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i work at mcdonalds and it’s 4 AM and you came in drunk as fuck and you’ve been trying to eat that burger for thirty minutes do you want some help AU

  • will does not like having the night shift at mcdonalds
  • but it does result in some interesting customers
  • like the rather overweight man in his late fifties who was drunk off his ass and ordered fifteen mcflurrys and tried to pay for them with his shoe
  • or the three teenage girls who were like fifteen and pleaded with will for him to buy them alchohol
  • oh and the man? woman? who came in wearing a mask and a rather bright jumpsuit
  • so anyways will is tired because he’s stayed up all day studying and he really doesn’t want to be at mcdonalds but he is
  • and the door opens and this kid who is will’s age comes in
  • but this kid is drunk
  • he’s wearing some bandt-shirt that has a hole at the bottom and black jeans and has black hair
  • and so will takes his order (the kid suprisingly manages to order a deluxe cheesburger with only two slip-ups)
  • and will gives him his receipt and the kid proceeds to rip it in half
  • will is like ‘alright i’ll just deliver the burger to him’
  • so the burger is made and will gives the goth kid his burger
  • and the teen procedes to stare at the burger for ten seconds before asking will “what the fuck is this?”
  • “your deluxe cheesburger”
  • “why did you give me a deluxe cheseburger??/?”
  • “because you ordered it”
  • the teen seems to remember ordering it so he goes to pick it up
  • he picks it up and promptly drops it
  • will leaves because another customer just came in (a very tired student)
  • so he pays no attention to the drunk teenager for fifteen minutes
  • until he hears the unmistakable sound of the contents of a burger piling onto someone’s lap
  • will sighs and goes over to the teenager
  • “do you want some help”
  • “does it fucking look like i want some help”
  • “yes”
  • the teenager starts laughing uncontrolably now
  • will is standing there super confused
  • the teenager is still laughing
  • he’s doubled over
  • when he finally stops laughing he picks up the contents of the burger and puts them on his plate and starts eating them again
  • he makes his way through half the burger succesfully (with help from will)
  • then he notices that his shirt is dirty and turns to will and says something in italian
  • “what?”
  • “perché cazzo è la mia camicia sporca?????”
  • “i don’t speak italian”
  • “why is my shirt dirty???/?? didi puke on myself?”
  • “your dropped your burger”
  • will ends up staying with the guy until he passes out
  • he finds his phone and unlocks it (the passcode was 0000) and calls the contact ‘Sister’

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I think my mum understand me on a spiritual level.
I walked out my room and said I had chocolate cerealbar cravings.
And then I added dramatically “WITH MILK." 


And this one time in the middle of the night I was like,
“moooom are you hungry, do you wanna grab a snack with me?”

and we went to get mcdonalds and god cheseburgers and bought redbull, and sat on the top of a hill in the middle of the night and talked and laughed alot.