What the fuc k



REQUEST: EXO’s reaction to reaction posts



Xiumin: What the actual fuck is that? *shocked*



Luhan: Some creative fans we have right here, don’t we~ *kinda impressed*



D.O: Wow. Seriously~ Y’all need some professional help… And a rehab… *judging extra hard*



Lay: I don’t know if I should be scared or flattered~ *confused*



Chen: That’s actually pretty realistic, I gotta give you that~ *finds it extremely funny*



Kris: How all these people know so much about us? No way they’re making it up, that’s too spot on! *conspiracy theorist*



Sehun: Whaaaa~? That’s some fucked up shit right there, man~ *shocked but fascinated, probably showed it all to his hyungs*



Tao: Is this the way people think I would react… Uhhh I really need to work on my image~ *self-conscious*



Chanyeol: That’s so on point, I would say these people know us personally~ It’s so cool… Kinda creepy, but cool. *impressed*



Baekhyun: *laughing his ass off* This is… This is just… the best thing I saw this week! 



Suho: I would never do that! I- I would… I would never… Yeah okay, I would probably do that. *can’t even deny it*



Kai: I’ll just pretend I didn’t see this. Actually, I’ll just pretend I’m not here at all. *too embarrassed to function*


Ughhh this week has been super busy so I didn’t have much drawing time except lunch breaks. I can’t wait for life to slow back down again! 

However! Here are the sketches I managed to doodle this week! Some are your requests! 

1. Bunny Bounty Hunter request from itsbirds

2. Kitty Chef Request by rachelcherryart

3+4. A couple Gogos from Big Hero 6.

5. Bull who is a china shop owner for heynonnyx2

6. Janitor Sloth for mayzygreen

7+8. A kid and Ayeka (Tenchi muyo)

EXO react to going on We Got Married with their crush

Thank you! So do we.

Xiumin: Meeting you for the first time on the show, he’d be interested in everything you say and make you comfortable and nearly forget the cameras with his cute smile. “I bet we can make this the most popular season of WGM yet. Just trust me.”

Luhan: Before the wedding photoshoot, he’d be double and triple-checking his looks so he looks perfect next to you, in order to impress you, smiling brightly the moment you come out. “You look incredible. I’m the luckiest fake groom ever.”

Kris: When they tell him who he’s partnered with on the show, he’d bite his lip to keep from laughing, but he’d still smile. “Of course it’s the two of us who are working together. I just hope that my partner will be able to put up with me.”

Suho: The first time the two of you meet, he’d embarrass himself be being overly cheesy. “As your future husband, I promise to keep you safe from any crazy fans, though I think they’ll be more jealous of me.” He’d glance over at you often, unable to stop smiling.

Lay: When the producers tell him who he’ll be paired up with for the show, he tries to cover up his blushing with laughter, so excited to be with you. “I’ll try my best to be a good husband, but I’m sure I’ll mess up a lot… Do I go propose now?”

Baekhyun: He’d try to impress you, but end up making you laugh at his imitations and joking manner, so he’d continue, throwing in a few cute or sexy things to make you see him in that light. “I’m not telling you where we’re going. It’s a surprise!”

Chen: When they ask him how he’d get his spouse to stop being angry at him, he’d laugh at himself before answering. “Aegyo. When we’re together, I can’t stop grinning, so aegyo’s the best defense.” He’d practice, cutely saying your name.

Chanyeol: While you’re just filming at the couple house one day, he’d spontaneously turn on some music and pull you to him to start dancing, devolving into laughter and goofiness quickly. “I want to show you off to all the guys.”

D.O: On one of the episodes, he takes you to meet the rest of the EXO members but spends most of the time threatening them to shut up when they keep saying embarrassing things about him. Blushing, he’d turn to you. “Everything Baekhyun says is a lie!”

Tao: One day, the two of you go on a date to the pool and he cheats at the water games, getting you soaked and miffed. He scoops you up in his arms. “Now, are you going to smile or am I going to have to drop you in the deep end?”

Kai: When the director asks him what he thinks of his spouse on the show, he gets shy, laughing to himself and thinking about all time you’ve spent with each other so far. “They really couldn’t have picked anyone better for me.”

Sehun: When you accidentally nearly hurt yourself one day at the couple house, he pulls you close, forehead leaned against yours so he doesn’t get nervous looking in your eyes. “Be more careful. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

- Admin J

Exo Reactions To Them Getting Turned On While The Two Of You Are With Your Parents

I thought about making this long & smutty but I’m feeling super drained today. Plus I feel like I’ve been doing a ton of long ones & sometimes the short ones are just as fun. So hopefully this doesn’t suck too much. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *tries his hardest to control himself but his face is tense & you feel his hand squeezing your thigh almost constantly to relieve his frustration*

Chanyeol: *tries, less successfully, to act normal but he has to shake himself a few times, making it obvious *

Chen: *acts pretty much the same as always, laughing when he attempts to follow you into the bathroom for some fun & you shoo him away*

D.O.:  *doing a good job at hiding his inner thoughts but you see him looking you over a few times, licking his lips & biting them in an attempt to keep himself calm*

Kai: *makes suggestive faces at you when your parents aren’t looking, then acts like an innocent angel, being all charming & cute when they’re talking to him*

Kris: *almost loses it a few times when you start messing with him under the table just to see what he does, knowing he’s having a hard time*

Lay: *avoids looking at you the whole time*

Luhan: *starts playing with you under the table, smiling like an asshole when you have to stop yourself from making noises*

Sehun: *keeps smiling at you suggestively, not trying to hide it from your parents at all*

Suho: *totally composed & barely phased by the thing in his pants at all because he’s an adult who knows how to control himself*

Tao: *sticks his hand down the back of your pants while you’re  talking to your parents, smirking when you try to act natural*

Xiumin: *acts charming to your parents but corners you in the kitchen, pushing you into the laundry room & fucking you hard against the washer, then goes back to his charming self when you two rejoin your parents*