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Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars

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Octavia Blake from The 100

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Jade Nguyen (Cheshire) from Young Justice

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Serena Van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

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Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby

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Rose from Downton Abbey

Malia Tate from Teen Wolf

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EAH ships and how to call them

Just for the record, these are my current ships and none include Dexter or Daring Charming. Sorry not sorry, pals!

>Raven Queen + Apple White = Rapple/Poison Apple.

>Darling Charming + Holly O’Hair = Holling/Armored Princess.

>Cerise Hood + Briar Beauty = Brise/Sleeping Wolf.

>Kitty Cheshire + Lizzie Hearts = Kitzie/Grinning Queen.

>C.A. Cupid + Blondie Lockes = Blondpid/Blonde Hearts.

>Hunter Huntsman + Ashlynn Ella = Huntlynn/Midnight Hunter.

>Sparrow Hood + Duchess Swan = Spachess/Swan Theft.

*Melody Piper + Meeshell Mermaid = Meelody/Pied Mermaid

*A ship I think would work so GOOOODDDD.

5 Minute Writing Challenge

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Here’s some more Wonderland AU verse.

Night falls and Peter settles under a tree for the night. Then, after a few minutes of contemplation, he climbs it instead. Just in case. The branches are certainly wide enough for him to use as a makeshift bed.

He wasn’t allowed shoes in Eichen House, only a shirt and sweats, so that’s what he has here. But the bark is smooth, and the grass felt nice under his feet while he was walking, so he isn’t complaining.

He isn’t drugged here. Or at least he doesn’t feel drugged. He can access his fangs and claws, and he nicked himself earlier and the cut healed within seconds. But there’s also every possibility that someone’s pumped him so full of wolfsbane that he’s fallen into a coma and his mind’s decided to hallucinate an entire world to keep him occupied. But if that’s true, it isn’t as if there’s anything he can do about it anyway so he might as well enjoy it while he can.

He tucks his arms under his head, staring up at the dark sky peeking through between the leaves. He doesn’t recognize any of the star formations.

He doesn’t really mean to fall asleep. A large part of him thinks he’ll be back in Eichen the moment he drops off, and who wants that? But he’s been walking all day, with only a drink from a burbling river he found because - on the off-chance that all this is real - he doesn’t know what’s edible here and what isn’t, and apparently, he’s more tired than he thought, because before he knows it, he’s already nodded off into fuzzy dreams full of mischievous grins and large cat eyes.


Peter wakes to sunlight on his face and the morning breeze sweeping over him, but he almost jerks right off the branch when he opens his eyes to the grinning furry face of the cat, perched on the branch right above his.

“Shit-” He catches himself just in time but pushes up into a sitting position, eyeing the odd feline warily.

“Good morning,” The cat greets him, and then one of its paws with a shiny red apple. “Breakfast?”

Peter stares very dubiously at the apple. “You know, I think I’ve seen this movie.”

The cat cackles. Considering the fact that Peter has never seen a cat cackle before, it still seems almost normal for this particular cat to do it.

“You’re no Snow White, Peter Hale,” The cat assures, but it tucks away the apple… somewhere, and when it extends its paw again, it’s holding a plate of syrup-drenched pancakes instead.


“Really?” Peter demands.

The cat shrugs. “Take it or leave it.” It grins again. “I’ve always wanted to say that.”

Peter rolls his eyes and considers the food for another moment before shrugging as well and taking the plate. Also the fork when the cat produces it next.

If it’s poisoned, at least he’ll die well-fed.

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Me: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest baddest artist of them all?

Mirror: That is Catrine De Mew, not you.

Me: ‘Doh!><

Cerise Wolf: Let it go! Let it go!

Me: I just wanted to be the best EAH artist there ever was! T_T

Yea…. I should probably go to bed, I get weird when I am up late, plus this heat wave isn’t good for me… But I just had to get out this sketch at least… I just keep imagining Cerise singing Let it go from Frozen….so much that I want to make an animation of it ><