cheshire queen

Los signos en el país de las Maravillas.
  • Cheshire: Escorpio, Piscis.
  • El sombrerero loco: Géminis, Sagitario, Cáncer.
  • Reina Roja: Aries, Capricornio, Tauro.
  • Reina Blanca: Virgo, Libra, Leo.
  • Alicia: Acuario.

As promised, here are the Turn Around of the Alice in Wonderland voltron!AU for people who want to cosplay them!

@vacillatingartemis, @artistm-k, @alaryaskye19, @agentnavi, @the-sparrows-providence

I understand that sometimes you need to make some change in order to cosplay something, don’t be afraid of being creative! And don’t hesitate asking for more precision if you need to!

PS: if you make it and take pic, or have a cosplay account on instagram, facebook or tumblr, and are not shy about it, I will be more than pleased to see your final cosplay!

I post this slightly different version of the meme because nobody had posted it before. I know the show isn’t about Royals and Rebels anymore but I really wanted to see a chart like this 😝. It is based only on their behaving on the wepisodes, not the bios. Feel free to discuss if you agree or not 😊

I heard it’s SNS Week and it’s AU day…

Wonderland AU with Sasuke as the Queen of Hearts and Naruto as the Mad Hatter.