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Hi, do you think something happened between harry and liam or is it some kind of stunt, there is a blind about liam not being in good terms with harry because of cheryl and then the tweet of liam "Celebrity is as celebrity does", which is a quote about harry potter, comments about harry's music and about the dress, have been a bit strange, I know that blind gossip sucks, but it has been used for the official narrative

i have no idea what’s actually going on irl and what’s just a narrative construction being pushed but i have noticed that there appears to be some weirdness going on there and i’m just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To explain the situation: There was an argument going on between the x factor judges after stereo kicks’ performance (an 8 piece boyband that’s currently on the x factor.)

Cheryl said that she would expect the audience to go crazy at them since they’re a boyband with eight boy members. In fact she said that when One Direction walks in everyone goes bonkers and there’s only 5 of them but when Stereo Kicks walks in there’s no fuss, no excitement. To that Stereo Kicks responded, “Unfortunately we are not One Direction, we are Stereo Kicks. We are not One Direction.” After that Simon and Cheryl got in a somewhat heated argument over it, with Simon saying that he appreciates them for trying and being different and Cheryl insisting that they’re not enthusing the audience as much as they should and she’s kind of worried about it.