cheryl tweedy cole

Regarding Cheryl’s Baby

Since there has not yet been confirmation that Cheryl is even pregnant, let alone that the baby is Liam’s, the LaundryDay1D twitter will NOT be alerting anyone of the birth of Cheryl Tweedy-Cole- Fernandez-Versini’s child.

LaundryDay1D will, however, alert followers if Liam or his authorized representative acknowledges the child as his, or if a reliable source confirms that the child is not his.

Just a little non news today about Cheryl.....

So my friend who works for a national paper, said that the other day they got an email about Cheryl (Cole) with no mention of Liam. The email was a release from her legal people asking that Cheryl is given privacy at this time. No mention of pregnancy or baby, just asking for privacy. My friend said that this is normally a prelude to something else and expects that there will be another email soon which will confirm or deny the pregnancy.


Not that I follow Jessy J but apparently her alleged affair with Cameron Diaz’s husband has been stated by her legal team as false….