Chesh и Bree JetPaw

Они похожи тем что:

1) Оба имеют связь с собаками

2) У обоих есть ошейник

3) Оба пегаса (блин да чего вас так много на тумбе? Куда не гляну, пегас на пегасе XD)

- Reaper


Chesh and Bree JetPaw

They are same because:

1) They both have something “canine”

2) They both wear collar

3) They are both pegasy (Gosh why there so many pegasy in tumblr. XD)

- Reaper

Jade isn’t the psychopath everyone thinks she is. It’s a front she uses to keep people at a distance. There’s depth there, when she lets you see behind the mask. The way she was raised, its no wonder she’s gone down this dark path. On one side, there’s her father […] who pretty much built her to follow in his ruthless footsteps. And the other is her sister, who prays she switch sides. Like Artemis, I can see the good in her. Not sure if Cheshire can see it herself though, and ultimately that’s what counts.”

- Red Arrow, Young Justice: Legacy, Digital Journal #6


I made chibis for my favorite four people on here :>

@new-king-of-boomtown​ <= This person is awesome, the whole blog is really. They’re a lot of fun to roleplay with, fun art and I enjoy seeing their stuff of my dashboard.

@ellegaardthenerdqueen​ <= Admittedly, a bit odd sometimes. But are a lot of fun to roleplay with and like most of the stuff they put out. Shame, I really don’t roleplay with them more often, but it’s hard with Wither!Jesse when all he wants to do is kill Olivia :’D

@magnugaard​ <= Where do I even begin. Roleplays are really fun, the art is great and just overall, a really awesome person and blog. :>

@cambxonconception​ <= When I first came on here, I didn’t think someone would make a blog around the Witherstorm, but this person did and they are cool. The few roleplays I had with them were quiet fun and I wanted to continue some of them, but they got lost in the post. But still, a very cool blog and person. 

Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


I know this really has nothing to do with MCSM, but since this is another version of Wither. I figure I’ll post it here too. So enjoy.