The Capcom Fighting Tribute Winners were just announced and… I’m not one of them. BUT, that’s ok, my man Devin aka cheshirecatart totally is. Sadly, since he did win he can’t show you his piece (which is totally sick, like, seriously, I’ve seen it, and it’s badass). That said, since I didn’t make it in, I can *totally* show you mine now. So, everybody wins this week. Check it out, my version of Lord Raptor from Darkstalkers.

I had some spare time over the weekend to wrap up a Persona 5 print for A-kon next weekend! I have to admit I’m ‘only’ 35 hours in so far, but it’s not for lack of trying. I love the game’s aesthetics so much! The story is a blast as well, even if it is going to take me over 100 hours to finish everything.

Print available in the shop!

I just wrapped this up! My friend Michael had been recommending the Souls series to me for forever, so when Bloodborne came out I gritted my teeth and fought my way through the game before playing the rest of the series. Dark Souls stuck out as my favorite because no matter how far away I went from the central hub the levels always wound me through hell before dumping me back at home. I’ve been enjoying DS3, and I wanted to take a stab drawing a fisheye perspective as well as playing with a darker color palette. #gitgud

Poster up here:

  I haven’t put this much effort into a piece since the Marvel vs. Capcom piece awhile back, but this was super fun to do. The cast of Overwatch is really dynamic, so it was fun to draw all of the different types of characters from different genres. I especially bit into the tech characters. I’ve pretty much exclusively played Overwatch this month, so that’s kind of powered me through on this piece! 

I kicked this up on my Etsy- you can buy the print here:

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