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What you should know about Riverdale:

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Betty Cooper

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Veronica Lodge

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Archie Andrews

Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Cheryl Blossom

SINNAMON ROLL: Jughead Jones

Let's rewiew episode 3

- They watch Netflix

- Veronica = badass

- correction: badass²

- Jughead. Eating. That. Ice. Cream.


- B & V

- Betty: feminism at it’s best

- this lipstick scene like what the fuck I hate Betty’s mom

- badass Betty, hell yeah

- never missing a good fight between grown ups

- #justice for ethel

- Jugheads awesome narrator’s voice man I love this guy


But one thing was certain, Betty and Veronica, now B&V, and maybe forever, had been forged. They walked through the fire and survived.

My theory with Betty is that she secretly came home for the 4th of July. She’ll be accused of Jason’s murder but ultimately didn’t do it. She has some serious stuff going on but she’s Betty so I doubt she did it, unless they completely want to change the entire dynamic of the comics the show is based on.

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On this day in music history: January 6, 1979 - “Got To Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also peaking at #12 on the Hot 100 on February 17, 1979. Written by David Paich, David Foster, and Cheryl Lynn, it is the debut single and biggest hit for the R&B vocalist from Los Angeles, CA. Born Lynda Cheryl Smith, Lynn will be signed to Columbia Records by label executive Bruce Lundvall after seeing her showstopping performance of “You Are So Beautiful” on The Gong Show, beating out several other record labels vying to sign her. She will be paired with David Paich of the band Toto who will produce her album while alternately working on Toto’s debut album. Lynn will also contribute background vocals their song “Georgy Porgy” (#18 R&B, #48 Pop). Recorded at Studio 55 in Los Angeles, the track features Paich on keyboards, James Gadson on drums, David Shields on bass, and Ray Parker, Jr. on guitar. Released as a single in August of 1978, “Real” is an instant smash on the dance floor, quickly crossing over to both pop and R&B radio. During its run on the charts, Columbia Records will issue two different pressings of the single. The original single version running 3:42 which includes an improvised vocal vamp during the song’s breakdown, and an extended disco version running 5:10 that replaces the vamp with an extended instrumental passage. The latter is also released as a 12" single (backed with the follow up single “Star Love”). The second, longer version will also replace the original mix on subsequent re-pressings of Lynn’s self-titled debut album. “Real” will become one of the definitive records of the Disco Era, with its popularity enduring for more than three decades. It has been widely covered and sampled, with the original version being a staple on R&B oldies radio and on dance floors around the world today. “Got To Be Real” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.