I Want To Know What Love Is

Pairing: Benny x Reader
Words: 1970
This is my one shot for @chaos-and-the-calm67‘s Song Challenge. My song was “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner. 

Warning: Smut…because I love smut with Benny.

You looked over at Benny and smirked a little. He had been sitting there with you, Dean, and Sam for hours. He had been trying to help the three of you try to find the nest of vampires. You found it fairly ironic that he was so willing to help considering he was a vampire. But you really appreciated it.

           “See something you like, Cher?” Benny asked, looking over at you and finding you looking at him.

           You smiled, “Maybe.”

           Dean raised his head, “Oh, come on,” he groaned.

           “What?” you asked, “I’m not allowed to think a man is attractive?”

           “I just never saw you as the type to fall for fangs,” Dean teased.

           Benny shot him a look, “Is that all I am to you, Dean?” he was teasing as well, “Just a pair of fangs?”

           “Of course not. You’re so ruggedly handsome,” Dean laughed.

           “My thoughts exactly,” you said.

           “Well, thank you, Darlin’.”

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