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01. Weekend Warriors - A Change Of Pace // 02. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance // 03. Shut Up And Dance - Walk The Moon // 04. Habits (Stay High - Remix) - Tove Lo // 05. Centuries - Fall Out Boy // 06. You & Me - Disclosure, Flume // 07. Monogamy - Cherub // 08. Close - Sub Focus // 09. Your Graduation - Modern Baseball // 10. Reflections - MisterWives


so I just had a crazy idea, but its so crazy it makes sense so bear with me, and also @bladekindeyewear i think for some reason youd like to see this so go nuts?

So, the trickster jujupop thingy, that’s a thing that exists right?

hey remember what was inside that thing anyway? Those two halves of it?

doesn’t this look familiar?

Notice how those two rings of Life and Void are intertwined in this picture almost looking itself like an infinite loop? when logic would suggest that they are actually separate rings? since we never see them together?

I just noticed a lot of things can be applied to both of them

The idea of two also being one

the black half of the juju and the void ring

as well as the white half of the juju and the life ring

the fact that they are really one and the same all along

the theories about the ultimate JuJu being an Auryn type thing, as well the Ring of Life and Void actually being one and the same

not to mention their associated each with the cherubs, Calliope has the Life ring currently, and Caliborn got a ring in his claymation as well

Also, you know the whole symbolism for all this things together? with a single  ourobouros being one snake that bites its own tail?

like in a ring shape like this?

so what would happen if you connected the nature of two ringlike ouroubouroses? would they not turn out looking something like this?

and the JuJu pops are even in a circle shape as well

meaning the red lollipop could likely just be a candy coated version of the void ring, and the green lollipop is a candy coated life ring (green for life and red for void because calliop has the life ring and the green juju and because that seems the logical association)

and remember trickster mode? and what it actually did to the players?

supercharging Jane’s Maid of Life role (and thereby making everyone she kissed super lifed) and being able to detect Roxy despite her using her VOID power? with Life taking a precendant because it latched onto Jane

and if that JujU theory where they are all actually peoples souls trapped in objects, then it makes sense that the Ring of Life half of an ultimate JuJu thing would autoconnect with Jane, the Maid of Life, as well as being supportted by the Roxy Soul/Ring of Void half by allowing trickster people to see through the void!

but, even if they end up not actually being the same thing (not that this does not explain at all what the white cursor is still so thats a huge hole) its still a nice symbolic connection

so yeah figured i get out one last crazy idea before the end

Mythology and Homestuck: This is Only Just the Beginning

I’d had minor thoughts about this when I first started reading Homestuck and saw the names of the Denizens as internet explorers on the kids’ desktops. (Typheus, Hephaestus, Cetus, and Echidna).

Typheus is not the original spelling in greek mythology. For that you’re looking for Typhon. Let me tell you, this guy scared even the Olympians. Big, badass titan, that married Echidna, the mother of monsters. Typhon has a habit of making storms.

Hephaestus, the forge god. (I talk about him later.)

Cetus, a whale-monster. Hussie was pretty true to the myth here. 

Echidna, the mother of monsters. Has the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a serpent. Again, true to the myth in the comic. 

After I spotted these four, I made note of it and kept reading. And then the trolls made an appearance, and then an impact. Hello, zodiac, how do you fit into all this? And then we got more denizen names. Stuff just piled on and kept poking my mythology addiction. 

And then during the gigapause, Bladekindeyewear made mention that he isn’t very familiar with mythology. I promptly went squee and wrote everything I could think of down. After that I included the Hero’s Journey, because hell, what is Homestuck but the journey of many heroes?

This post is not complete. If I don’t post it now, I don’t think it’ll ever get posted. I’ve shown it to a few people, but this is the first time I’m putting it online for all to see. Feel free to make your own post, contradict my opinions. I’m up for a discussion!

Also, I’m really only familiar with greek/roman mythology, with some egyptian and celtic mixed in for flavor. (Isis appears everywhere, btw.)

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You have to believe me when I say you are not forgotten. No matter how many lives you stumble into, those people are never going to forget you. No matter how brief your stay was. You bring something - you have something within you that I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on. It’s not something as impermanent as your looks, it’s far deeper than that. You are far deeper than that. That’s why I know none of these girls are even worth your time because none of them have the capability to touch the deepest parts of you. You’re doing yourself a disservice, being with these people because eventually you’ll close off certain parts of yourself. You’ll change. You won’t be you - don’t sacrifice yourself like that.
For now, learn to love yourself. I know that’s hard and it’s ok if some days you aren’t loving yourself like you should. I don’t either. But I still let myself feel. Learn to hold yourself: to keep yourself safe. If you can’t do that right now then I’ll keep you safe until you can. I’ll still keep you safe even then. Someone like you has to be kept safe; you’re home to so many people but I know that you, yourself, have to be kept from burning down sometimes.
The one will come along for you. There will be more than one, but I trust that you will learn and you will grow to realise who is deserving of you - that’s not many. That person you decide is deserving of you is going to have no clue what to do with the universe within you but they’ll want to stand by your side anyway. They are going to want to be around for your life - a life that all of us are already so happy to be in.
—  My friend’s text to me

anonymous asked:

Favorite songs to dance to ?

OOOOoOoOo SWEET i actually really love electro/dancey music sO imma give you a lot

slower/chill songs

  • doubt - twenty one pilots
  • message man - twenty one pilots
  • not going home - great good fine ok 
  • my friends never die - odesza 
  • pressure - the 1975 
  • the mother we share - chvrches (chromixe flip) 
  • i was a fool - tegan and sara (bolivard remix) 
  • girls like girls - hayley kiyoko

club worthy songs

  • doses & mimosas - cherub 
  • life saver - cherub
  • heart breaker - cherub
  • jazzercise ‘95 - cherub
  • harder better faster strong - daft punk 

songs that make you feel like a badass

  • heavydirtysoul - twenty one pilots 
  • destruction - joywave 
  • crown on the ground - sleigh bells 

songs that are great with a crowd

  • fake you out - twenty one pilots
  • down and out- the griswolds
  • be impressive - the griswolds
  • different colors - walk the moon 
  • shelia put the knife down - junior prom 
  • girls/girls/boys - panic! at the disco 
  • shut up and dance - walk the moon 

just feel good in general

  • one minute more - capital cites 
  • get away - chvrches 
  • (everything is) debatable - hellogoodbye
  • girls/girls/boys - panic! at the disco 
  • closer - tegan and sara
  • doses & mimosas - cherub (noah hyde remix) 
  • balloon party - destery smith
  • safe and sound - capital cities

lmao thats so many songs okay imma stop now im sorry i just really like music