cheryl tunt is kind of the best really

cheryltunts  asked:

cheryl and archer for the characters thing!


Cheryl Tunt:

  • favorite thing about them: She’s basically a wild card and really adds to the chaos of the show in a super interesting way!
  • least favorite thing about them: She’s used as the “cr*zy” troupe and often dismissed as such :^(
  • favorite line: “This was my…..third best birthday” (season 7 episode 6)
  • brOTP: Cheryl and Krieger imo!!! They get into all kinds of shenanigans
  • OTP: Cheryl and Pam!!!
  • nOTP: Cheryl and Archer imo… not good chemistry
  • random headcanon: I headcanon Cheryl has DID (but I think if this ever became canon I’d feel really weird about it because they don’t handle her as a character in the best way for it to be positive representation. It’s heavily implied as far as I can tell, and makes sense based on her childhood trauma and adult behaviors, but I don’t think the show should be explicit about this kinda thing.)
  • unpopular opinion: I think she needs a redemption arc with her brother.
  • song i associate with them: c2c - down the road!
  • favorite picture of them:

Sterling Archer:

  • favorite thing about them: He has grown so much as a person since season 1 and it’s really refreshing to see good character growth!!!
  • least favorite thing about them: Ugh in dreamland he kept saying transphobic stuff which imo was the writers being bad it felt out of character for him at that point.
  • favorite line:  “No, I’m not [gonna need rescuing], Lana, so shut your dicktrap! But if I do, I apologize for that remark, and ask that you definitely do rescue me, or avenge me as appropriate.” (season 5 episode 3)
  • OTP: LANA AND ARCHER!!!!!💞💖💓💗❤️
  • nOTP: Archer and Whitney, Ivy, or Lucas…..dude those are bad ships. Yes, he’s bi, but stop shipping him with shitty guys.
  • random headcanon: Archer is a trans man!!! His mother went very far out of her way to cover this though out of her own embarrassment (I have a long post about this coming soon but trust me it’s good) 
  • unpopular opinion: Stop shipping him with his abuser(s) …
  • song i associate with them: SO MANY but rn? MIKA - blame it on the girls
  • favorite picture of them: