its corny i know but i had a mind blank in photoshop l0l. so basically what he said ^

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im certain that i’ve missed heaps of people but here it is, my follow friday

credit for original 

now you guys understand why i don’t edit! so yesterday i really could not be bothered do one of these so that’s why its a follow saturday! i love all these blogs listed below so go check them out because they are perf.

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meowhaz - charismalik - prinsasslou - missinglou - bradfurd - joshydevine - sexlinson - ouilouis - dumbcaster

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I love these blogs. Some of these people I talk to and some of them I don’t. If we don’t talk I really want to be your friend because you’re flawless and I think you should teach me your ways. muah kisses and once again thank you for being perf ok <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

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I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaaally sorry I forgot you :-(

Yay, here’s my third follow friday! Sorry for another crap edit, heh. Anyways, follow all these flawless blogs c: the bolded ones are my tumblr crushes!

❖ arianasgrandes ❖ bangdylan ❖ boobstyles ❖ cheshair ❖ coltonhales ❖ daleytime ❖ ddobriens ❖ ddylanobrien ❖ dylanob ❖ endlessparks ❖ flip-yourcurls-for-thegirls ❖ freezingfires ❖ harryposey ❖ hazzacrombie ❖ holytommo ❖ ifancyhaz ❖ itsnialler ❖ jesusmalik ❖ nialh ❖ paynetomyzayn ❖ poseypeen raybanzayn ❖ royalharry ❖ scrumptlouis ❖ sharming ❖ sparkledkiss ❖ sparksflied ❖ spontaneouslou ❖ stylesgoddess ❖ styleslane ❖ styleslark ❖ tellmealie-1d ❖ thatsmilestyles ❖ theluck0ftheirish ❖ thrusttheroyalpaynis ❖ tomlinsonipples ❖ withzarry ❖ wolverhomos ❖ ziallsporn ❖

oMG so I tried super hard on this one cause my previous ones were shittay. so ya i love these blogs you should follow them or harry won’t sit on your face lln. :-) i prolly forgot a hella people, sorry :(

abcdefg; blowingharryboobstyles ~ cheshair ~ dimpshire ~ godlymalik ~ electrahoran ~ flackmeharry ~ fromthestairstotheworld

hijkl; hoeskimos ~ holmshire ~ holmeschapelshollandrodonhmuhazza ~ hiyaharrystyles ~ homochapul ~ horalicks ~ hausofdirectionersjosh-deviner

mnopq; missinglou ~ noblewars ~ okharold ~ ollimurs ~ praisepayne

rstuv; reetaoras ~ strippinghoran ~ sexchapeltomlinsass ~ tomlinot ~ vashappeninlarry

wxyz; whorenarry ~ whoretomlinson ~ zarrybitch ~ zaynlust

omfg can liam be mine. yolo, stickley made the fab edit

anyways follow these fab blogs

zaynlust, boobstyles, cheshair, unfmaliks, whoremalik, shaghoran, payneride, vas-happenin-larry, cuntmalik, zarrystorm, josh-deviner, ohmyhoranmoans, downmalik, whorands, praisepayne, mullingarspark. zarrybitch

i prolly forgot people like an idiot ugh

excuse the poo poo edit

bumbear, beanieworld, cheshair, deerstagram, dimpleshire, doncassters, donutfuze, daenerysmalik, faggotstagram, gotmalik, hazzapleez, hipstachapel, hipstaharold, hipster-hazza, hommos, homoskimo, hunkhoran, joshdevines, kingcheshire, kneeyum, lordcheshire, meowhaz, michaelsphelp, missinglou, myphelps, nipshire, nudieniall, ofcheshires, peenstagram, queenhomos, tylerposy, unfdirection, whiteskimos, zarrycat

mofosunited: five1dboys, harrythenipsta, hazzmania, niambebz, nippleitis, thequiffprince, thrustmeziam, wow-niam

sorry if i forgot anyone, these were off the top of my head

just in case, +blogroll

*i’m not sure if it let’s me tag ya’ll

so i made this really shitty swaggy saturday for some people i really love and everyone should know that i give all of you my appreciation ♡♡♡♡♡♡

♡jackwillys ((((you have the best tags ever ily))))

♡cheshair ((((it was your birthday earlier this week!!!!! and i love yOU!!!

♡bodycocks ((((erica is my favorite forever i love you erica muah))))

♡zaynable ((((ur so cute and funny ilu))))

♡dylens ((((i spelt your url wrong up there sorry abs))))

♡ofdoncasters (((((jena ur a sweetheart ilusm)))

♡sultanzayn ((((i dont like elle i dont know why i put her in this))))

♡paynerr ((((chops is the cutest ever <333###3))))

♡fallensparks (((((heenal is a hoe why did i put her in this???)))))

#2 - the lovely members of the Top Notch Bitches promo group

getnakedstyles  /  bangdylan  /  cheshair  /  disickdirection

downmalik  /  zarryscurls  /  pigletniall  /  them-bromances  /  whorepayne

gimmeobrien  /  hazgasms  /  hipster-hazza-styles  /  horangejuices

josh-deviner  /  malikgasms  /  marijaweed  /  mastawayne

prudepayne  /  shaghazza  /  smittenstyles  / snoghazza

thetomlinslut  /  thrustmehazzapersonal1  /  whiteskmo

i didnt make a cool follow friday because i forgot oops but heres a quick one, go follow these flawless ppl ok

zarrybites - ninjadevine - cheshair - beautypaynes - bumllingar - hipstaharold - fierceharry - hallowseves - chapelking - kingofbumswerewolfpayne - ratchetlarry - stylinzon - crackstyles - cumoutlarry 

+ blogroll  :))

kind of a follow friday? idk

Instead of doing a follow friday, i’m just gonna post blogs that I freaked out over when they followed me because perfection

I fangirled so much when these people followed me so you should go follow them

bangtidylouis l cheshair l cheshireking l harruld l niallscum l capturefire l rainsfell

slutlinski l fagcaster l boneniall l boomitsnialler l zmailk l bratqueens l zarrycat

and just follow my blogroll too because they’re all flawless

so yeah we might not talk a lot but you’re all so amazing and ily