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so I decided to redo my follow forever as I missed too many people… This is a list beautiful blogs and bloggers who have made my year and my dashboard special. Without you lovely people lightening up my dashboard and making me laugh and cry I honestly would have found this past year a while lot harder. I know I’ve probably never talked to some of you but you should all know how much I appreciate you and love you. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season and I look forward to sharing the adventure that is this fandom with you all again next year.  - Ella xo

(not completely alphabetical)

A,B,C,D: always-in-my-heart-larry, boohazz, beautiful-boo-bear, bullshitlinson, bangablehoran, cheshiremistletoe, christmaswithstylinson, christmassexwithlarry, deludedlarry, diaryofeleanorcalder

E,F,G,H,I,J: eggnoglinson, friendly-larry-reminders, goldcrotchlesstightsforlarry, horan-in-my-malik-with-larry, hazzaboo-perfection, harryswallows, hjoran, hazzaxxboohazandlou-x-mas-sex, here-for-larry, hes-got-styles, hazzaloujah,  isecretlylike1d, itsmorethanship, instahoran, imlarryschild, jaesama, jollyhomosexuals

L,M,N: larrycentral, larryunited, louisandharrystolemysoul, louiswantsharryspaynis, loucake, larry-whitechristmas, larryoverload lobos32000, louistakemetoneverland, louisfucksharrysenseless, larrystylinsobs, louisandharrystolemysoul, larrysunder-themistletoe, larryftw, leedslovelourry, merryratchetlarry, louisactually, louis-boobear-tommo, louiserectioninharrysdirection, neverhadthewords, niallsgotswagg

O,P,R,S: ohemnarry, ohh-nialler, paynewash, prolarry, rockitrocket, stylinz, stylinbirds, snowingcurls, staylarry, snowballfightwithharry, say-yes-to-stylinson, suckmylarry, somtimesitshardtograsp, stylinsanta, stylinsoninmycloset, stylinsmut, sassyhaz,

T: thebravedontsurrender, thediaryofliampayne, tomlinpixie, theydontknowaboutstylinson, tomlinosnow, theseflawless5, the-stylinson-couple, thejollydiaryofzaynmalik1, the-larry-life, tomlinsontopia, tomlinsonidk

W,Y,Z,1: whenhazzametboo, yourstormm, zaynhazzcum, zaynmaliksexualfrustrations, 1dmenageasixme

if I missed you, I’m sorry, I tried.

I hardly ever do these kind of things but here we go! This is based on my tumblr crushes and just people I love very dearly <3

You should follow all of these wonderful people because they are all beautiful and wonderful!

getsleazy1d cheshiremistletoe hollyniall merryratchetlarry whitechristmasindoncaster stylesforstiles inkstyles underthemistlelou larrychristmascuddles lourryschristmassweater