Mr. Right

Movie review: Mr. Right by David Morris, Jacqui Morris,


(out of 5)

Ensemble romantic comedy about a group of gay male friends and one woman, all with their own personal complications.  One couple is a successful visual artist whose handsome boyfriend is in it for the gifts, another is a television producer and aspiring actor who are undone by the latter’s desire to be taken seriously, a third are a single father and a famous actor who are…

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Celebrity Big Brother

I don’t recognise anyone’s name this series, but I do know who Heather from Eastenders is and I did read Samantha’s article.

Julie, Cheryl, Harvey, Prince (!) Lorenzo, Danika, Ashley and Coleen seem like nice people, and they look like they’re going to make good housemates. I don’t get why a prince is on Big Brother though! That’s a bit degrading for someone of that background isn’t it? Not very classy!

It’s weird that there’s someone from Loose Women and there’s someone from So Solid Crew, just like there were last time.

“The Situation” seems like a dickhead. He was just really moody and muttering to himself while everyone else came in. I don’t get what “the situation” is supposed to be. Yes, you have a sixpack. So do a hell of a lot of other guys. Get over yourself.

I recognise Julian, but I don’t know why. I don’t remember watching any of his shows. I find him creepy. Just about any man wearing eye shadow, lipstick and a beauty spot for god’s sake is going to creep me out. And what was that about when he said “I plan to have sex in the first 20 minutes of the show. I’ll have sex with the jacuzzi if I have to” and then “I think I’m going to bring class to the house”. Um.

I’m not sure about Rhian. She’s a page-three girl which instantly made me groan, but she seems nice enough at the moment. I like the way she told Mike straight out that Geordie Shore is rubbish. (I’ve never watched it and I definitely won’t be now I know what it’s about.)

I remember reading Samantha’s article and thinking “Is she really pretty? Is this just me or is she just average-looking?” From skimming the comments section, I can say it wasn’t just me! I don’t think she got a single cheer. Ha.

Jasmine is a weird one. Let’s see if she’s just as much a bitch as she makes out.

I thought Martin was going to be a good housemate until he said he had a gameplan. Now I’m not going to trust anything he says or does.

Cheryl and Julie’s task was so cringey. Their acting seemed really over-the-top, it didn’t seem very realistic. Why would Cheryl go in and immediately start telling people what Julie had done? The other housemates seemed to fall for it though, apart from Julian, who I heard say after the argument “well that was fake but it was very well done”.