cubes were in his room, with the Praxian highgrade-locked securely in a shelf, with his own access codes-to go with them. A small amount to sink the bite-sized cube into really brought out the flavour, after all. Humming a nonsensical tune, he stepped inside-and noticed the envelope on his berth. 

What the frag.

::Ey, bitty? Look’a th’cams, an tell me was ‘ere anymech who git into m’room? ‘Or ‘Co?::

::Um, nobody save you. Why?::

::Okkkay, tha’s weird. ‘Y sure?::

::Yeah! I haven’t seen anyone apart from you. Is someone wrong?::

::Nah. Gotta check somethin’is all. See ya later, bitty.::


Transmission properly over and done with, Irony began to squeakliy cackle on the communications consol. With her was a crate, almost bigger than her-stuffed to the brim with crystals and shells. Now, where should she stash these while the mischief brewed? Irony would have rubbed her hands together if she had them in glee, this was so funny.

Oh, this was certainly going to be interesting! 

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The whole thing has been plotted ever so carefully.

The scene is set, a massive pale blue blanket is laid out carefully on the top of a very tall sandy mesa overlooking an impressive backdrop of a utterly empty and wholly lightless valley. The bottom of which is covered in slightly scrubby brush, and empty of any sort of human inventions to cause light pollution. All four corners have been pinned down to avoid accidents, and a large servo carved wooden box sits off to the side.

By the time Sonic would arrive, night has fallen over the area, the only visible point of light would be a ornately carven globe of crystal, seated on a small pedestal at the corner of the huge blanket.

The blue orb has a small conch like cap to be placed over the glow should need be. Tucked carefully next to said orb is another ornate letter, labelled JUST for Sonicblast.

echoing-voices  asked:

A momemt of ctackling static, and.../Hello?/ Unless Echo spoke in binary and had gotten a significantly different vocal range, this was not her.

Pay no mind to the startled chirp. Blackguard definitely has not been playing frightening games and totally expected this ping to come through.

<<Uh, hi.>> She resets her vocalizer then checks the frequency again, then frowns. <<Echo? Is that you?>>

Internal affairs

((Events of this thread are happening during the Medical Appointment thread after Wheatbee was placed into Medical Stasis))

The outside world had fallen away once he was fully sedated and placed into stasis, leaving his internal processor to stop receiving external stimuli and allow for the flow of coding to stop bottlenecking in key locations. Of course this did not mean that everything within that jumbled layout of a processor was now fit and fine, things were still a mess regardless of the fact that the mixed coding that had caused this mess in the first place was separated from the rest. 


Theweatherbug is detected

The moor was a perfect place to brood on. Echo silently walked, fascinated by the sheer emptiness of the place-not desolate, blackened perpetual silence of Cybertron, nor the quiet before the battle, rife with tension. There was only melancholy, and something else she could not quite define.

A perfect place to think.

Out of the Past (Closed RP)

Sonicblast was walking. Walking through his silent home. “What…?“ Everything seemed so gray. Where was his home? It was nowhere to be seen. He kept walking. Even though he didn’t want to.  Everyone was silent, but they all looked at the same direction. The statue of Megatron.

He was not even surprised to see this. He felt like he was dead deep within. But he did felt like he could throw the rubbish out at the very least. He was about to shoot his canon, when a pain, burned him from the inside. The statue actually moved towards him. Raising its sword. Then, his eyes blurry, he woke, to the real world. “Who…” he managed to say feebly.

Ghost gone visiting

Wheatbee had been in the middle of trying to figure out if his processor was having a malfunction, or if this odd and sudden change in location was because of those windows full of gibberish.

As soon as his thoughts flickered to possibly trying to let Echo know what was going on, the scene around him flickered out of view and was replaced with a whole new one in a much brighter location, leaving him with a sense of displacement and something not quite right. 

There was no vibration or movement that caused him to flicker back online, but he found that he was indeed aware that he was still functioning in some sense. But of course he couldn’t see anything, and honestly, all he really heard was static with something laced in every so often, but it made not an ounce of sense because he couldn’t puzzle it out; not as erratic as it was.

He apparently tried in vain to move one of his limbs or even his head. Instead, he was met with nothing responding, and he quickly surmised that he most likely didn’t have enough power left in his reactor core to even do more than barely run his processor. So he was left with his thoughts and nothing else, left to try and process whatever he might be able to in whatever time he indeed had left on possibly just a blip of energy.

He decided that the best way to spend that time was to review those he had met and the experiences he had gone though, if only to have a record of it on top of everything else should his processor ever find a way to be restarted.


Commander Starscream, also known as Ghost - You invited me to come stay at Juxta Mare after a very short amount of time. Not really sure what happened with you, I haven’t really spoken much with you since being invited to stay. Also, I am sorry I didn’t bring the communications unit with me, maybe if I had I wouldn’t have gotten lost as much..

Reuse - You were the second bot I ever met, seemed very concerned with a lot of things, but you also seemed to be very… open about things which not all of it I understood. Which is not a bad trait, and I enjoyed the time we got to spend together. Too bad I never got to show you how I can turn the turret’s processor into a full A.I.

Echo - Our conversation did make me think, and I think over the last few months I’ve sort of seen where you were coming from regardless of what my programming or prior experiences dictate. 

JetFire & JetStorm -  Our conversation was odd, but I still would very much like to have learned what ‘humor’ was from your point of view.

Nightbeat-  Thank you so much for helping me to find my way back to Juxta mare and our conversations. I do hope your crew was able to no longer be my size since you did say it was temporary. Oh! And I think I may have lost that red feather I showed you, I could never find it after I was returned to base.

Strange human named Persephone - You are a very strange person, and how you were able to lift me, I do not know. Also not sure what happened to you.

Strange human (Silas) - I still do not want to partake in your offer, although at this point, I think that is a mute point. Although my processor would serve some sort of purpose in the hands of humans, since those are the ones that created me after all.

Deadpool - Thank you for showing me the internet, although it still does confuse me, and I still remember the robot 'joke’, it was enough to actually bring forth at least some semblance of the human emotion of humor.  

Tron - You are very tall, and I hope my explanation of how I can alter programming wasn’t too confusing. It would have been nice to get to speak with you again, but sadly there just isn’t any time left for that.

Princess Starscream - I’m sorry that uploading the information into my processor never worked; I really did want it to so that I could learn your language. I wish we could have had a longer conversation and maybe we could have found an actual place for me. Although I will say that the Prince allowed me to learn that I truly am 'happy’ when testing, so I guess if I had a chance to answer the question regarding what makes me 'happy, it would be that.

Prince Starscream - Thank you ever so much for helping me and building that wonderful test. I’m sorry that I messed up and we had to stop testing, and I wish I could have come back and attempted it a second time with a fresh perspective. 

Sunstreaker - Our interactions were the strangest ones due to the fact I lacked the ability to actually speak. But thank you regardless since you took the time to help me regardless of not really knowing me. 

Sideswipe - I still think that transformation thing is the most intriguing thing I have ever seen. And thank you for allowing me to ride with you and to see things that I may not have otherwise. And I’m sorry I had issues with the cliff, it seems that when it is not under my control, there is a much different reaction than if I were to be the one actually physically making the jump itself.

The very big scary bot that tried to eat him - ….. I am glad I will never meet you again. 

The purple and gray bot that he painted with - I still have that painting we did even though you shot it and tried to prove that nothing can come from destruction. I would have like to have given it back to you if only to show that something can come from nothing, even in the case of destroying something.

Allen - I only met you once, but I enjoyed the flight into space. It was a very worthwhile experience that I am glad I was able to undertake, and I would have liked to have seen the space you inhabit since you spoke of all sorts of interesting things. I would have liked to have gone to the moon, and I hope you did not get into too much trouble… 

Maddie - Thank you for helping when I was stuck as a human, it seems whatever caused it wore off after about a week. Sorry that our interaction during that time wasn’t the most interesting…

Hummingbird - I still thank you for showing me those pictures of space, and I wanted to tell you I actually got to go beyond the atmosphere and see stars and the moon. Not that I went much father than just outside of Earth’s Atmosphere, but I got to get a lovely view of the moon thanks to it. 

Eve - I’m still not very sure about you, our conversation wasn’t very long, but I at least do now know you are not human. Other than that, I am not quite sure…

Doctor - You are a strange, um, I think you called yourself a Timelord. I still don’t understand the reasoning behind destroying an entire race.

Atmos - I wish we could have had a longer conversation, I barely got to know you

Jagra - I don’t really kn-

It was about that time that even his thoughts started to flicker as the power levels dropped even further, the last bit of energy that had been stored finally being used in a last ditch attempt at keeping his processor active. 

Sorry I’m n-

There was a single pinpoint of light that illuminated in his optics before going out completely, signally that the reactor fuel was spent and there was no longer any charge left. His processor was now completely offline and any thoughts he had lingering simply ceased before their completion.