cheshire makeup

things i’ve done backstage during the first two days of alice in wonderland

  • argued with the guy playing the white rabbit… specifically, i argued with the white rabbit puppet and told it “talk shit, get hit”
  • pretended to choke the guy playing the knave of hearts
  • taken a nap in the queen of hearts’ throne
  • explained feminism to a court of nine year olds who are playing the card army
  • made fun of the gryffin’s costume for a solid two minutes (“hey, it’s the lost member of poison!” and “top 10 costumes rejected by david bowie” were the highlights)
  • got in an insult-off with the same guy i pretended to choke (“slut” “trash” “bitch” “whore” “garbage” “heterosexual” *gasps from entire cast*)
  • (i should establish that the guy who plays the knave of hearts is actually one of my closest friends, we just communicate via being horrible to each other)
  • flung myself dramatically onto every available surface
  • danced in between scenes because i’m used to being in the claustrophobic tech booth
  • “you look like an oompa-loompa fucked jeff the killer” - me about the cheshire cat’s makeup (she agreed, and is having words with the makeup people)
  • “okay, between ‘tommy,’ ‘anne frank,’ and ‘the producers’… we have way too many swastikas in this theater. we need to get rid of some.” “well it’s not like we can give them to goodwill.”

Cheshire Cat Makeup Tutorial. Awesome!!! Enjoy it!