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Hey mel ! ( am the same person who always call you mel) , stalled simon oli and he had followed cherynobyl THEN immediately Liam !!?!?!? This doesn't give me good feeling,(but on top there is ziamnew).

Melly!!! Simon oli followed ziamnews!!!! What the heck??

I saw that! Simon Oliveira’s last follow was ZiamNews. It looks like Adam Kelly (the Digital Manager at Doyen Global) followed ZiamNews too: 

Whether or not Zayn & Liam ever have plans to come out, it’s still smart to be aware of and acknowledge that Ziam is a ship - it’s a significant part of Liam’s fandom and digital community conversation and it’s smart Business Hoe sense (and something I would totally do).  Still super interesting, and hopefully a positive, that they followed it on Twitter  like that. 

Plus to the fact Naty runs a pretty excellent update account :)