allura and pidge (brotp) concepts:

  • neither one of them has ever had a sister but lowkey, they’ve both always wanted one (& without realizing it they end up adopting each other as such)
  • they share like sisters
    • (allura let’s pidge borrow whatever she wants from her wardrobe & pidge picks out apparel that resembles jeans, sweatshirts & sundresses she used to own on earth)
  • and they sometimes argue like sisters
    • (remember allura flinging food goo at pidge’s face after her ‘princess of what’ comment? yea that wasn’t the last time)
    • but they always work things out in the end, & would readily punch zarkon in the face for each other
    • pidge loves learning about altean history and allura is open to most of her questions; she knows a lot about the subject
      • (or, at least, the version of history she was taught growing up in the castle)
    • sometimes, they just need a break from the boys & spending girl time together is always a blast
      • occasionally allura & pidge will head out on a mission, just the two of them, & complete it so efficiently they have time to go exploring before the team’s expecting them back at the ship
      • sometimes pidge will sit in allura’s room, busy on her space-laptop, while allura watches holovids
      • or the two of them will stay up sitting on allura’s bed in their pj’s playing old altean holographic brainteasers and boardgames
    • allura’s always telling pidge how cool and smart she is, and though she won’t admit it, that means a lot to pidge, coming from an older girl she also thinks is cool and smart
      • (pidge wasn’t all that popular among most girls in her hometown, back on earth)
      • (not that she cared really, she’s always been proud to be herself, but still)
    • sometimes they’ll build opposing blanket forts & pretend to be two kingdoms at war (having pillow fights)
    • sometimes they’ll spar together on the training deck or let out some pent up grief beating up gladiator bots
    • but most times, they’ll just chill & talk about stars and the cosmos & the relativity of space and time (a topic that fascinates them both)

    about insecure lance: lance doesn’t come across, to me, as a guy who necessarily hates himself. he takes good care of his appearance, for starters, and seems fully aware that he’s a likable dude. he keeps up with his skincare routine (even in space) and wears his matching set of paladin pj’s every night. he boldly flirts with strangers, he farts around his friends because he thinks it’s funny, he stands up for himself when he feels he’s being insulted, etc. lance is actually fairly confident, imo. fairly.

    where lance is lacking in self-worth, it seems, has a lot more to do with him not feeling good enough, vs., not feeling good at all. lance likes to be liked. but he wants to be loved. and he dreams of being recognized as a hero. he aspires to be a legend, someone worthy of parades. he just doesn’t want to be a pretentious asshat about getting there. thing is, even shiro (HIS hero) doesn’t have such high expectations for himself. and i don’t think lance realizes that yet.

    lance seems to think if he’s not the best at something, then it doesn’t matter if he’s good at all. he’s the kind of guy who compares himself to others, constantly, and rarely gives himself enough credit for his wins. it’s like, yeah he’s smart (he wasn’t born yester-quintant!) but when compared to geniuses like pidge and hunk? so what. and yeah, he’s a decent fighter pilot, and flying a real starship has always been a dream of his, but when compared to a flying ace like keith? who cares. lance seems eternally dissatisfied with himself. as if, in his mind, there’s this image of some cool amazing dude he feels he ought to be, but irl, he continues to fall short. and to him, that’s pathetic.

    what lance can’t see is how absolutely incredible everything he’s accomplished so far truly is … how often his friends (& rivals) rely on him … & how the fate of the universe already depends on voltron’s one, and only, no. 1 sharpshooter.

    steampunk au where hunk is a gadgeteer genius building a space-airship (a space-ship, but no one calls it that yet) and lance is an adventurous young pilot who signs up to be the first person to willingly test fly it

    pidge is a young scientist with big dreams of space travel and who strongly believes hunk is a genius after meeting him at a convention where one of his unorthodox experiments fails and turns everyone else against him

    allura is a classic star-of-society, proper lady, at first glance, but ends up actually being a free spirit in love with the stars, who gives hunk the funding he needs to complete his project after he and pidge promise to build her a ship of her own one day

    keith is a young and reckless sky-pirate who aspires to be a space-pirate and plans on stealing hunk’s ship but ends up falling in love with a certain adventurous pilot, and his dreams change from taking off alone in the ship to convincing lance to fly away with him

    and shiro is an officer, gentleman, and an amputee who’s department is trying to shut down all that hunk is doing, but is lowkey rooting for hunk and his team anyway because he’s always believed in space travel and aliens and can’t wait to learn more about what’s out there