Toni: The stars are beautiful.

Cheryl: Yeah.

Toni: But do you know what else is beautiful?

Cheryl *blushing*: What?

Toni: Yo-

Sweet Pea: Me! I’m beautiful. Im fabulous. I’m tHE SHIT.

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Jughead Narrates Pop’s History (glimpse of cheryl) 

Cheryl & Penelope Scene 1 

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Cheryl’s Interview w Jughead (calls toni her gf) 

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Choni Talking in the School Halls 

Toni Visits Cheryl in the Hospital 

Toni Leaves a Voice Message for Cheryl 

Choni Moves in Together 

Cheryl’s Sleepover 

  • cheryl: i don't let my sexuality define me.
  • cheryl, a minute later: move, i'm gay.
  • sweet pea: where's my fucking knife??
  • someone: there are kids around, can you say that in a nicer way?
  • sweet pea: may i please have the location of my fucking knife?