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Soft - 再現古代陶瓷工藝的美麗創作

捲曲的超薄蛇紋陶瓷,美國藝術家 Cheryl Ann Thomas 用最傳統的方式進行她的創作。運用前哥倫布時代印地安人與西非人製作大型陶瓷器皿的技術,重現陶瓷工藝的悠久歷史。將傳統的條紋一圈一圈疊合,她選擇留下泥土的天然質感以及她自己的手作印記。她說,〝文物與藝術創作是人類干預歷史的遺留證據,我的雕塑構成了我與物質相互干預而留下永久的紀錄!〞。


Cheryl Ann Thomas

When I think of porcelain, I picture the delicate bowls and baskets my mother bought from a local ceramicist in the 70’s. They had lacy filigree weaving on the top rim of the hand thrown bottom bowls and were finished in a shiny white glaze. The earthquake in the Valley in the 90’s demolished almost of all the fragile stoneware. Present times are requiring a new definition of porcelain. No earthy delicate baskets here. Instead breakable material sits in ribbons and folds, defying gravity and shaping space into new caves and fissures. These seemingly unmovable cloth like mounds are full of ridges that bend and flow. Frail and solid, the pieces are organic in their relationship to plants with material like elements (think Raffia). Each piece seems to contain something of the five elements too, born of fire with qualities of airiness, earthy hues, flowing watery shapes, and a creativity that results in unique space and shape.
This show as at Frank Lloyd Gallery.

These interesting sculptural forms are by Cheryl Ann Thomas.

I think these pieces are really beautiful and I am really attracted to their bending and twisting nature. I am very drawn to sculptural shapes which really emphases their sense of movement and change of direction. I think these pieces are really intriguing to look at and I love their organic nature which seems so natural and effortless.

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