EXO When an Idol Says They Are Their Celebrity Crush.

I love this request <3 


In this YOU are the idol (it was easier to write it this way and i think it’s fun to imagine yourself as an idol.)

With that in mind, let’s begin!

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“I like Xiumin…”


“He’s just…he’s just so cute and such a hard worker, i-it’s hard to explain….”

I think that Xiumin would be so blushy blushy and shy when he’d hear the news at a radio interview. 

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But right after that, he’ll make sure to let the idol know that he likes them back the next time he’s on stage. He’d wink at the camera, make sure he looks hot (though he doesn’t need to try.), and he’d make sure that even if you’re not watching, that he’ll show something that will make you watch. 

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“Y/N-ah. Who’s your celebrity crush?”

“I have to say it’s…uh it’s definitely Luhan….”

“Of course she likes me.” 

He’d be so cocky about it. He wouldn’t be shocked one bit that you liked him, but he likes you too, dear. He’ll probably make sure the next time you’re available he’ll meet you. This would immediately spike his confidence, and it’ll also make him happier than you can believe. 

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“Kris, have you heard that Y/N likes yo-”

“-I’ve heard.”

I think that whenever anyone would mention that you like him, he’d switch personalities. He’d be his normal Kris self, then he’ll suddenly switch to squishy shy and giggly Kris. He’d be a lot like Xiumin, but instead of trying to be as flirty as possible whenever possible, he’d be giggly 100% of the time. 

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The MC’s of the show were going off stage to greet the many stars that were in the crowd. They go over to you and ask you a question.

“Ah! Y/N! Who’s your celebrity crush?”


“Don’t be shy, Y/N! C’mon tell us!!!”

“….It’s Suho….” 

you hide your blushing face while the crowd goes wild. Suho, who was currently on stage, looks at you, and you make eye contact with him. He raises his eyebrows at you and smiles, then turns his head away back to the MC’s.

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Yixing would be waiting for his turn to go and perform on stage, while watching you do your complicated dance. An MC would walk up to you when you were finished and ask you how you felt emotionally about the dance. 

“Uh… In my mind I dedicated it to someone…”

“And who’s that?” the MC smiles.

“…Zhang Yixing.”

A blush would form on his previously stoic face, and a smile would form as well. 

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“So there’s been talk that you like someone, Y/N, A fellow star, if you will.”

“Yeah….He’s rather famous, and also really funny.”

“Who is it, then, if you don’t mind sharing?”

“Baekhyun of EXO.”

“I love you too, Y/N!!!!”

I feel like Baekhyun would react the quickest to this, because I feel like everyone else would be all blushy the first time. He would immediatly become all lovey dovey for you, blowing kisses and being himself as much as possible. He’d say I love you a lot to the camera, hoping that you would be watching so you could hear him say it. He’d be like Xiumin in that sense.

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“Chen-sshi, did you hear the news?”

“About what?”

“About Y/N, she said that last time she was here she has a huge crush on you.”

“Oh? She has a crush on me, you say…”

Tease, tease, tease, tease. He’d tease you as much as possible. Ever since it was made clear about your crush on him, he’d tease you (and the fans) endlessly. And the next time you had a chance to see him again in person, he’d make sure to ask you if you enjoyed his antics. 

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“Y/N! We’ve heard talk that you like Park Chanyeol, is it true?”

“Uh… yeah. It’s true.”

He’d become aegyo Chan the second he’d hear your name. He’d feel honored to be your celebrity crush, and he’d be happy beyond belief. 

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Then he’d totally freak out if you were in the same room as him, and he’d be blushing beyond belief. He’d be as flirty as possible, but then he’d get embarrassed, but then he’d flirt again. It’d be a bad cycle for him.

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“He’s been rather famous lately, not because of EXO, but because of Y/N-ah. Ever since she said she likes you in a recent interview, your attention has boomed.”

“Yeah, I heard…”

I feel like his everone would tease him, ever since you said you liked him during an interview. Every public thing they did, they’d make sure to mention you somehow, and it made him shy every single time. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling, ever. For the rest of the time he was at that event, he’d be smiling. Squishy-soo activate!

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“Alright, Y/N, speed round. I’m going to ask you some questions and you ahve to answer them as quickly as possible.”

“Okay, I got it.”

“Okay first question, your celebrity crush,”

“Huang Zitao.”

He’d be in ultimate Panda mode whenever someone would mention it. The truth is, he liked you first, and to hear you say that you like him, he couldn’t help but be all cute and shy about it. He’d be like Kris, in a sense that he’ll change personalities. 

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But then again, he is Huang Zitao. He’ll show the Gucci side of him, because he would never want you to regret saying that you like him.

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“Wow, Y/N! That performance was really emmotionaly, did you have someone in mind when you did that dance?”


“Who was it, if you don’t mind sharing,”

“Kai. Kai from EXO,”

Flirt, flirt, flirt. Just like Chen, except he’d be such a huge flirt. He’d be in Kai mode whenever he would get a chance to be around you. This little dancing muffin would be so happy that you liked him, of all the other stars, you like him. With that in mind, he would be able to show more emotion with his performances, and his performances would get even better if that was even possible…. he’d always want to put on a show for you. 

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“Sehun-sshi, are you doing that for Y/N again?”

“Of course I am,”

Oh Sehun. 

Litterally, Oh Sehun. He’s usually such a quiet boy, but that would change when he learned that you like him. He’d do is best to get as much camera time as possible, until the next time he could see you. He’d fall right back, because is Oh Sehun, and you are Y/N. I also think that it would be a finally moment for him. Like, finally you said that you like him, because he probably would have been waiting for you to say it. Because who wouldn’t like him? He is Oh Sehun.

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wowowowowowowowOWOWOWOWOWOW okay.

That was really fun to write, like i legit can’t even. 

Hope you like it, anon!!!

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