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I kinda would’ve liked to see some interaction between Cheshire Cat!Grell and White Rabbit!Sebastian during the Ciel in Wonderland OVA so that we could see which one would win: Sebastian’s natural affinity for all things feline, or his repulsion to all things Grell?

And, if the second scenario (which is more likely, at least in my opinion) were to occur, would Sebastian go through some sort of identity crisis? 

Sebastian: It’s Grell, but it’s a cat, but it’s Grell, but it’s a cat, but it’s Grell… and so on. 

anonymous asked:

so like, is grell male or female? i like to think genderfluid or male, but i see a lot of people refer to them as female (in a way it kind of bothers me i guess) . I was just wondering your take on this and how you interpreted grell

Grell is male, but that has nothing to do with gender. Male and female are sexes, not genders.

Grell’s gender is up for interpretation, as far as I’m concerned… until either Grell or Yana-san emphatically states it as one, the other, neither, or both (fluid).

Grell usually (but not always) self-refers with feminine nouns, like “lady” and “actress”. The vast majority of other characters call Grell by male pronouns or treat Grell as a man. Sebastian makes a point of saying “Mr. Sutcliff,” but he is offended by Grell’s advances and retaliates with coldness. William can barely refer to Grell by name at all, just refers to Grell as a terrible employee… and I’m not sure what pronouns he uses for Grell – it generally comes across as gender-neutral in English, though. Othello might be using feminine pronouns for Grell, but again I can’t tell for sure. If so, then he’s probably the only one. Ronald seems to avoid the gender issue, much like William (but without being so insulting).

Yana-san usually refers to Grell with masculine pronouns but then also says things like “actress”, so that’s not much help, is it?

However, It might be summed up best in “Ciel in Wonderland” when “Cheshire Cat” Grell ponders this very question and admits confusion over gender-identity. Man… or woman? “Cheshire Cat” Grell cannot choose. Is it even necessary *to* choose?

There’s a growing number of people within the fandom who (very strongly) believes Grell to be a trans-woman. However, Grell could, indeed, be gender-fluid.

I cannot give a definitive answer. LOL I don’t *have* one…. As you have probably noticed, I try my best to avoid pronouns when referring to Grell.

Perhaps no one cares about my Alex in Wonderland AU, but dangit, I care very much, so here is some more.

I kinda thought that T.Jeffs as the Cheshire cat just seemed to work. And actually, I’m pretty proud of it. I like him! It is heavily influenced by the Cheshire cat version of Grell from Black Butler.

So now my art block is mostly gone. And if anyone actually likes this stuff, lemme know, okay?
You all rock.

Happy Easter everyone ! ~ ^-^ ~ 

I actually managed to finish this just in time, yay! xD

So the Cheshire Cat is helping the March Hare hiding all the eggs and nests…and naturally they fall behind schedule… övö

Done with black and white ink and water colours … övö
I hope you like it ! ^-^ 

Watching 'Ciel in Wonderland':
  • Cheshire Cat (Grell): That's not fair! I want him too you know! (talking about Sebastian/The White Rabbit)
  • Cheshire Cat (Grell): I am one of his beloved pussycats after all.
  • Cheshire Cat (Grell): Of course if he prefers I can play the tomcat,
  • Cheshire Cat (Grell): And HE can be the pussy!
  • Me: She did not just
  • Me: Ohmygod
  • Me: <i><b>OHMYGOD</i></b>