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This has me really, really angry. So I voiced that anger by calling the chief magistrate in Charlottesville. The chief magistrate is the one responsible for issuing warrants in that district. 

The phone was very busy, but eventually I got through. I also sent a letter, which is a great idea if you can’t get through. 

Ms. Cheryl A. Thompson  
Sixteenth Judicial District  
309 East Water Street  
Charlottesville, VA 22902-5108  
(434) 977-0220

Please call or write (or both) ESPECIALLY if you’re from the area. Let your elected officials know that if they support white supremacists, we won’t support them. 

Alright this here is Cheryl Thompson, the third and currently youngest daughter of Lucifer.

unlike the first kid (mephi) who was generated from his body horror flesh and the second one (devyn) who was an adopted alien grey toddler, the third is technically the antichrist AND a nephillim that was born to a surrogate human mom (who was perfectly ok with dealing with a big wonky overpowered baby).

(also Mammon knew about this way before any other Archdemon and he was pretty ok with this affair knowing Luce’s heart belongs to him and vice versa)

The Antichrist is a babby girl raised by her Christian mom that looks like an alien shapeshifter that is trying to look human but not quite understanding what a human is or how they work. She started off as a normal sized baby but over a course of a few days she grew to about 18 ft tall and she looks like a lanky surreal human. Cheryl was born on Christmas Eve, 1989 and she devoured the bare Christmas tree when it was about to be thrown out. She already knew how to talk the moment she was born and she claims to remember what it was like in the womb.

Despite the weird behavior and appearance of Cheryl, her single mom loves her dearly and doesn’t care that she’s the Antichrist; that’s her baby girl. Cheryl lives in New Hampshire and sometimes Luce Man and his family visits her and her mom. Her Archangel Uncles (Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel) were pretty shocked to hear of Cheryl’s birth but they decided to keep tabs on her in case she does anything to initiate the apocalypse on accident and are hesitant to bring a second Christ into the scene. Cheryl’s life is extremely complicated for a baby.

What’s hurting millenials the most, day to day, is not CEO bonuses, nor is it an unfair tax structure. We don’t have to pay for that each month. What’s keeping us down is the thousands of dollars of debt we incurred because they told us we had to. You Absolutely Must Have a Degree, society said.

That’s ComPost’s Alexandra Petri giving you something to ponder while putting your graduate degree to work at the Gap. Last week the College Board revealed that Americans owe more in student loans than in credit card debt, and that amounts to a whopping $1 trillion. College tuition has doubled since 1988, but income … not so much. Petri argues that if you take out the student loan factor, there wouldn’t be much of an Occupy Wall Street movement.

- CT

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