cheryl the crow


June 4 is National Old Maids Day. Yes, seriously.

While it seems unlikely that anyone in America actually spends this holiday pitying “old maids” (generally defined as women who are disastrously unmarried while being over the age of – gasp – 25), this is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the many women who are smart, successful and all-around awesome… and happen to not have a ring on their finger.

There is unbelievable pressure on women to want marriage and children, and those who don’t are considered defective. And even when women do want those things, but haven’t found the right partner or don’t feel ready, they are constantly asked about it if not outright bullied into hurrying up (See also: Crazy Jewish Mom and Susan Patton.)

This is especially true of celebrity women, who are asked about their love lives at every turn. 

Here’s what seven famous women have to say on the pressure to get married – after all, being a spinster has never been more fabulous.

What's the story morning Glory ?

Patty clap
Fresh rain glittering
Know your husband (me)
cried when the Degi-destined
Left their Digimon
Waving goodbye from the train
I felt another maybe German word
During the ending of the original
Power rangers movie
I remember those fireworks
Tommy, the guitar solo starting to play
I cried when Buffy died
I cried when she sacrificed herself
For her sister,
My little sisters used to
Run in my 7th grade math period
Hugging me at my desk
Island in the sun that time
Cheryl Crow type shit
I don’t play guitar
We can sing in unison though
Burnt down
Run away together