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Always (Cheryl Blossom x Reader)

Anon requested: Your Cheryl fic was sooooo cute! It’s definitely one of my favorite fics now. Can I request another Cheryl fic? Whenever the reader is hanging out at the diner or at the theater or wherever else Cheryl keeps popping up out of nowhere and she always invites herself to join whatever the reader is doing. And reader doesn’t really mind but still they’re all like ???? Cheryl why (probably because she’s lonely 💔 poor bby)

Summary: The 5 times Cheryl found you and the 1 time you found her

Word Count: 5388 (I went a little overboard oops sorry)

Warnings: Canon attempted suicide

Author’s Note: This was my first ever request and it was such a good one! I got really excited and the thought of doing a 5+1 came immediately and I also just really love Cheryl. I hope you enjoy! I’m pretty proud of this lol. Sorry for any mistakes, requests are open!

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Sweet pea x reader

Word count: 4568 

summary: (requested by anon) Sweet pea takes an interest in the girl who doodled all during class. Suddenly her art is posted. Soon he falls in love with her art. They finally meet because of toni, and he’s fallen in love basically. She doesnt judge them. Even though shes close friends with people like cheryl and betty. Sweet pea x reader

A/n: thank you so much for the request!! This was such an amazing idea, I absolutely fell in love with it. The only part I didn’t really include was Toni introducing them even though I had it planned. I hope you still enjoy <3 (also none of the serpents wear uniforms in this fic, so pre weatherbee’s dress code)


Y/n sat in her usual spot in the front of the class. While she always paid attention and didn’t really do anything wrong for people to judge her on, she always feared that the other students, even the teachers would catch her doodling. Most of the time it was simple flowers and sketches but lately she had been interested in full on pictures, portraits even. It was fun to draw whatever she seen from the vase on the teacher’s desk to the view outside the window.

If she was so nervous about others looking at her art, you would have thought that she would simply stop. But she couldn’t as art was something she loved so much. Part of her thought she wasn’t good enough but on the very few occasions when she had shown Betty and Cheryl, their eyes went wide.

“Is it that bad?” Y/n exclaimed.

“What? No! It’s amazing, y/n.” Betty gasped, taking the notebook out of y/n’s hands.

Cheryl quickly snatched it from Betty. “You mean you drew this? God, you’ve got talent, y/n!”

Now, however, y/n couldn’t be more glad that she sat in the front rather than the back. Ever since the southside closed and their students had to join Riverdale High, the three groups of them were split up into different classes. Such as the Ghoulies all took the same classes, the serpents all the same and finally, the thugs who didn’t really belong anywhere and did the JJ instead of doing any real work. None of the groups were mixed with each other thanks to weatherbee, to stop all the fighting that had been going on earlier when they joined. But in y/n’s f/c class right now, the serpents had claimed the whole two back rows of the class. Y/n couldn’t imagine what would happen if they noticed her.

Thankfully before y/n’s mind could wander off anymore creating another list of what if’s, the bell rang and everyone gathered their things, y/n carefully slipping her notebook into her bag and heading to her next class.

But what y/n didn’t know was that one of the serpents had definitely noticed her. Not her drawings of course- he was too far to see. But her. The way her eyes glimmered that one time she looked back. How her h/c was so beautiful against her s/t skin. Even her voice was soft and sweet. When the teacher would ask her a question which was rarely, she would answer and whatever she said was always right. She sat alone, none of her friends clearly in the class. He had noticed her with Betty and Cheryl but that was it. And her drawings? While he had never gotten a good look at them, he noticed that was all she did. She copied the notes and all, but the way her pencil moved and eraser shavings landed all over her desk, she had to be doing something. You don’t spend all your time drawing to not be good at it. One way or another, he planned on talking to her. Sweet pea would do whatever it took to get to know her.


The next day, Betty and y/n were hanging out in the rec room while y/n doodled. Cheryl took a seat as well as a girl followed her. She was pretty short with pink hair and soft features. Y/n had never met the girl before but now she seemed to be friends with Cheryl.

“And What is today’s masterpiece?” Cheryl asks as she leans over, trying to get a closer look at y/n’s picture. Y/n held the sketch pad closer to her chest as she flicked her pencil and added one final touch.

“There. Done.” Y/n flipped the sketch pad so everyone could see. She had drawn Betty when she didn’t even know it. Betty wondered how y/n had gotten everything right from the texture in her outfit to the way the light hit her hair. If Betty hadn’t known better, she would have said that it really was a picture of her, one that someone had taken in black and white.

“Woah, that’s amazing.” Cheryl’s friend gasps.

“Oh my god, y/n!” Betty exclaims.

Cheryl just smiles. “Best art teacher in the world am I right?”

Y/n smiles too, feeling overcome with happiness. Though she didn’t have much faith in herself, she was glad that her friends did. Even Cheryl’s new friend seemed really impressed.

“Y/n, this is Toni.” Cheryl introduces her as she flashes a smile and waves her hand, her fingers like they were spider legs.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Toni smiles again. “Cheryl was just telling me about how you give her art lessons.”

“It was one time Cheryl!” Y/n exclaims, laughing. Ever since y/n had sat Cheryl down for ten minutes showing her how to draw a basic head shape, Cheryl had been telling everyone about how y/n made her one of the best artists around.

“Is it okay if I look at some of your art?” Toni asks.

Y/n hesitated while Betty and Cheryl sat their in silence. Y/n gave Toni her book, passing it over slowly.

“Are you sure it’s okay? I don’t want to be a bother. I get if it’s something private.” Toni says.

“No, go ahead.” Y/n assured her. She could tell that Betty was shocked that she let Toni hold something so special to her. Both Betty and Cheryl knew that drawing was something y/n kept locked away from most people.

Toni started flipping the pages as she looks through the details of each sketch and every little doodle. Toni loved the way that y/n never did the same thing twice. Each piece was different and you could tell that it was all y/n’s work by her creative style.

The bell rang as Betty sprouted up and grabbed her bag. “Oh my god, y/n we’ve got to go.”

“He’s going to kill us.” Y/n replied as she ran out the door.

“Who?” Toni asked.

“Our teacher. We were late last class and he said if we were late again he’d-”

“Betty! Come on!” Y/n calls from the door.

Betty chased after y/n, the two of them pushing their way through the crowded hallway. Before Toni even realized she had to get to class too, she noticed that she still had y/n’s book.

“Hey, um,”

“Here.” Cheryl said, holding out her hands. “Let me take that. I have first period with y/n tomorrow so I can give it back.”

“Thanks.” Toni sighed. “I feel bad for asking for it and now-”

“Toni, it’s fine.” Cheryl guaranteed her. “She can go a few hours without her book.”

Sweet pea finally found Toni, greeting her. Fangs walked in too, telling her to hurry up because they all knew weatherbee would be harsher on them then a bunch of northsiders who were late to class. Toni said goodbye to Cheryl and walked out with her friends.


Later that evening, Cheryl was sat down on her bed already with her silk pyjamas on and her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She still had all of her makeup on along with her choker and earrings. Cheryl grabbed her phone to text y/n as she hadn’t seen her after lunch just to let her know that she had her book. Cheryl knew that y/n must have been panicking.

Before she could, she checked her social media. Her Instagram followers blew up ever since the southside kids joined, all the students wanting to know the latest buzz and gossip. Everyone knew that Cheryl was a good source. But one knew follower had caught her eye. Sweet pea, one of the boys that Toni had walked out with today.

She noticed that he had messaged her too. She clicked on whatever he had sent her and noticed that he couldn’t even be bothered to type a simple hello. Cheryl thought for sure that it was going to be something regarding how Riverdale High wasn’t fair seeing as everyone thought Cheryl was the culprit. It wasn’t her fault these thugs had to join their school.

I’m a friend of Toni’s if you didn’t know and she told me you had y/n’s art book. Just wondering if I could see a few pics.

Cheryl scoffed at the message. Of all things. Besides, why couldn’t he had just messaged y/n? Cheryl didn’t even know that Sweet pea and y/n knew each other but quickly realized that they probably didn’t. She typed back a response.

Do you even know her? You could be some creep. Leave y/n alone.

Sweet pea replied almost instantly.

Only wanted to see some of her art. Don’t mean to be a bother.

Cheryl would type back no, you aren’t being a bother but she was no Betty or y/n. He was already bothering her so she decided to give him what he wanted. All she had to do was find a nice picture that y/n had drawn, send it to him and click out of the conversation.

She opened the camera and snapped a quick picture of the one that y/n had drawn of Betty. Cheryl looked through the other pages and decided to send some others. She really was talented so Cheryl couldn’t help but brag, letting everyone know that y/n was one of her best friends.

Cheryl sent the boy three or four pictures as she waited for him to reply. She sat there waiting and waiting until he finally answered her. He clearly had no manners as first he could even say hello and now he couldn’t even say thank you. All he said was:

You should post them online. People would go crazy over her art. She’s talented.

The boy was right, Cheryl thought. All she could think about was what if she really did post y/n’s art. People would stop giving Cheryl so much bull because she had an amazing friend who could draw. They’d forget all about Cheryl. And besides, y/n could even sell her art, make some money, make some more friends. There was nothing bad that could come out of it so why not?

Cheryl logged out of her account and tapped the sign up button at the bottom of the screen. She filled in the information, including y/n’s name and a picture she had of her on her phone as she set it to the icon. Cheryl snapped a picture of each and every page in the sketch book, making sure to post everything. She included so many tags that there was no way someone could have the time to read them all. But Cheryl wanted y/n to get recognized. She wanted y/n to have fame.

Finally Cheryl logged out of her new account, or y/n’s rather and texted back Sweet pea.

It’s done.


The next morning at School, y/n met up with Betty next to her locker. People gazed at y/n, smiled, said hello. Even a few of the teachers were treating her like they were close friends. Y/n was starting to get suspicious as to why. All she needed was more paranoia after she had lost her sketch book.

“Toni!” Y/n calls as she rushes over to where Toni was standing alone. “Do you have my book?”

“No.” Toni shakes her head. “Cheryl told me she would give it to you first period.” She shrugged, confused as to why y/n was asking. It was already past second period and Cheryl hadn’t said a word to y/n about it.

“Are you sure?” Betty asks.

“Positive.” Toni replies.

Y/n sighed, relieved to know that Cheryl had it all along. All she had to do know was find her and get it back.

“You have class with Cheryl next right, Betty?” Y/n asked.

“I can take you. She always gets their early. Let’s go.” Betty says, pushing y/n in the right direction. “Did you want to come, Toni?”

“I’m meeting up with my friends. But good luck, though.” She smiled, waving them off. “I’ll see you around.”

Betty and y/n scrambled down the hall faster than they had yesterday when they were late for class. Toni stayed by her locker as Sweet pea walked up to her.

“Where’s Fangs?” She asks.

“Theater practice with that Keller kid.” Sweet pea laughs. “Who would have thought. Did you see?”

“See fangs? I just asked you-”

“No,” Sweet pea cuts her off, digging out his phone. “These.” He starts scrolling through an Instagram page, all pictures of artwork. Toni grabbed the phone from him and recognized the picture of Betty that y/n had drawn. These were all her pictures. Toni scrolled up to the top to find that her page had over a million followers. Toni didn’t know that high school art could be so popular but after all y/n was really amazing.

“I know her.” Toni says. Not only was the follower count surprising but the fact that y/n even had a page, period. She seemed so shy about showing her art to anyone so why would she make a page?

“Really? You think I can meet her?” Sweet pea asks, cocking a brow.

Toni still held the phone in her hand. Something clearly wasn’t adding up right. She tapped on the first picture posted.

Fifteen hours ago.

She tapped on the next one, another one and another. All posted one fifteen hours ago.

“I’ve got to go.” Toni excused herself, tossing the phone back to Sweet pea. Finally she understood. It was Cheryl and y/n had no idea.


“Cheryl what have you done?” Y/n exclaimed. “A page for my art, online, for everyone to see?”

“I really don’t see what the big problem is, ladies.” Cheryl said as she leaned back in the desk, folding her arms across her chest.

“The problem is that you posted y/n’s pictures without her permission, Cheryl!” Betty snaps.

“Y/n!” Toni pants as she runs in the room. She already seen that the three of them were caught up in an argument. It was obvious that y/n had found out.

Y/n ignored Toni, her eyes focused on Cheryl. “These drawings are private.” She spoke slowly to make sure that Cheryl listened to her every word. “Now you’ve got all of riverdale on my back waiting for me to post more when it’s not even my account.”

Y/n stepped closer to Cheryl’s desk, so close that Betty legitimately thought that she might fall right on top of Cheryl. “So take this… the hell… down.” Y/n hissed, shoving Cheryl’s phone in her face. “Take it down or I swear to god, Cheryl.”

“Y/n?” Toni asks softly, not wanting to upset her any more than she already was. Y/n exhaled, slamming the phone down on the desk. The bell rang and y/n left, not bothering to say anything to anyone even when Betty and Toni called after her.


Later that day at lunch, Toni invited y/n to sit with her as she clearly needed a break from Cheryl. But Betty and Cheryl were always together so she knew that toni would be a safe bet. Y/n waited for her other serpent friends to come but Toni told y/n that she wanted to spend time with her new friend. Y/n was so thankful that Toni had called in such a favour for her, even though they had only met yesterday.

“I know you probably don’t want to hear this and all,” Toni paused. “But my friend, sweet pea-” Toni realized that y/n had no clue who she was talking about. “The tall one? He was the first to follow your fake art page.” She managed to muster up a soft smile. “He really likes your art, you know.”

“Yeah.” Y/n mumbled, biting into her food. She didn’t know what else to say. The whole day had been a complete nightmare from hell. All she wanted was to go home out of it.

“He even said he’d like to talk to you. Does that sound okay? Don’t tell him I said this but I think he’s just trying to make some new friends.” Toni explains.

“Thanks for the offer and all, but I’ve got to go.” Y/n says as she gets up from the table. “See you tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow.” Toni answered.

Y/n walked to class alone, holding her book tightly. She checked her phone as she walked, seeing that Cheryl still hadn’t taken down the page. Y/n was just about to turn down the next hallway when a boy banged into her, causing her to drop her things.

She bent down to pick up her phone and book as so did the boy. She glanced up and him and realized that he was the one from the back of her f/c class with the raven hair and dog tags across his neck.

“Sorry, I can be such a klutz.” Y/n laughed nervously. She knew he was a serpent and didn’t want to cause any trouble. The only nice serpent that she had spoken to was Toni. But after all if this one wasn’t nice, why would he have helped her pick up her things and grab her hand, pulling her off the floor?

“Don’t Be Sorry.” He smiled. “That was my fault.”

The two of them just stood there, looking into one another’s eyes. Y/n had to stare up at him as he was so tall. She liked the way he dressed, though, his jeans cuffed at the bottom while he wore a pair of black combat boots and a simple grey shirt with his serpent’s jacket. He looked like a complete model, even if he really was part of a gang.

“I’m sweet pea.” He introduces himself as he held out her hand. Y/n couldn’t help but smile. She was never one for love at first sight but she had definitely fallen for him. And to find out that he was Toni’s friend, the one she had been talking about made things all the better. Maybe there really was light at the end of the tunnel.

“Y/n.” She shakes his hand, still having to look up at him.

“Yeah, I know.” He smiles. “I’ve seen your-”

“Art.” Y/n finishes. “That’s all anyones talked to me about today. They don’t even care how I’m doing.” Y/n blurted, immediately regretting it. She didn’t even know him but still it seemed that she had no problem telling him everything.

“So how are you?” He asks. “How are you doing then?”

“I’ve been better.” Y/n sighed.

The bell rang and they both started walking down the hall together side by side even though sweet pea had been going the opposite way when y/n had crashed into him. They started talking like they had always been best friends but y/n reached her classroom and knew that it was the end. It was just a one time thing, a simple conversation with someone new. She would see him around and maybe smile or greet him in class but that would be it. He was a serpent, she was a northsider. They would never mix.

“Maybe you could come by the library after school. You know, if you’re up for it. I have a free period so I’ll be there all afternoon.” Sweet Pea said as he took her arm and moved her so she wasn’t in the way of the door. Students were already packing in and y/n didn’t want to be late. But she couldn’t be late if she simply never shown up.

“Do you even know where the library is?” Y/n asked. “I could show you.”

“I’m pretty sure. Downstairs to the left, right?”

“Um, no.” Y/n laughed. “Come on. I’ll show you.” Y/n lead sweet pea back down the same hallway they had already went down. Sweet pea didn’t question her, though he was wondering if she would actually ditch class or not. He was happy though, more than anyone could ever realize because y/n had agreed to go with him.

She lead him downstairs as they continued heading to the school’s library.

“I’m surprised they gave you a free period.” Y/n stated. “They usually don’t give those out to new kids so early.”

“Every period is a free period if you don’t care enough.” Sweet pea laughed.

Y/n really liked him. Toni had good friends. Y/n liked the way he laughed; how his laugh made you want to laugh. And that smile? He was perfect. She barely knew him but wanted nothing more than to talk to him some more.

She lead the way in, holding the door for him. “Didn’t we just turn right to get here? That’s what I told you upstairs and you laughed at me.” Sweet pea said. Y/n could tell that he didn’t care more or less that she had laughed at him. Maybe he liked her too. “You totally didn’t have to show me the way down here.”

“Shhh!” The librarian hissed at them, putting a finger up to her thin lips.

“Well,” y/n whispered, bringing him towards one of the tables. “Every period is a free period if you don’t care enough.”


An hour later, school was almost over. But since the library stayed open until four, y/n figured that’s where they’d stay until they got kicked out. who would have thought, two teenagers who ditched, ready to get kicked out of the library for staying to long?

Though the table was large and round and that there were a dozen other free seats around them, only a few students to be seen, sweet pea had moved his chair over so close to y/n that she could practically smell the shampoo he used. They were so close to each other that if someone had walked in, seeing them for the first time, they would think that Sweet pea and y/n were probably dating.

Y/n was drawing, leaning her notebook up against the table as sweet pea watched her every movement. She moved her pencil with such grace. She blended the charcoal into the page, somehow not getting a smudge on herself. Sweet pea had never been so in love with someone before. Y/n was all he ever wanted. He couldn’t help but smile when she did the smallest things. Even just sitting so close to her made sweet pea happy. She didn’t seem to care at all. If anything, sweet pea thought he might have made her happier too. He noticed her around earlier today and she was definitely in a mood- it had to be about the page Cheryl had started. But now y/n was being ever so sweet, so kind and gentle.

What neither one of them knew, was that class had gotten over ages ago. Toni watched them from the door as they sat back on from her. The two of them were huddled up so closely together, Toni wondered why y/n didn’t lean her head into sweet pea’s shoulder. Here Toni thought that sweet pea just wanted to make some friends to make the best out of this preppy hell hole, but here he was falling for y/n. Toni didn’t know how she had been so blind. All he talked about was her.

Toni knew that the two of them probably wouldn’t work out. They were complete opposites for god’s sake. Y/n was sweet and adorable while Sweet pea was dangerous and brooding. But on the inside he was a huge sweetheart and y/n clearly brought out that side of him. Toni didn’t judge them though. She hoped something good would come out of it, something to bring y/n out of her sadness about the art page.

Toni smiled even though sweet pea nor y/n could see her. They clearly hadn’t noticed that the library had emptied out either. Toni was glad, seeing her best friend with a girl he liked so much. She decided to walk to pop’s with fangs, and share the good news.

“Do you like it?” Y/n asked softly, handing the sketch book to him.

“Girl.” Sweet pea said, blankly. “How? How did you do that?”

Y/n simply smiled. Sweet pea continued to stare at the page in awe.

“You barely looked up at me but yet you got the whole picture perfect.” He looked at it, still not understanding how one person could be so talented. To sweet pea, looking at the page was like looking in the mirror. Though she drew him side on, everything was spot on, exactly on point.

Sweet pea was still astonished with y/n and every aspect of her. She was so nice, a true northsider but was kind enough to ditch last period with him and spend the whole hour stuck in the dingy Library. She was so much different from Cheryl, riverdale high’s resident mean girl. She was even nicer than Betty, who sweet pea heard had a dark side despite her soft look. But he knew that y/n was different. She was polite. Perfect.

The only thing to destroy the perfect moment was to tell her that he was the real one behind the page. That he had told Cheryl to make it. He didn’t actually think that she would do it, but he couldn’t defend himself any longer. Sweet pea had to tell y/n even if it ruined the nice time they were having together.

“Hey, y/n?” Sweet pea asks.


“Do you hate me?”

“Do I hate you?” Y/n laughed. “Why would I hate you?” Part of y/n wondered about what he was going to say next. She knew where this was going.

“You told cheryl to make the page, didn’t you?” Y/n asked.

The both of them didn’t budge. Sweet pea expected y/n to get up and leave when he had muttered a simple yeah but she didn’t. Y/n just moved closer to him.

“You aren’t mad?” He asks. “You hate me now though, don’t you?”

“I don’t hate you.” Y/n says. “I could never hate you.”

Sweet pea looks at y/n, wondering how after everything she was willing to forgive him. They had just met but she was so accepting. She didn’t care if he was a serpent or even a ghoulie for that matter. All that mattered was that they were here, together.

Sweet pea decided to start doing what was right. He did what he wanted to do, what he felt was right, what he thought he could really do to apologize to y/n. He leaned into her, kissing her. Instead of pulling away like sweet pea thought she would, she leaned in more, farther, kissing him back.

It wasn’t y/n’s pictures that were art. It was sweet pea himself.


Toni: The stars are beautiful.

Cheryl: Yeah.

Toni: But do you know what else is beautiful?

Cheryl *blushing*: What?

Toni: Yo-

Sweet Pea: Me! I’m beautiful. Im fabulous. I’m tHE SHIT.

A little appreciation for the most under appreciated character on TV.

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Where’s all the love for Kevin?!

Mirror On The Wall - [Sweet Pea]

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Requested: No, but it’s based on the post by @nerdpeterparker: Is there any Sweet Pea smut where he just fucks “y/n” senseless in front of a mirror and makes them watch? Please tag me or send it to me. If there isn’t any, please write one.

Here ya go! Hope it matches with your expectations :)

Taglist: @slythpea @sweetpeapapi @serpentbitch @akkurates @avebellamy

Warning: NSFW

Word count: 3K+

You felt his dark eyes on your as soon as you made your entrance in the Whyte Wyrm. They studied your body, watching the sway of your skirt that reached mid-thigh and the v-neck shirt you were wearing that led to a deep cut into your cleavage, yet showing off not too much at the same time. You pretended like you hadn’t even seen him at the pool table, looking handsome as ever. Or well, he looked more like a damn delicious snack too, but hey, you weren’t the one who was going to make the first move, especially not with Sweet Pea shamelessly ogling you like that. You made your way over to the bar, finding Toni in front of it with Fangs instead of behind the counter to pour everyone’s drinks.

Sweet Pea’s fingers curled tighter around the pool stick he was holding and he swore he heard the wood crack a slight bit under his crushing grip. His jaw slacked as he saw how Fangs’ swung his arm around you, his hand dropping to your hip and he was about to slam the stick down on the table and tell his friend to get his hands off you. “Pea, your turn”. Another Serpent nudged his shoulder and his eyes flickered back down to the table. “Nah, you can go without me”. Sweets replied and put the pool stick back in the corner where they were usually stashed. He slowly got over to you, letting his dark hues slight over your dreamily long legs, which were covered a thin pair of tights and some heeled combat boots on your feet.

“Jughead is on a nice weekend away with Betty, Veronica and Archie, did you hear about that?”. Toni started while put the strap of her drink between her lips. “I heard so, yes. I hope they’re having fun, and besides…”. Your voice faded away as Fangs rushed to get his arm away from you, a grin curling the Serpent’s lips as he looked at someone over his shoulder. You barely had any time to see who it was as the arm of the person pulled you into a firm chest. “And besides what?”. Sweet Pea’s baritone voice rasped and you could barely remember the words you wanted to say. “And besides it will be good to have no laptop for a weekend for Jones”. You finished and felt Sweet Pea pulled a barstool his way to sit down on it.

Toni and Fangs nodded and exchanged some looks as Sweet Pea’s arm was curled around the small of your back, his hand resting on your leg. You gave them a look back, shrugging as if it meant nothing, yet everyone in this room knew it meant something. You and Pea were like fire and gasoline ever since you two met. Every time you talked to a guy, he made sure it was him you’d finish the evening with and the other way around. People seemed to forget your name and just labelled you as ‘Pea’s girl’. “Don’t you have anything to drink?”. He asked and you turned your head to look into his eyes, only to find his face a couple inches away from yours. You shook your head. “But I’d like some, a whiskey coke would be perfect”. You sweetly smiled.

Sweet Pea chuckled and knew you would say something like that. He simply liked getting you all riled up and annoyed with him. He ordered your drink, popping the strap in it himself and shoving it your way. “Thanks, Pea”. You replied, keeping your eyes on his as you wrapped your lips around the strap to get a taste of the strong liquor. His jaw clenched at the sight and his eyes hardened, making you contently turn your head. “You’re such a tease already, doll”. Pea’s lips brushed over the shell of your ear as he pulled you closer to his chest. “I can either tease you too or you get into the restroom within ten minutes, baby girl, I’ll leave it up to you”. He hummed, only for your ears to hear. Your eyebrows raised and you shot him a flirty smile.

The Serpent’s large hand covered the half of your upper leg, his fingers tapping against your skin and you quietly clenched your thighs together at the thought of what he was going to do to you in the restroom of the Wyrm. You made yourself loose from his grip as soon as you reached the bottom of your glass. You placed it delicately on the counter and hopped off the barstool, smoothing out your skirt which Sweet Pea had slightly stroked upwards. You gave him a last look before you walked to the restroom, closing the door behind you and just moving towards the mirror to check your perfect make-up that was about to get ruined anyway. And you’d let it be ruined by him that way with love.

It didn’t take long before Sweet Pea came through the door, slamming it close behind him and he was in front of you within three steps, his hands yanking you into his chest again and not hesitating to bend down and capture your lips between his. You felt your back hitting the wall and you used the moment to curl your fingers around the lapels of his leather jacket, pushing yourself even more into him. “Did you lock the door?”. You mumbled against his lips and he stole a couple more kisses before replying to you. “No”. A short answer that made you pull back. “What if someone comes in?”. The salty tone in your voice made him smirk and he shrugged, taking your jaw between his fingers. Pea’s face became dark as he hovered over your again.

His eyes bored into yours and his hot breath fanned over your face. “I guess you had to think about that before you decided to tease me, princess. I hope you can stay quiet”. Your eyelids fluttered as his lips brushed over yours, almost kissing you, but not quite and you had barely even heard what he said as you felt hypnotized by his words. Sweet Pea twirled you around, bending you half over the counter with the sink in front of the mirror. His hand took a strong hold of your jaw again, forcing you to look at your reflection in it. “You’re not going to take your eyes off yourself tonight, angel, so you can see how gorgeous you are while I fuck you till you’re legs are shaking”. You were almost choking on your breath at what he said, nodding softly in response.

Sweet Pea latched his lips on the sensitive skin just under your ear, making your eyes fall close almost immediately, but you had to obey his request. His teeth bit down on your skin here and there, drawing the blood to the surface of your neck as he nibbled on the mark he had just left. Pea clearly took his time and it made you nervous and on the other side excited with the thrill of maybe getting caught. One of his hands danced over your side, pulling the shirt that was tucked into the skirt out to let his fingers wander under it, over your skin. A moan left your mouth as his palm cupped your cleavage, receiving a pleased hum that you weren’t wearing any bra. “Fuck, look at you”. Pea’s voice croaked, studying your reflection in the mirror.

Your lips were slightly parted and your hardened nipples were visible through the material of your shirt. “Already so worked up and I barely touched you…”. The words were just whispered in your ear and it made you grab onto the counter and let him continue the assault on your neck while his fingers rolled over your nipples. The Serpent moved your hair to one shoulder, his fingers combing through the strands made the goosebumps raise upon your arms. Sweet Pea’s hand wandered down your stomach, finding the curve of your hips and eventually finding the edge of the skirt. He rode the fabric upwards, cupping your clothed core. His teeth dug into his lower lip as he felt the wetness basically seeping through.

You whimpered at the friction you didn’t receive, bucking your hips for more. Sweet Pea let out a soft chuckle and then moved his fingers passed the elastic waistband of your panties, feeling your wet and swollen labia. Two of his long and slender digits stretched your walls, causing you to harshly suck in a breath. One of his arms was wrapped around your waist, keeping you pressed up against his wide chest and almost forcing you on your tippy toes. Your eyes glanced over at how his fingers plunged into your heat, pushing in knuckle deep before pulling back and letting a shiver run up your spine. Sweets’ pace was awfully slow, letting you wince and mewl for it. “Oh my god, Pea”. You whimpered, the words dripping like the sweetest honey off your lips.

The Serpent’s low growl in response made the heat in your lower abdomen coil even more, feeling yourself being pushed to an edge and you were about to be thrown over it. A breathless scream tumbled out of your mouth as his fingers curled up against the gathering of nerve endings inside of your lubricated walls. Fingertips padded against the spot over and over again and your legs started to turn into jelly. He caught his lower lip between his teeth at the sight of you in the mirror, fighting your heavy eyelids and your bee-stung lips parted to let the moans roam freely over them. “God, you’re beautiful”. His hoarse voice was laced with lust. The calloused skin of his large palm brushed over your swollen clit and it made you come immediately.

A scream torn from your chest as you came on his fingers, drenching them with your wetness. Sweet Pea howled at the contractions of your walls around his fingers, his hard length throbbing in his jeans at the thought of being buried deeply inside of you. He watched how you took his wrist and brought his hand upwards to your mouth. He groaned deeply as you wrapped your lips around his fingers to lick them clean, all while looking at him through the mirror. Sweet Pea pulled them back and hitched the material of your skirt further upwards, a grin showing up on his handsome face again when he briefly cupped your core, which caused you to let out a mewl at the oversensitive feeling. You felt his hands leaving your body, only to free his hard cock from his jeans.

You heard the sound of the leather unhooking from the clasp and the buckle unlocking from around his jeans, feeling yourself getting all hot inside at the thought of him filling you up. He hissed softly at the feeling of the colder air hitting his rock hard cock, which sprung up against his lower abdomen. Your eyes were focused on his beautiful face in the reflection of the mirror, however quickly shot back to yourself when he looked at you from over your shoulder. You forced the moan back when round, mushroomed head of his length moved between your folds. He gathered some of the natural lubricant before pushing in, making you gasp as the thickness was nothing compared to his fingers. Sweet Pea locked your jaw in his hand again, making you look at him through the mirror.

“Don’t forget…”. A whisper in your ear, his hot breath ghosting over the side of your face and his lips brushing over your sensitive, bitten skin. “Keep your eyes on yourself while I ravish you, baby doll”. You let out a needy whine in response, the words you wanted to say swimming around in your brain and they were unable to jump into the right order to roll out like a steady sentence. Sweet Pea’s lips were back on the curve of your neck, teeth biting gently onto your shoulder as he pushed himself fully in, letting you feel every ridge and vein on his cock as he slowly slid out to bottom you out again. Every nerve in your body felt alive, every sense fully active. Pea’s hands moved to your hips and his grip got more firm the harder he thrusted into you.

You were sure it would leave fingerprints by now, the bruising grip locking you in your place, but you were too aroused to feel the pain. The delicious pleasure curled up your spine and you felt as if you were choking on the smoke inside of your lungs as he had set your heart on fire, burning with desire. A snarl formed his lips as your walls squeezed him tight, pulling taught against him every time he pulled out to slam back in again. The pace was hard and rough, yet grinding and deep and you felt yourself floating away into a world were only you two existed. “Fuck, Sweets”. You whimpered. Sweet Pea pressed his mouth against your neck again, sucking harshly on your skin and he was resolute in his decision to fully mark you as his.

His breathing was rapid as the primal desire rushed through his bloodstream, needing to part from your neck when he let out a stream of profanities that made your bones shake in your body. Your eyes rolled back when the head of his cock grazed over the heavenly sensitive spot inside of you, sending your nerves into overdrive as the pleasure curled up your spine. “Right there?”. The Serpent lowly hummed in your ear and you cried out in response. “Tell me, doll”. His thrusts went slower, deeper, making your whole body tingle. He knew, he fucking knew how much he was torturing you know, forcing you to the edge and then pulling slightly back. “Yes, oh god”. You choked out and it was enough for him to pick up the pace again.

Sweet Pea’s mouth hung agape as he watched your gorgeous face contort with pleasure, your body weak against his as the orgasm washed over you. His hand clasped over your mouth at the sounds that spilled over your lips. Your thighs were trembling and you were glad one of his arms was swung around your waist. He gently thrusted through your high, letting you come down from the cloud you drifted on. You looked at him through the mirror with hazy eyes, knowing he hadn’t finished yet. You slowly turned around in his arms, feeling suddenly even more small as his tall figure towered over you. Longing for a kiss, you yanked him down by the collar of the plain, black shirt he was wearing, connecting your lips in a rushed and messy kiss.

The moan he let out vibrated against your mouth when your hand took a firm hold of his painfully hard cock, feeling him twitch in your palm as you stroke up from the base to the sensitive head. Sweet Pea had his brows furrowed when you pulled your panties back up and your skirt on its place, yet you surprised him by getting on your knees in front of him. His hands grabbed onto the edge of the counter when your plumb lips wrapped around his cock, placing soft kisses there and your tongue lapping the underside. It drove him crazy within a few seconds, his knuckles turning white from how hard he held the marble counter. Your hand aided the movements of your mouth as you took more him, tearing the moans from his lips.

“Jesus, babe”. He panted, his abdomen contracting as he spilled in the back of your throat, looking down at you when your lips were still tight around him, sucking him dry before swallowing and standing up to rinse your mouth at the sink. Meanwhile he was locking his belt around his jeans again, pulling the zipper up. Sweet Pea twirled you to his chest, cupping your face to kiss you again. Your hands leaned flat against his chest and you pulled away with a questioning look on your face. “What was that for?”. You asked, a smile curling your lips. “Just because”. He replied, his cheeks heating a slight bit up, yet it nearly wasn’t visible.  “Wanna get out of here and grab a bite at Pop’s?”. Pea asked, looking into your eyes.

You nodded with a wider smile and he went out of the toilet in front of you, his fingers laced through yours to connect your hands. Pulling you through the people rather quick, you were outside in no time. He walked over to his bike and threw you his helmet. “You know you don’t have to offer me dinner because we had sex, Pea”. You said before pushing the helmet over your hair. “Maybe I’m offering you dinner because I like you”. Sweet Pea said, his dark hues focused on your face. “And because every time you walk into school or the Wyrm or anywhere you come, I just feel drawn to you, Y/N”. He added, stepping closer to you. “Maybe I don’t want you to be just a hook-up”. His voice became softer as the space between your bodies was almost as small as a couple moments ago in the restroom of the Wyrm.

Your heart drummed in your chest, almost not believing the rough way the Serpent had fucked you just ten minutes ago and now he was truly expressing his feelings. Sweet Pea could see you felt a bit flustered and he easily drew you to his chest by placing his hands on your lower back. You let your hands travel under his leather jacket, as the zipper was still down, wandering your palms over his wide chest. “I have to admit that being Pea’s girl sounds like something I’d be very okay with”. You told him with a small smile. Sweet Pea smiled back at you and two of his fingers under your chin angled your face up to his so he could dip his lips down to yours for another kiss.

“Now hop on, babe. I’m hungry”. You playfully rolled your eyes as he locked the strap of the helmet underneath your face.

“And you know what…”. A grin showed up on his handsome face. “You can be dessert”.

Bet On Me

Reggie x Reader

A/N: This is my first ever fic and I hope you all like it!! Requests for all other Riverdale characters are open!! (This is my first fic because Reggie is bae)

Word Count: 3369

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, violence, heavy make-out session (is that even a warning?)

Summary: Reggie is dared to date Y/N, the sweet and popular untouched cheerleader. He does so, although not expecting to fall for her in the process.

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Red Roses (Cheryl Blossom x Reader)

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Anon Requested: Hey! I really loved your 5+1 imagine for Cheryl <3 It was amazing! I was wondering could you maybe do one for her where her new girlfriend’s family is actually really nice and with time they almost kind of „adopt“ her? (For example, the little sister asking for make up tips, the big brother being protective of her too, the parents giving advice/comforting her/reproaching her because they were actually worried about her…) Just a little healing and warmth for Cher really, please? <3

Word Count: 3504

Summary: You meet Cheryl’s parents by accident and they are far from happy to learn about you. Cheryl meets your family by accident and they are beyond happy to accept the new person in your life.

Author’s Note: Hi this is really cute. There’s also more kissing because the request said warmth and what’s warmer than a loving kiss. Also i didn’t give your family any names because no, so sorry if it get’s repetitive. The ending is kinda bleh so sorry about that but yknow, happens. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry for any mistakes)

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Still Get Jealous

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Requested by @foriternity  @southsidepea :Ur next Sweet Pea x reader should b about him being jealous

Here you are, love, I hope I did okay I’m still getting the hang of this. Enjoy and don’t forget to ask me for a request

“You know I hate it when other people see you in that uniform” Sweet Pea told you as he pulls your body into his.

You were from the Northside with a beautiful home, stable and happy family to anyone you’re family was the only perfect family in Riverdale. Now on the other hand you’re long term boyfriend Sweet Pea lived on the Southside his home was the trailer park like Jug, and his family he didn’t like to talk about it. You meet Sweet Pea when Jughead worked at the Drive-In.  When you heard he was losing the Drive-In you knew you had to be there for him. His dad would come to check on him every now and then and that moment you saw Sweet Pea you’re total definition of Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

  “Hey it’s not my fault I’m a River Vixen”

“Yea it kinda is. You know what why don’t you quit and keep the uniform too entertain me huh.”

For some reason he thinks he can get his was if he does that stupid smirk of his.

  “Why don’t you just come to the game and watch me cheer instead.”

You put you’re hands on Sweet Pea face so you’re foreheads touch and make your lips nearly touch his. Teasing him hoping he will come too the game .

“You know how I feel about those Northsiders. I’ll pick you up after the game alright baby girl.”

  “Fine pick me up at 8pm.”

You gave Pea a quick kiss on the lips and pulled back too see his brown eye size you up. To mess with him you gave him a little turn. He shakes his head giving out a little laugh. It made you sad when he started getting on his bike. You hate seeing him go, you wish he could just put up with some Northside kids for a couple hours just so you can spend more time with him.Before he leaves you walk back up to his bike and give him one more kiss.

  “Hey I love you Pea.”

“I love you to Baby girl”

2 Hours later

The Bulldogs won the game all thanks to Archie and Reggie’s team work. After every game someone throws a party but you never went. Picking up your things with the rest of the Vixens in the locker room. One by one the girls left leaving you alone in the locker room. As you closed the door you began to walk to the parking lot too wait for Sweet Pea. You two had a secret place so no one would judge you being picked up by a Serpent. It was all Pea’s idea You honestly didn’t mind be he side it would be safer.

“Hey Y/L/N are you coming too the party or what?”  

You looked over the shoulder to see Reggie walking towards you.

  “No I’m no. I just gonna head home”

You kept walking trying to get away from Reggie. You just wanted to get spend the night with Pea.

“Awe come on. I’ll even take you. You know next year when Cheryl leaves next year you’ll be captain of the Vixens and I’ll still be captain of the football team. We could be the power couple of Riverdale high. Sounds nice right…Perfect even”

During his whole speech he traps you against his car getting extremely close to you.

  “As tempting as that is I’m transferring to South Side High next year. Believe it or not my dad found a better job out there. So why don’t you go too the party, get drunk , go home and enjoy your night with your left hand.”

You look up and to you’re right and see Sweet Pea and if looks could kill teh back of Reggie’s head would be gone.

  “Now if you don’t mind Reginald my boyfriend is waiting for me.”

You pushed his shoulder to walk up to Sweet Pea. You hear Reggie start his car and drives away. You tried to wrap your arms around Sweet Pea’s neck but he just go on his bike. Before he started his bike you grabbed his hand with one hand and placed your other hand on his check.

  “Sweet’s what’s wrong”

“I’m fine how’s you’re Northside football player boyfriend”

  “OMG are you jealous?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that Pea thinks I would cheat on him with Reggie.

“ I’m not jealous”

  “Oh really. So if walk back to him you would be totally fine.”


  “Sweet’s do you remember what I told you when you dropped me off”


  “Well I said ’I Love You ‘ and I mean it with all my heart. I love you Sweet Pea and that will never change. You’re kinda stuck with me.”

“And I’m totally fine with that. Now let me show you how much I love you”

You Idiot - Sweet Pea x Reader

Summary: Fangs spends a night gossiping with y/n, Toni, and Cheryl at the Wyrm only to accidentally tell a secret about y/n without knowing it.

A/n: The italicized part is a flashback.

Word Count: 1706

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Y/n’s POV

I was sitting at a table at the Wyrm with Toni, Cheryl, and Fangs just hanging out and having a drink when Sweet Pea sauntered in with a tall, skinny blonde on his arm. He gave a wave in our general direction before settling in at his usual spot at the pool table. Toni and Cheryl rolled their eyes as she leaned up against him and whispered in his ear, giggling. 

“I really wish he would settle down,” Cheryl said. “He’s one hook up away from brining home a bulldog’s girl and ruining the sanctuary I’ve made here.”

“Calm down, babe,” Toni replied, “The last thing Pea would do is bring back a northsider.”

“He might be closer to settling down than you think, ladies,” Fangs chimed in, taking a sip of his beer.

“Sweets?” I asked, “No fucking way. Absolutely not.”

Fangs nodded, gulping down the rest of his drink and slamming it back down on the table as he went to get up. 

“Yes way,” he said, running his hand across my shoulders as he walked toward the bar, “Boy’s got it bad for someone. I’m just keeping it low key until he decides to make a move.”

Toni, Cheryl, and I exchanged glances before downing the rest of our own drinks and following Fangs to the bar.

“Spill,” Toni said.

“Yeah, you can’t just leave us ona  cliff hanger like that. Who’s the girl?” Cheryl added. 

Fangs held his hands up and shook his head before picking up his drink and heading back to the table. I reached my hand out and grabbed the collar of his leather jacket to pull him back. He spun around, only inches from my face. 

“Details,” I said. “Now.” 

Once I let go of Fangs, he stepped back toward the bar. He looked each of us in the eye and ducked his head down, so it looked like we were all in a huddle. He looked over his shoulder at Pea and the girl just to be sure they weren’t paying attention before he started talking.

“Okay, so I don’t know her name. He wouldn’t tell me,” he said looking around at each of us again. “All I know is that he had was hooking up with this girl a while back, pretty consistently for a couple of months, and he came over to my place in a fit. I’m talking running his hands through his hair and huffing and puffing. He was totally stressed out by this whole thing because it was supposed to be casual, right?”

Toni, Cheryl, and I were on the edge of our seats at this. Sweet Pea was never the serious type, never the one to catch any feelings. This was big news. Fangs took another sip of his beer and huddled back in. Before he started talking I saw Sweet Pea look over at us kind of confused. I kept my eyes on him as I listened to Fangs.

“So yeah, he was supposed to be casual with this chick,  but he ended up catching feelings. Heard,” Fangs said as Sweet Pea put his pool cue down and started making his way over to us. “He had no idea what to do. He was pacing around my living room ranting and-”

“Fangs, shh. He’s coming over here,” I interrupted. 

We all stood up straight and stiff while we all started sucking down our drinks, not wanting to make eye contact with Pea. He slipped into the little circle we had formed rigth between me and Fangs and looked around at us. 

“So,” he said, drawing it out, “what were you guys talking about over here?”

Cheryl choked on her drink and began stuttering before Toni put her hand on Cheryl’s thigh and took over.

“Fangs was just telling us some hot northsider gossip her heard from Kevin Keller,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” Fangs said, “Some stuff about some Vixen’s heartbreak of the week. Right, Cheryl?”

“Mmhm. Yep,” Cheryl said meeting Fangs’ “hold it together” gaze.

“Oh,” Pea said nodding. 

You all exchanged glances, and as he stepped away to get a drink, Cheryl let out a deep sigh. 

“That was close,” Fangs whispered as you all nodded and silently agreed not to talk about the subject any longer. 

After I got home that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Fangs had said. Something about it just didn’t seem right, mainly how he said that Sweet Pea had been hooking up with the same girl for a couple of months. That was so unlike him. His usual hookups were one night stands, a week or two if she was lucky. Then it hit me: Sweet Pea, and I had been hooking up like six months ago. I went back through the timeline in my head, positive there was no way our fling could’ve lasted that long. Could it have?

I shot out of bed and grabbed my phone, dialing Fangs. I waited as it rang a few times tapping my foot aggressively.

“Hey! What’s up?” Fangs answered.

I could tell he wasn’t at the Wyrm anymore because there wasn’t any music, but I could hear what sounded like pots and pans clanking around in the background. 

“Fangs, where are you?” I asked, praying that I didn’t already know the answer.

“I’m at Sweet Pea’s. Why? What’s up? You wanna come over?”

“No,” I said before letting out a groan, “I wanted to ask you something about what we were talking about earlier. I, um, I think I remember him saying something to me about this same girl, but I wasn’t sure how long ago this little incident was.”

“Oh, I think it was about six months ago,” he said, his voice quiter than before. “It might’ve been more recent than that, though. I think it took him a while to call it off since he was battling with actual feelings and all. You know how bad he is with those.”

“Yeah,” you laughed, “Tell me about it. Well, thanks. Bye.”

You hung up the phone as fast as you could then let out a big sigh. You sat there straing at the ground while you thought. You counted back on your fingers just to double check. One, two, three, four, five, six. It had been about six months since the last time you hooked up with Sweet Pea. I remembered:

“Pea, baby, come back to bed,” you whispered, patting the spot next to you as Pea roamed around the room in his boxers, drying his wet hair.

“Y/n, as much as I would love to, we have to go to school,” he said as he tossed his towel on my desk chair across the room.

“But school isn’t anywhere as fun as I am, Pea,” as said with a pout.

“Believe me. I know,” he groaned, sitting on the edge of the bed, “but we can have all the fun you want after school.”

“Uuuuuugh,” I said, rolling over onto my back as he got back up and gave me a wink. “Fine.”

“Good,” Sweet Pea said as he pulled on his dark skinny jeans.

I smiled for a second thinking about that morning. Little did I know, I wasn’t going to be getting anything I wanted that night. Sweet Pea came over later than usual that night. I had assumed that he was at the Wrym or out on Serpent’s business and forgot to tell me, But I’m thinking now that he had been at Fangs’ house. It was hard to remember exactly how it happened or exactly what he said, but I got the idea. He was calling our little arrangement off. I hadn’t really thought anythign of it until now.

Fangs’ POV

“Well, thanks. Bye,” y/n said before hanging up the phone so fast I couldn’t get another word in.

“Who was that?” Sweet Pea asked, coming into the living room with a couple bowls of mac and cheese.

“Y/n,” I said.

He looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah?” he asked, you guys were looking pretty cozy over there at the Wyrm tonight. I mean, you were looking pretty cozy with Toni and Cheryl too, but we all know they’ve got major heart eyes fro each other.”

Suddenly, I felt a pit form in the bottom of my stomach. It wasn’t from the alcohol, and I knew it wasn’t because I was full after two bites of food. It was because I totally broke a promise to my best friend.

“Look, Pea,” I said, turning to see him shovel a huge bite of macaroni in his face, “promise you won’t get mad at me?”

“About what?” he asked with his mouth full.

“I might’ve told the girls about your little FWB fiasco a few months ago,” I said, squinting my eyes at him as his brows furrowed together. “Cheryl had said something about you needing to settle down before you wound up bringing a northsider back and ruining her “sanctuary,” and I said it might be more possible than they thought. Since you’re still so hung up on that girl you were hooking up with and all.”

“And you said all this in front of y/n?” he asked, slowly setting down his fork and bowl on the coffee table.

“Yeah. That’s why she called actually.”

“What do you mean that’s why she called?” Sweet Pea asked, his hands clenching around his knees as he sat rigid on the end of the couch.

“Oh, um, she just asked me about how long ago it was because she thought you had said something to her about this girl, too.”

Sweet Pea sulked forward, his head falling into his palms as he sighed. I set my bowl down on the coffee table too and looked over at him. He drug his palms from his forehead down to his chin, clenching his jaw.

“Pea?” I asked, concerned.

“You idiot,” Pea huffed, throwing his arms up and slamming them down on the couch. “I was hooking up with y/n. You just told the girl I have feelings for that I have feelings for her.”

“You’re welcome?” I said, shrugging at Sweet Pea before picking up my bowl and continuing to eat.

Sharing Cherries

(A/N): This was written in order to get rid of my writers block. So, forgive me at how disorganized, random and horribly written it is.

Pairings: Cheryl Blossom x Serpent!Reader

Summary: When Southside High shut down you were forced to attend Riverdale High. It was evident from the start that Cheryl didn’t approve of the serpents joining her school but you weren’t like the other serpents. Maybe that’s why you caught the eye of Riverdale’s queen.

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When you heard Southside High was closing and the majority of the students were being transferred to Riverdale High, you knew things were about to turn into chaos. Everyone knew about the rivalry and hatred between the two sides and it’s something the serpents thrived on but you, on the other hand, didn’t care for it. 

You had grown up on the Southside, along with Toni, Fangs and Sweet Pea, and naturally became a serpent but your personality seemed to clash with the name. You weren’t as bold as your friends, you were actually quiet and shy and because of this you didn’t stand up for yourself.

You liked to avoid conflict as much as possible and this resulted in Toni, Fangs and SP becoming very protective of you. Even though your personality didn’t quite seem to fit the typical serpent, they didn’t try to change you and instead made you feel comfortable in your own skin while also being a part of the serpent family. You couldn’t ask for more. 

However, with this sudden change, you thought you might go crazy. Unlike your energetic bold friends, you were not excited to go raid the North side. You just wanted to stay in the somewhat perfect routine you had set in the Southside but you didn’t have a choice. So, you reluctantly hop on your motorcycle, letting it roar to life before following the lead of SP over to Riverdale High. 

When you arrived, it sounded like 20 lions roaring at once as all the motorcycles rolled into the parking lot. You quickly parked next to Toni before keeping close to your friends as you entered into the school you never thought you would. Of course, you’re in the front as you make your way in and all eyes are on the sea of black leather jackets swarming the hallways. 

You come into contact with Veronica and Betty and they begin welcoming you to Riverdale High when the infamous Cheryl Blossom marches down the stairs, red heels clicking loudly against the floor. You would be lying if you said you didn’t find the redhead very attractive but at the same time you were intimidated. Her crossed arms, snarky comments and disapproving stares were enough to send you running but of course, you knew your friends wouldn’t take her insults. 

Finally, after all the bickering and harsh insults were exchanged, you were dismissed to go to class. For the most part, the majority of the day was getting introduced into your classes. You and your friends sat at the back of the classrooms as they simply let whatever the teachers said fly over their heads. 

So, besides some glares and disapproving looks from Riverdale’s occupants, you thought you might survive the first day. However, that all changed when you accidently got pushed into Cheryl in the hallway causing her to spin around, sending you the deadliest glare she could. 

“Watch where you’re going, leather-wearing ragamuffin. I don’t need your filthy clothing ruining my outfit.” Cheryl growls and your face overcomes with guilt, wanting nothing more than to shrink away. 

You’re at a loss for words as you try to muster up an apology when Toni comes up from behind you, fire in her eyes. “Hey!” Toni growls as she stands protectively in front of you, pointing an accusing finger at the redhead. “You can throw all the pathetic insults you want at me but don’t you ever talk to (Y/N) like that again. You got it?”

“Toni, it was my fault. It’s okay.” You quietly try to assure as you tug on her arm but she quickly shakes it off.

“No, it’s not okay! You can’t let people throw you around like that, especially her.” Toni spits and you slowly begin to push her away from Cheryl. 

“I’ll take care of it. It’s fine, I’ll meet you in the cafeteria, okay?” You plea and Toni begrudgingly agrees but not without a final glare at Cheryl. 

You shakily release the breath you’re holding before turning back to Cheryl, who has an eyebrow raised as her arms are crossed against her chest. “I’m sorry about her and that I ran into you.” You apologize nervously as you rub the back of your neck. “And I’m sorry we’ve sort of taken over the school. I don’t blame you for being mad… I hope I didn’t ruin your shirt.”

You send a small, forced smile before hanging your head low, sticking your hands in your coat pockets and turning in the direction of the cafeteria. You’re too focused and determined on leaving the scene, you fail to see the brief softened, curious features of the redhead you left behind.

It had been one hell of a week at the new school but your friends were finally getting along with Archie and his group. They were fun to hang out with and seemed genuinely determined to start a clean slate. It was nice to make new friends and to know not everyone at Riverdale wanted you out of the school. 

As the Friday came to an end, Veronica invite everyone to Pop’s and surprisingly everyone agrees. So, as the sun slowly begins to set, everyone meets up at the famous little diner on the outside of town and for once, it seems like everyone is getting along as friendly conversations and laughter fill the air. 

When it gets a bit late, SP and Fangs clock out, saying their goodbyes before heading to the Whyte Wrym for the rest of the night. Toni stay a bit longer before getting up to leave but not before asking if you’re alright by yourself. You simply nod and the pink-haired serpent sends you a smile before exiting the diner.

After a while you start to get hungry so, you excuse yourself before going to the bar and ordering yourself some food and a shake. You sit on one of the stools as you wait and your mind begins to wander.

You don’t know what compelled you to stay but for once, you felt comfortable hanging out with others besides your serpent friends. It was new but you didn’t feel like they were judging you in any way and they honestly made you feel like you were a part of the group. It sounded crazy but having this change caused you to come out of your comfort zone. It made you happy. 

You’re so lost in thought that you jump when someone suddenly sits next to you. You quickly turn to see who it is and your face pales when your eyes meet the chocolate orbs of Cheryl. Your small amount of happiness instantly disappears and you now try to figure out why the redhead, you’d been avoiding all week, is sitting next to you. 

You hope she can’t see it but you’re panicking on the inside and you wish you had left with Toni because now you were stuck. You try to think of all the things you could’ve done to make her mad but you couldn’t think of anything. You had been following school rules and even kept up with your homework in order to be on her good side. What had you done?

You gulp as you wait for her to bark some comment about your serpent jacket or insult your friends but she instead sends you a smile. Your face melts with shock and confusion as your eyes are still the size of saucers which only causes the redhead huff.

“I think we started off on the wrong foot… Cheryl Blossom.” Cheryl introduces formally as she holds her hand out. 

You pull from your dazed state to gently shake her soft hand. “(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” You return quietly, nervous smile in place and you watch as her smile drops, seemingly lost in thought as she stares somewhere in front of her. 

“I’m not very fond of your loud-spoken, serpent friends and I guess I assumed you were just like them…” Cheryl pauses a moment as she turns to look at you with sincerity. “But you’re not. You’re quite the opposite and I apologize for what I said the first day I met you.”

You’re left in complete stupor at the words that just left the Vixen’s mouth and you can’t stop the beating of your heart against your chest. Cheryl, the beautiful queen of Riverdale, was apologizing to you. You try to play it cool, even though your freaking out on the inside and you shake your head in disagreement. 

“No, I get it. Us, serpents are a lot to handle.” You chuckle nonchalantly, thinking about the crime always committed at Southside High.

“Well, of course I know that.” Cheryl counters sarcastically and you turn to her, cocking an eyebrow, which emits a frustrated huff to push past her perfect lips. “I’m trying to apologize. Can’t you just accept it?”

You can’t help but laugh at the annoyance in her voice as you glance down at your lap before averting your eyes back to hers. “I’m sorry. I accept your apology.” 

A satisfied smile perches itself upon her perfect lips as she runs a hand through her long red strands. “Good.”

At this moment, the waiter comes with your food and places it in front of you. You send a thankful nod before a sudden surge of confidence and bravery overcomes you causing you to push the basket of fries so, it’s placed between you and Cheryl then doing the same with the shake. 

“Cherry?” You question softly and Cheryl tilts her head to the side, smirk inching up the corner of her mouth as she delicately grabs the cherry atop the whipped cream, plopping it in her mouth. 

You smile subconsciously as you begin to munch on your fries and Cheryl grabs some herself, as a comfortable silence fills the air. It was strange. You didn’t know how you ended up sharing a basket of french fries with the one and only, Cheryl Blossom.

Maybe it was a one-time thing but judging by the shocked looks of your friends and that damn smile she kept giving you… you knew it wasn’t and you were okay with that. 

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @ridingmoxley @mymourningtea @02dediciembre

Title: Enchanted
Fandom: Riverdale
Word Count: 920
Characters: Cheryl Blossom x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: None
Notes: I love my redheaded girlfriend dearly, and this is my first time writing for her, so I hope I did her justice. ❤️

Originally posted by riverdalesource

Cheryl Blossom had never known what real love was. Her parents loved her when it was convenient for them, when they needed a pretty daughter to show off. Her brother loved her the most of anyone she knew, but still, he withheld aspects of himself from her, and she always felt that he didn’t love her as unconditionally as he claimed.

And then she met you.

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The Boy’s Locker Room: ReggiexReader! Oneshot

heeeeyy everybody! feedback would be appreciated on this one, and if you’d like to be added to the taglist for upcoming fics, lemme know :)

Summary: (Y/N) and Reggie have some fun in the locker rooms!

Warnings: this oneshot is NSFW and contains SMUT

Originally posted by ron-weasleys

(GIF not mine and I’m very aware this is a 13RW gif, but it fits with the fic, and I lowkey love Zach Dempsey)

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Black and Blue

A little scene at cheer practice in which Betty’s bruise leads Cheryl to believe that Jughead is hurting her. (Spoiler alert: he’s not. Not without her permission, anyway)

They’re sitting in a circle, stretching before cheer practice on the gym floor, when Cheryl notices the bruise.  Betty had thought the conveniently long yellow sleeves of her practice uniform would be enough to cover it, but she hadn’t accounted for stretching.  More specifically, the across the body tricep stretch, which involved, well, substantial sleeve movement.  The bruise is the last thing on her mind, though, when Cheryl leads the group into that particular stretch, and she doesn’t even notice that it’s been exposed.

“Holy Christ, Betty, what happened to your arm?”

Betty’s stomach turns itself upside down. By the time she’s yanked her sleeve back down, the whole cheer team has turned towards her at Cheryl’s words.  Fuck.

“Nothing, must’ve just walked into something,” she mumbles, trying and failing to sound nonchalant.

“Something with hands?” Cheryl fires back.  There’s some nervous giggling from the rest of the team.

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‘lead the way, captain’ (cheryl blossom au)

y’all I couldn’t help it! enjoy this college!au <333 (w: language and flirting)

(no gifs are mine!!!!!!)

“My org requires community service hours, and your program is the only one that sounded semi-decent.” ft Cheryl Blossom (@plinys)

“Veronica are you fucking serious?” You pull your friend (and president of the Thetas) aside as you wave the stupid flier in her face.

“Watch your tone, young lady,” she waves her finger playfully and you glare at her. “What? What is it?”

“Community service? I’m ordered to do community service? I was watching porn for fuck’s sake, not doing coke!” You yell and she immediately puts a hand over your mouth as some teachers pass by.

“Why are you screaming about it?” She pulls you two into an empty classroom and shuts the door.

“It’s because I have no shame,” you roll your eyes and smirk as Veronica walks over to you. “If you want to recreate a sexy teacher/student porn scene in here, I am sooooooo down.”

Veronica rolls her eyes as you wiggle your eyebrows at her.

“Please, stop that. You know damn well you and Betty re-enact some sexy scenes at home,” you laugh and she smacks your arm. “Fine, I surrender!”

“Good, leave Betty out of this,” she narrows her eyes at you and you shrug, holding your hands up in defeat. “And you’re doing community service hours because you were watching porn out in the open. You weren’t in your room, you were at the student lounge.”

“So? I was only in the student lounge because our wifi was being stupid,” you grumbled and crossed your arms over your chest as Veronica raised a brow at you. “Ugh fine! I’ll do the stupid community service hours. Can they be done at any organization?”

“Yeah, at any organization that offers them! I’ll email you a list, pick one and then go there tomorrow, okay?” Veronica walks over and kisses your forehead before heading out the door.

“Ughhhhhhhhh,” you groan and head to your room, dreading this community service shit that you had to do.

You avoided any social event that you could, only going to ones that your sorority or Veronica (or both) forced you to. You hated interacting with people, you hated having to smile and pretend to get along with otherwise dumb morons. You were happy in your bubble. Well, you weren’t gonna get out of this. So you sigh, you moan and groan (not in the happy way) on your bed, and then you sit up and check your email to see what Veronica had sent you.

The list included a bunch of other sororities and fraternities on campus along with some other boring organizations. The only one that caught your eye was cheerleading, and that was only because you thought Cheryl Bombshell was one of the iciest and sexiest people you’d ever met. Cheerleading, it is.

And of course you’re running late. You groan and put on some yoga pants and a crop top, hoping that it was the proper attire to help Cheryl in. You quickly brush your teeth and fix your hair before running out, backpack and phone in hand.

You make it to the gym, ponytail high and pride even higher. Your eyes land on Cheryl who raises a brow at you, never expecting you to come to a Vixens try-out.

Originally posted by emmadvval

“Future Vixens and lame excuses, keep practicing! Tryouts will start in 10 minutes,” Cheryl made her announcement before walking over to you. “Well well well, what do we have here?”

“Your lesbian dream come true,” you smirk and take a step closer to Cheryl, causing her to move a step back. “What? Don’t like me much?”

“Don’t think so highly of yourself,” she sneers, rolling her eyes. “Why are you here?”

“I need to get some community service hours,” you sigh and hand her your sheet, forgetting the reason you’ve got it was written there too.

“Public indecency in the student lounge? You live up to your lesbian dream promise,” she smirks and crosses her arms over her chest.

“What? Are you interested, Ice Bitch?”

“Keep calling me names like that and I won’t say no,” she leans in and whispers, her lips brushing against your earlobe.

“Don’t mind if I do,” you whisper back, brushing your chest against hers before pulling away with a smirk on your face. “Lead the way, Captain.”

A Beautiful Melody

(A/N): *Sigh*… I love Cheryl

Pairings: Cheryl Blossom x Reader

Summary: Your gift for music has caught the attention of Riverdale’s queen. She can’t help but come back for more, resulting in something beautiful.

Warnings: Fluff… yess

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @ridingmoxley @mymourningtea

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You were a loner. You started attending Riverdale High when you were in ninth grade but since then you hadn’t really made any friends. You weren’t exactly the most social person and mostly kept to yourself, resulting in just going through the motions. 

However, you were really into music. Whenever it was empty, you would hop into the music room and play the piano. You could say you were a music prodigy. You were able to play by ear effortlessly, sight read music and experiment with different chords and melodies resulting in original pieces. 

It was a way of expressing yourself and when you weren’t working on homework, you found yourself in that empty room. It was like a safety bubble, no one ever came in when you were in there, although, you didn’t think people really cared but you didn’t mind. That was until someone walked in for the first time.

It was a normal day, you had a free last period and decided to head to the music room. You sigh, setting down your backpack before sitting on the wooden bench. Without much thought, your fingers begin to fluidly fly across the keys, beautiful melody echoing off the walls as you let your brain relax. 

You’re so lost in the music, you immediately jump at the sound of the door opening. Your fingers stop as you turn, meeting the eyes of the one and only Archie Andrews. He has a guitar in hand and you both stare at each other with wide eyes before he awkwardly clears his throat. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you.” He apologizes and you give a nervous chuckle. 

“No, it’s okay. I’m just not used to people coming in here.” You comment and he smiles before walking over, sitting in one of the folding chairs next to you.  

“You’re really good. Mind if I join?” He asks as he places his guitar on his leg and you smile, shrugging before returning your hands to the black and white keys. 

He begins to strum a melody and you pick up on the notes before playing along. It’s one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever heard and judging by the smile on Archie’s face, he’s thinking the same thing. You don’t know how long you’ve been playing when someone else barges through the door.

You both look up, watching as Riverdale’s redheaded queen walks in, red heels clicking against the floor. Cheryl stops just before the spot you and Archie are sitting, looking you both over. “I was going to come in here to say, ‘keep it down’ but I think I’ve changed my mind.” Cheryl smirks out as she focuses on you causing a blush to paint your cheeks. “Oh, and Veronica is looking for you.”

Archie sends a thankful nod before looking at you. “This was nice. We should do it again.” You smile, nodding your head before he stands and leaves the room without another word. 

You’re left alone with Cheryl and she stands with that smirk still across her face and you slowly shrink in your seat as the silence continues. “You know, you don’t have to look so scared. I’m not that bad.”

You can’t help the heat rushing to your face at the comment and your fingers begin to fidget, still avoiding her stare. “Sorry…”

“Don’t be sorry, you have nothing to worry about.” Cheryl says without her usual sarcastic tone which surprises you and you shyly glance up at her causing her to smile. “You play very beautifully, you make Archie sound good.”

You can’t help but chuckle at her comment. “Thank you.” You return with a small smile and Cheryl nods.

“I hope to hear you play some more soon.” Cheryl says as she begins to slowly make her way to the door and you can’t help but nod causing a wide smile to curve on her lips. “Good, I’ll see you around, (Y/N).”

You watch with wide eyes as she gives a little wave before disappearing behind the door, leaving you in your dumbstruck state. Butterflies are fluttering around your stomach as you look incredulously back at the piano. Cheryl Blossom knows your name.

Since that run in with the queen of Riverdale and the star football player, your days seemed to be filled with new people. Archie stopped by frequently to play with you in the music room and it continued to grow as his group of friends begin to congregate in there as well. They listened to the two of you play as they quietly talked and your empty music room now occupied your new friends.  

Not only that but whenever your friends weren’t there, Cheryl would always drop by to hang out. You were nervous at first, Cheryl was the known queen bitch of Riverdale but after a few days of getting to know each other, you saw pieces of the real her. She was guarded and sarcastic yet kind and loving. Complicated yet beautiful.

She would come in to talk to you about her day, complaining about whatever drama was going on around the school or about the ‘Sad Breakfast Club’ as you played and you could only laugh. Some days she would give you random songs to play while your laughs would fill the room and some days she would come in, plop next to you with a sigh as she rested her head on your shoulder, letting the music soothe her. It didn’t need to be spoken but you both craved and loved your time together. It was something special to the both of you.

It was after school on a Friday and you play a few notes before filling in some final notes and finishing touches to the music note covered pieces of paper. You gnaw at the end of your pencil as you stare at the sheet of music before setting it down and beginning to play. You listen to the notes, making sure they work together… wanting this to be perfect. 

Your fingers move across the keys when you hear the door open, revealing Cheryl and she sends that genuine smile meant only for you. You return it before slowly fading from playing as she comes to sit next to you. “Was that a new piece? I don’t think I’ve heard it before.” Cheryl questions and a nervous smile inches up your face. 

“Yeah, I’ve been working on it for a while.”

“Well, let’s hear it.” Cheryl declares cheerfully and you chuckle as you begin to play. The melodically, perfect sounds fill the air and Cheryl stares at your fingers moving effortlessly.  She had always been in awe of how well you played. Even more so listening to pieces you composed yourself. It was amazing, you had such talent and she was glad she got to hear it. You end the song beautifully and you turn to see Cheryl with the widest smile known to man. “That was amazing! I loved it.”

You blush at the compliment as you grab the sheets of music off the stand, staring at the handwritten notes across the pages before holding them out to her. “I wrote it for you.” You state quietly, avoiding the redhead’s eyes.

Cheryl’s eyes grow to the size of saucers as she stares at the papers before averting her eyes back to your blushing form. “You wrote that for me?” Cheryl nearly whispers out and you nod, smiling softly.

“Yeah, I did.” Cheryl grabs the sheet music hesitantly from your hands, observing the erase marks and side notes around the papers. 

After a few moments of looking over the music, she drops them before grabbing your face and pulling you into a kiss. You’re initially surprised but quickly kiss her back, taking in her sweet taste as your mouths move together. It doesn’t last as she pulls back, tears pooling in her eyes and she smile, hands still on your face. 

“God, I love you.” Cheryl chokes out and your smile widens, gently brushing some of her flawless hair behind her ear. 

“I love you too, Cheryl.”

“Will you play it again?” Cheryl asks with childlike innocence and you don’t think your smile can go any wider. 

You lean forward connecting your lips in a short, sweet peck before returning your hands back to the white keys as you begin to play. Cheryl sighs contently, soft smile permanently stretching across her red lips as she rest her head on your shoulder, listening to the song you made for her.

Title: Queen of Hearts
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Cheryl Blossom x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,400
Warnings: None
Notes: This is a result of me lamenting on the fact that Cheryl really deserves someone who loves and appreciates her.

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Prior to falling in love with the captain of the River Vixens, you had absolutely no interest in cheerleading. You thought it was one of the stupidest ‘sports’ in existence, and it was nothing more than a social construct to allow pretty, popular girls to assert their dominance over their school. It was most certainly still that, but after accompanying Cheryl to practice every day for two weeks while her car was in the shop, you realized it was of much more importance than just some air-headed rhyming phrases and pom-poms.

“You’re really going to just sit in solemn silence with your headphones in, while the hottest and most talented girl you know is working her ass off right in front of you?” Cheryl inquired as she followed you over to the bleachers. You set her duffle bag down next to your backpack, and made yourself as comfortable as possible on the cold metal seat while she fished around in her bag.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll definitely be watching your ass – I just won’t be paying much attention to anything else,” you clarified, shooting her a wink, and she rolled her eyes in response. Still, you could see a small smile on her red lips.

“Whatever, just… keep quiet – and let me know if you need anything,” Cheryl said, attempting to still sound annoyed, yet unable to keep from being sweet to you.

“Gotcha, doll.”

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Almost Alone (Cheryl Blossom x Reader)

Originally posted by inthemoodforchaos

Anon Requested: can you do a Cheryl x reader wherein Cheryl finds out the reader gets bullied a lot and she doesn’t handle it well

Summary: You’ve been bullied your entire life in Riverdale and at this point you were used to it. Then a petition for your suicide is placed in front of you and it finally gets to you. And to your surprise, Cheryl Blossom. She makes sure that you’re okay and even threatens revenge. But why? 

Word Count: 2996

Warnings: Mentioned Suicide and Bullying. 

Author’s Note: Listen ok, this idea flew into my head and it kinda fits the prompt. I hope you like it! I tried to make it realistic while still making cute and lovey. Shakespearean part 2 will be coming out soon, also a Sara Lance fic, and a part 2 to Keep Up! Hope you enjoy! (Sorry for any mistakes) 

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Cheryl reacting to you coming out as FTM trans would include

Request: “Hey could you do headcanons for how cherl would react to her s/o coming out as trans ftm and what she would do if someone kept calling her s/o she and her, thank you!”

A/N: i have never really written for male reader, or trans reader, so i hope i did alright:) (Also its short, sorry)(I’m sorry if this offend anyone, I don’t have much experience with it!)

  • You had always been the only person she really cared about, except for Jason
  • You were also one of the only people who truly loved her
  • She would be the first person you came out to
  • You would be very nervous, even though you knew, she would accept it
  • You would sit one day, watching a movie, and you would just quietly tell her
  • She might have been surprised at first
  • But once you had explained it to her and the two of you had talked about it, she would fully understand and accept it 100%
  • She would help you come out to your other friends
  • And your family
  • If anyone said anything bad about you, she would fight them
  • “What the fuck did you just say about my boyfriend!?” 
  • It wouldn’t change anything for her
  • If you were having a bad day she would do anything to cheer you up
  • Because she hated seeing you sad
  • One time Reggie called you ‘she’
  • Lets just say, that was the first and last time
  • Seriously, who knew Cheryl was strong enough to beat up such a big guy?
  • #Proud boyfriend TM
Lost Shirt (Sweet Pea x Reader)

A/N: I just got back from vacation so i’ll be able to work on more stuff for you guys!!! The next chapter of Living Life will be out soon!!! In the mean time, enjoy this short imagine I did!!!

Summary: All of Sweet Pea’s clothes keep going missing due to a certain someone.

Abbreviations: Y/N: Your name, Y/L/N: Your last name, H/L: hair length, H/C: hair color, H/D: height description, S/C: Skin color, E/C: eye color; Italics: thoughts/thinking


Sweet Pea had let himself into your home on the Northside.

The two of you have been dating for over a year now so he just walked right in.

You were upstairs sleeping.

You were exhausted from cheer practice. When you got home you showered and then passed out.

“Y/N? You home?” Sweet Pea asked as he entered the house.

There was silence which caught him off guard.

She should be home by now

He walked up the stairs and into your room, caught off guard by what he saw.

You were laying flat on your stomach, completely sprawled out on the bed.

You were wearing nothing but a very large gray t-shirt which was riding up a bit, letting him see your ass that was wearing lavender lace underwear, with some thick gray socks on your feet. Your H/L H/C hair visibly a bit damp.

Sweet Pea felt heat rush to his face seeing you.


He slowly walked over to your bed and sat on the edge next to your body.

He just wanted to touch you, to feel you.

You looked stunning just laying there, not to mention he thought your ass was adorable.

As he got closer he noticed that the shirt he was wearing was familiar.

Then it hit him.

I’ve been missing that shirt for weeks! When did she even take that?

It wasn’t surprising to him. You were notorious for stealing everything of his.

He placed him hand on your back, moving it back and forth, rubbing your back.

You shifted slightly in your sleep, rolling into your back.

Your eyes fluttered open to see your Sweet Pea.

“Morning babe,” he chuckled.

You opened out your arms to him and he grinned.

He laid himself on top of you, his head on your chest and his arms wrapped around you.

“I see this is where my missing shirt has went,” he mumbled into your neck.

He felt you chuckle beneath him.


“Keep it, looks better on you anyway,” he said, peppering kisses onto your neck.

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” you said, brushing you hands through his hair.