first meeting

“I can take care of myself.”

“Ain’t no one disputin’ that,” the man replies, nodding his head. “You can scrape by just fine with them knives o’ yours. But that ain’t much a way to live.”

Billy - who is not yet Billy - narrows his eyes, studying the stranger before him. About his age, perhaps younger - though his face didn’t seem it. There was an air of casual confidence about him, just dancing off the side of arrogance - but he carries it well. What he doesn’t is the gun at his hip, all too conscious of it - keeping his hands away and not near. Here’s where it falls apart. The tightness about his spine, the flicker in his eyes - always darting about. This man was not as he seems.

The stranger takes his silence as tacit permission to continue. So, he does, gesturing about - palms up and open as the sky at noon. 

“You can do better than survive. No more scraps for meals and dregs for drinks. Mon cher, I can show you how to really live!”

And it’s that. The way he smiles, all grand promise and adventure. There’s a hint of the horizon in his every expression. It’s a touch wild and so very loose - careless - free. It’s the freedom that gnaws at Billy, snags its tooth on the corners of his thoughts and gets stuck there. 

So this is America. There’s not much to it, from what he’s seen so far. Dust and scrub land, coyotes and snakes. But he can sense it - waiting just under his feet. It’s a promise of everything from the nothing - build yourself up, it says, build yourself big - tall - great. Let them try to stop you, says the wind. Just let them come, says the plains.

Billy sees it all, echoes of it, in this man, half charlatan - half thespian, haunted and mad and desperate for a way out. And yes, Billy thinks. He can follow this - chase this - cling to it till he breathes his last. He could die for it - just running after this promise of anything, yes everything. C’mon, old boy. Give it a try.

So, he laughs. He throws his head back, catching the sky between each blink of his eye. “Show me,” he tells the man. “Show me everything.”

Coucou ! 
Je viens de recevoir un mail de Sosh.
Si tu veux changer de forfait parce que t’en as marre de ton opérateur, ou parce que tu payes trop cher, je te propose un parrainage chez Sosh, ça marche bien, et c’est pas trop cher (pensée à vous les étudiants qui liront ça.)
Donc voilà, si tu cliques, t’as un mois offert si tu décides de prendre un abonnement chez eux. 
Des câlins