10. What kind of witch do you want to become?  

I want to work with the elements.
I want to live in a litle house with my workshop for my job, and that big garden. There are going to be trees, old and new ones, cheryy- and apple -and pinetrees and we’ll chatter daily. Ill have a pillow in their shadows  and spend the evening hours afer an exhausing Workday with a book out of my vast collection filling every inch of the walls which isn’t occupied with other stuff. There will be flowers and a vegetable patch where the earth gifts me with its goods and a patch where I grow all different types of herbs. I’ll make teas and salves and elixirs and be a healer both for body and spirit, listening to the people coming to me. I’ll see their fate in the dregs of the tea they drink while being guests in my house, or the cards layed out for tem if they ask me to. Sometimes even in the moving of the cristall-pendulum I always wear around my neck. My practice will be a well guarded secret of the nighbourhood,  I’ll be the odd but respected one for the outsiders  and no one will learn about my power beside the people living where I do. I’ll be a part of the community, a voice of reason, protecting the environment, the wildlive but also the people living in it. People will be carefull to cross my way even if nobody will hardly ever do, aware of the fire of my spirit shining in my eyes. I’ll be the one lighting bonfires in my garden, dancing in the rain and purposefull jumping in puddles just because I can. There wil be a body of water near my house, and I’ll be often found swimming in it, playing in the trastition between water and land or simply standing on a rock starring out there for hours seeing things nobody else will. My voice will held power and my mind will be able to weave stories and tales so good, the wind will tell them. I’ll whisper chants and sing songs and everything will listen and obey the wishes I voice. If I call upon the wind it will rise to become a storm, if I whisper to a rash it will vanish and never come to harrass that person again. I’ll talk to spirits of water, wind and land and sometimes the fire of the candles and the chimney always lit in my home. I’ll answer to nobody and still will do to everybody because I wish to.