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When A Stranger Calls Thoughts


  • The good
    • KJ, as always, gets a shout out. His facial expressions during the scene where Nick invites them to the party was so good. He was already wary of Nick, and that totally showed. However, during the breakup for Betty, about halfway through, he broke character. His lip started to quiver and he seemed heartbroken. Having to hurt CS, even if CS was in character, was a hard thing for him to do. I found that super sweet.
    • Vanessa KILLED! She is strong and sassy and just fantastic. I love how much she showed true empathy, whether Toni is actually empathetic or not, Vanessa played that beautifully.
    • Honestly, Jordan, he seems like such a good guy, so to see him play such an asshole shows great acting. I really love how sassy he seems. I’m looking forward to his inevitable one-liners.
    • Cole did well, for the most part, this week. I’ve been saying it for weeks that he was having Jughead flirt with Toni, and look who was right. I loved the myriad of facial expressions he went through after Toni called him “Juggie.” I hate Lice, but watching Cole break down like that was really great. And, as always, his acting was just off during the Lice scene, but otherwise, top marks.
    • I ALMOST FORGOT MADS. The silences are where the best actors shine. I almost love how few lines she has. She’s so emotive without talking.
  • The bad
    • I’m sorry, I hate Nick with all my heart, but seeing Graham as a bad boy was just so…odd. I’m so used to him playing a bitchy teenager on The Good Wife, and he wasn’t able to make me shake that. It just didn’t feel authentic.
    • Cami needs to stop watching the OC and gossip girl. I’d love to see her more as a Deb Morgan or Alex Nunez. She just plays Veronica so…slimy? And one dimensional? I hope she gets better, I mean, look at KJ now.
    • As always, LR. Nothing about this was good. It’s just simple, she can’t act, and I hate that people pretend she can. I wanted to feel bad for Betty, but I couldn’t stop cringing at how LR was playing her.  I mean, even just that first scene? She didn’t seem that scared? It took like three of those scenes for her to seem scared. I was just having such a hard time staying in the story when LR’s lip jutted out like it does for every single scene.


  • Betty is stupid. I don’t have a single positive thing to say about her. What the hell was she thinking? Going to that house? Answering the phone when there is a killer on the loose who you KNOW is doing it for you when it’s an unknown number? Being out alone at a bus stop? She had less sense than Archie had last episode, and that’s saying something. Also, I need more Archie and Betty, not because I like anything about them together, my hatred for Betty runs too deep. But because I feel like we are missing half this story. I want to see that playfulness, even in this situation. They love each other, so deeply, but that was just…missing. Also, I feel like The Black Hood is going to make Betty kill for him. Maybe as a serial killer, she would actually be a more interesting character.
  • The Black Hood, yes, he gets his own section. I feel like they watched every horrible police procedural with a ransom call and mushed them all together and came up with The Black Hood. He’s….funny. I was laughing. The lines were stupid and his obsession reminded me a lot of the LR is perfect brigade or Scamharts. He’s acting like a fucking fangirl, I mean, come on, can’t he be more innovative than that?
  • Archie was more of a friend this episode, which I really liked. We got to see Archie the caretaker. So much of the show has been focused on Archie and Archie’s problems, no matter how small or big they are. But we see Archie the best friend in a big way. I think that was really refreshing.
  • Nick is….real. With everything going on in the news right now, this was a perfect time for this episode to air. I think it was SO important. Nick is one of the worst types of people to walk the earth and they showed that expertly. I loved how he attempted rape on both Veronica and Cheryl so we saw it was a pattern and a well thought out one at that. I also LOVED how he said he was asking for it just by sitting there and flirting with him, which she shouldn’t have done, and I think says more about Cami’s lack of acting chops than anything. I also love how it’s the rich white boy doing the assault. One actual stereotype they didn’t follow. BRAVO! I get why Betty said his name, but I’d MUCH rather see a trial and watch Penelope destroy him. The other thing about Nick, it’s not just rape, it’s also peer pressure and drugs, and I think that’s really important. He made all the characters feel bad for themselves which caused them to give in. That’s just as manipulative as the rape and could have ended just as badly, probably would have if Betty had been partaking too.
  • Veronica was a very strong-willed woman tonight….and I still hate her. She gets major props for ending the song immediately the second she saw Cheryl and Nick leaving, and for kicking the shit out of him, all the Pussycats do. Those girls are FIERCE. But she was still so over the top and that drives me crazy. It’s like Fiona Coyne but less human. She should be more like Fiona. I’d like her a lot more if she was more like Fiona.
  • The Pussycats get their own category this week. First, I really wish they had chosen another song. This is the straightest least queer supportive show, and I felt like using Out Tonight was more queerbaiting. I loved Cami and Ash’s voices, they were PERFECT for the song. They have Broadway voices and I’m glad they finally used that to their advantage. Can’t wait to hear Mel and Val sing more. Asha and Hayley are fucking powerhouses.
  • Toni obviously has her own agenda, but it’s clear she cares about Jughead. She gave him that out and warned him before he was pummeled. If he goes through a sexuality crisis, it will be with her. She understands him and they are on the same wavelength, something Lice never has been. Jughead and Toni just work. My only anger is that they are keeping her straight, at least for now. She flirts with the guys, she should flirt with the girls too. It doesn’t have to amount to anything right now, but give us something, some wink or touch. Have more than one female serpent. You don’t get off the hook for diversity by having one POC girl in the serpents. That’s not progress, that’s quota.
  • Jughead was great, for the most part. I really don’t understand how Jughead and Betty can miss each other so much, it’s been two days, maybe less. I’m sorry, this is not how teen relationships work. This is not how any relationship works, actually, and for those who think it is, you must be a really fucking clingy partner. I think deep down Jughead knows that joining the Serpents is a bad idea and I think that shows on his face, I idly wonder why he’s doing it anyway. I really like him and Toni and hope that continues, they are really good for each other, the song choice was weird though unless they are implying this is the beginning of the end or something. Using a recognizable song there totally took me out of the scene for a second.
  • Alice. Fuck you. Blaming the victim???? REALLY? Though that outfit slayed and I totally thought it was Cheryl at first. That part was really well done.
  • Cheryl has gone through so much, LEAVE HER ALONE! I love how she put herself in that situation and they still made it clear that it wasn’t her fault. I am still completely shocked that he drugged her. I thought he thought she wanted it enough that she would have just gone back with him. She seemed to be interested, but I guess he thought she is stronger than that. That goes far towards showing Cheryl’s character. I love her and I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

My problems

  • In every interview, Cami was saying that Nick was Veronica’s ex…what happened to that. Does the cast just lie? Should we trust anything they say?
  • I thought hotdog was Jughead’s dog, that’s the implication we got in 13, what changed? Did the writers just forget their own narrative from just a few months ago?

Alright, that’s all I’ve got. Leave your thoughts below!


Episode 2x05 Stills. “Chapter Eighteen: When A Stranger Calls” Jughead will join the serpents, Nick St. Clair comes to town, and Archie and Jughead argue?

WHEN RONNIE PULLS NICK ST CLAIR OFF CHERYL AND THROWS THAT FIRST PUNCH!!!!! Yes bitch!!! I keep fucking replaying this scene it’s so damn satisfying to watch these queens fuck this piece of shit up!!!! THEY SAW THE SIGNS AND IMMEDIATELY TOOK ACTION… then she knees him in the balls and theyre all kicking and stomping him with their heels fuck yes and then ronnie rolls him over ugh GIRL POWER

Riverdale S02E05

OMG!!! This season has been meh, but oh boy, this episode was AMAZING!!!

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Firstly, how much of a scum is Nick! I hope the Black Hood has something terrible planned for him! Alicia Florrick would be devastated

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Now, you all know I love me some Alice, but that entrance was another level

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And this is our best Betty episode so far. Lili really shinned on this episode

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Other paints:

- Hell yeah for the Pussycats protecting Cheryl and kicking the hell out of Nick

- I really like Toni

- I hope we get dark Jughead from now on

- Now that the Black Hood has said he know where Polly is, we can send her to Greenland to be protected

- I’m not certain the Lodges would not be furious because Veronica turned Nick down

- If they explode de Register the war is on!!

- Will jingle jangle become an epidemic in Riverdale?

Death Proof Thoughts

Usually, I’m able to be organized, but this was probably the best episode yet so my thoughts are pretty jumbled.

First off, I really don’t get the Twin Peaks meets Gossip Girl definition of the show, and as I was going to sleep, I kept trying to figure out what that teacher being arrested reminded me of, and in everything, including his look, he is Mark Jefferson from Life is Strange. And I’ve made the connection before, but it was never more clear than in this episode. Jughead is Chloe and Lizzy is Max.

The other show I am constantly reminded of is Dexter. CS’ narration style mirrors Michael’s to a t. Both shows are subversive and use cinematography in a very specific way. There are moments, especially in this episode where it seems clear that Jughead is a sociopath, and there are people that make him human, Archie for sure and now Toni.

It’s really interesting to watch how CS plays Jughead. Cause, as he said in KSite, the Jopaz kiss was his idea, as was all the obvious flirting. And in the diner, Jughead is visibly upset that she doesn’t want a relationship with him. I think, when she kissed him, he wasn’t just thinking of a one night stand. He wanted it to go somewhere. He’s falling for her. Also, CS just seems more comfortable with her. Every scene with Rainheart, it feels like he’s phoning it in. His acting gets sloppy, and I don’t think that’s an accident. Alright, I’ve rambled enough. Let’s move on to actors and we’re doing ships this week instead, it’s just easier, no character had an individual storyline this time.


  • KJ: I can’t go through a single episode without mentioning this man. This episode we got to watch him play scared, but not outwardly. Archie didn’t show fear, but the way KJ played him was fearful, and that was immediately clear through KJ’s body language and facial expressions.
  • Mads: Usually we just see her play Cheryl as snide and cynical, but this week we got fear from her as well, we also got a major need to be loved. It never seemed fake or over the top, she played the role flawlessly.
  • Graham: I watched The Good Wife, so last week I had a REALLY hard time seeing him as a rapist, it just didn’t feel realistic to me, but in that scene with Mads in the diner, FUCK, I got goosebumps. I could not see Zack anymore.
  • Ashleigh: She actually played a character with a backstory, imagine that. It’s funny, but at 30, she feels more realistically a high schooler in this episode than anyone else. The defiance she showed throughout the episode was such an honest portrayal and shows that though Josie pretends she has everything together, she’s kind of just a bitchy teenager.
  • Nath: WTF. This woman has shown herself to be the sweetest, kindest woman on the planet. But she plays ruthless and cold-hearted effortlessly. I also LOVED how she played the breakdown. It was such that I kept going to back and forth about if she was actually that broken up, or if she just wanted to get sympathy from Cheryl. It took me till she through the check in the fire to realize it was probably the latter. That’s INCREDIBLE acting.
  • CS: As always, his scenes with Rainheart felt fake and stale, but his scenes with both Vanessa and KJ were flawless. It’s clear in seeing the contrast that CS is rebelling by being a shitty actor during Lice scenes. CS is able to portray these feelings for Toni that just seem real. He’s not trying to do anything. With Lice, it seems forced, but with Jopaz, it just seems easy. And then we have KJ. Their chemistry is tangible and I was waiting for them to hold hands at the jail or something. KJ makes CS a better actor.


  • Jopaz: I love these two. I think they work really really well together. Jughead clearly has feelings for her and he really was planning on starting a relationship. He seemed so upset when she said he wasn’t over Lizzy. He was actually seeing this go long term. When Archie broke up with him for Lizzy, I think he started to reevaluate everything, specifically, how connected he and Lizzy really were. And I think he realized something had changed. Toni cares about him in a way Lizzy doesn’t and Toni is actually aware of his needs, which means Jughead can be aware of hers. I think his feelings for her were most clearly laid out during the school raid. Archie probably loves him more than Lizzy and he Archie, platonic or not. But he was almost willing to go to jail WITH Toni than leave her behind even when Archie’s ass was on the line too. I really hope Jopaz is a reoccurring theme.
  • Jarchie: There was A LOT of sexual tension, as always, but I’ll attribute that to CS and KJ more than anything.  The major thing this entire storyline brought up is how selfless Archie is. Everything he does, no matter how stupid, is to keep someone else safe. In this case, everything was about Jughead. Archie almost played an honorary serpent in this episode and I thought that created a really interesting dynamic.
  • Jeggie: I like their dynamic. It reminds me a bit of Buffy and Marty from Andi Mack, except more grown up, which is funny, cause the characters are almost the same age. I think Josie can teach Reggie a thing or two about how to be a respectful human being, cause he clearly needs lessons. I do hope this is a slow burn. We do not need another instalove bullshit.
  • Josie/ Mayor McCoy: That mother-daughter dynamic was really interesting. As I said earlier Josie’s characterization was very high school, and I loved that. I do think May McCoy is involved in Black Hood somehow. She reminds me of Maria Laguerta in Dexter. Maybe that’s why I think she’s shady as fuck.
  • Archie/ Fred: Well, Fred’s lack of focus on Archie now makes sense. There were A LOT of things I didn’t see coming this episode. Fred having a drug problem was a big one. I think they’ve played that so well. We’ve noticed that his behavior was erratic and strange, but not why, now we have a reason. I feel like this is going to lead to another instance of Archie being the parent even though he’s in his own spiral. I’m excited to see where that lands.
  • Jughead/ Tallboy: It was weird, Tall Boy said two completely opposing views in the span of five minutes. He said Jughead was the leader and then he said he was. I think this is going to lead to problems down the line.
  • Jughead/ FP: It’s amazing, now that Jughead is a Serpent, his relationship with FP is totally different. He’s actually playing the father figure, which is really interesting, Jughead actually seemed lost and scared and that’s a look we don’t see much from him.
  • Lizzy/ Veronica: I don’t get it. I just, I don’t get it. The idea that they throw these crime-fighting duos so much in our faces feels very fake and manufactured. There is a very Castle campy quality to it that I’m not a fan of.
  • Cheryl/ Veronica: There is certainly sexual tension here too. And I really enjoy how much Veronica cares for Cheryl, and it’s clear she REALLY does. Other than her Lizzy storyline, Veronica’s entire story this episode revolved around Cheryl. I was saying a few episodes ago that Archie and Jughead are both on downward spirals and they don’t have anyone who is really there for them and not exclusively their own agenda. Jughead now has Toni, Archie still has no one, but Cheryl has been on that same spiral, and Veronica is her person. Veronica cares if Cheryl is okay more than Cheryl seems to.
  • Cheryl/ Penelope: The Blossom women brought out emotion in each other and that was so beautiful and cathartic to watch. The way Cheryl treats others mirrors the way her mother treats her. I think Penelope is well on her way to being redeemed.
  • Cheryl/ Nick: I don’t have much to say, it was done so perfectly. That scene was horrifying and just exactly what needed to be said. I am so glad they are using the word rapist, cause it needs to be used. Just calling him a bad guy isn’t enough.
  • Lizzy/ The Black Hood: Okay, what the fuck? Lizzy is…terrifying. She talks to The Black Hood as if she thinks it’s a game, and it seems like she does. She’s not actually taking anyone’s well being into account much at all. If this is mental illness, I’d like them to start addressing that NOW, cause she’s getting more and more of this serial killer style mentality.
  • Lice: I can’t believe I’m saying this. I REALLY liked the car scene. It’s funny, it kind of seems like we are getting less of that instalove thing this time around. And it works, CS is still totally phoning it in, but Rainheart seemed a lot less one note and I really enjoyed that. I wish Lizzy was more of THIS character, if it was just this and the “dark betty” vibe, I might actually like her character. On Jughead’s side, I think he took Toni’s words too seriously. I don’t think he saw Toni as a rebound till she said it. His anger at Lizzy felt kind of overcompensating. But he played cringe boy and that satire is something the show really excels at.

Other notes:

  • I did not see it being the teacher AT ALL that totally took me by surprise and I said “WHAT” for a solid 10 minutes after it happened
  • At Wondercon CS said he wanted to explore drugs on the show, I wonder if he played a role in that decision.
  • I LOVE Mechanic Lizzy. I hope we see much much more of her.
  • Fred being a drug addict was another “WHAT” and I just kind of stared at the scene  dumbfounded
  • Veronica reads? I LOVE THAT. CAN WE SEE MORE OF THAT?
  • Holy shit the Lodges and Nick…

Alright, that’s all I got. I hope you can comprehend my jumbled mess.