Facts about Cheryl Cole.
  • She’s a sarcastic lunatic. 
  • She plays tricks on her PA in lifts.
  • She cheats at games of pool.
  • She out runs paps in 6 inch heels.
  • She has a tantrum just because she wants to ride on a mini pink motorbike, literally, she said “I wanna tryy!” & stomped her feet;)
  • She says “excuse me” and “move move!” to a brick wall whilst riding on a mini pink motorcycle.
  • She’s down to earth & she is like any other person on this planet, she just has a job that she loves, whats wrong with that? Her dream involves a lot of money, but thats just a bonus.. she even said she’d do it for free!;)
  • She’s in love.

Cheryl :: Access All Areas (by Brandon Wilkinson)