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Liam’s new tattoo: Who’s eye is it?

Okay, so our precious Lima bean was spotted leaving some club or something like that after weeks of being MIA (he was spotted the same day as Zayn AND in the same city, let me tell you). And he’s got a few new tats, but the most talked about is his eye tattoo.

Chiam-shippers were quick to assume that it was Cheryl’s eye since she’s his girlfriend and his baby mama and bluh bluh bluh.

Yeah, sure, you wish. 

Me, being an intelligent individual, who can easily tell where is truth and where is pr bullshit, because she’s been through a lot in this fandom, decided to prove their blind asses that this is not Cheryl’s eye. But rather someone else’s, whose name starts with Z. 

Yep, you heard me right, after a bit of research I’m now convinced that this is Zayn’s eyes. 

So let’s get started. (I’m actually ashamed to say that I spent my weekend evening comparing three eyes, why am I like this?)

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Every time one of the One Direction boys gets a new girlfriend or gets someone pregnant I check their tag to see the mad conspiracy theories and the little girls flipping out. Seriously though, they all seem to think that pregnancy is only something women do to trap men instead of a mutually loving decision between two partners. Can we end this narrative that women are bewitching the men you like with their genitals?

Chiam baby legal release.....

My friend who works for the newspaper said they all had an email from the legal people for Cheryl and Liam (or laim as his name was spelt wrong). Cheryl is very shortly to give birth and it said Liam was the father of the baby. It was long and detailed and was about asking for privacy due to high public and media interest. They will take action if the media intrudes. They ask for no photographs at the hospital, outside their homes or of their baby. They will make a statement after the baby is born. My friend said that the amount of detail is almost asking for attention as they don’t normally get so much in an email, they are reminding the press of the story….

The One Direction fandom- as of January 2017


Niall Girls:


Liam Girls:





Haylor Gang:

Louelles (+Freddies):

The entire fandom in general:

I’m honestly sick to the stomach and so disgusted in reading that fans are disappointed in Liam and that they no longer support him due to the baby-bomb. Newsflash, it ain’t up to you decide how Liam (or any of the other boys for that matter) lives his life. He’s a grown-ass adult who knows what’s he’s doing. He’s happy, Cheryl’s happy, they’re happy and that’s all that matters. I’ve actually unfollowed a majority of fans because I’m so disappointed in the way they’re behaving. Liam deserves all the love and support in all the world because all he’s ever done is make fans happy.