I’ve got a mess of other stuff I could post up, but for the sake of being timely, here’s my print for Bioshock Infinite. I’ll have this at Dallas Comic Con next month, if anyone wants me to reserve one.  This game was such a ride.  Anyway, new art up at , as always!

Here’s the colored version of the Samus Aran commission I wrapped up last week. I haven’t drawn her, probably ever, so I had fun with all the tech. Makes me miss Prime!

The first few Ghibli prints are up on Etsy now, and I’ll be working on a few more over the next week. ( ) Hopefully, anyway. Totoro’s probably up next, as well as Laputa and Kiki’s at some point.

I also finally got around to updating Cheshire Cat Art this week.

 Pokemon Y has been throwing off my groove something fierce. I finished it, finally, so now it’s just hunting down all 7 bajillion Pokemon, one by one. 

Overheard conversation

Yesterday cheshirecatart jakeekiss and I went to Daiso, a Japanese dollar store chain that just opened it’s first Texas store near us. We were freaking out, then Devin and Jake went to the next aisle. I was cut off, so I went around the long way. Two employees were giggling and looking at Jake and Devin. The one said to her friend, ‘They’re so cute! They’re excited like little girls!’

It was kind of awesome, because we were pretty ridiculously excited about everything!

I mean, we were laughing for five minutes about a 'banana holder.’

Here’s Thor from my Avenger’s set. I really like how this one turned out! If you are going to the Dallas Comic-Con May 17th-19th and are interested in either pre-ordering a commission or reserving a print of any of the images at or , please shoot me a message and I’ll have one ready for you.  Three new images up at and new blog content, so run around the site! 

It’s the final Studio Ghibli week for Cheshire Cat Studios ! I’ve posted all of the prints for all of the pieces up on my Etsy ( ), with a discount for sets of four and eight.

Porco Rosso is yet another of my favorite Ghibli films.  It’s such a unique film, even by Ghibli standards.  I feel like the icing on the cake is that the film almost mocks that old adage “when pigs can fly”. I wonder if Miyazaki was familiar with the phrase, or if he just thought it’d be an awesome idea.

Today’s photo is a commission I did for Gunnar Burden of Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. If you’ve missed NMH, pick it up. The sequel’s pretty awesome as well. Highly recommend.

One new picture up on, primarily due to working on Dragon Slayer and some side projects.