Dear Cherryveins

First of all, sweet handle!  Second of all, hi there!  I guess you’ll be calling me Yoloswag for the time being.

Well, I’m not much good at this kind of thing, so I’ll just jump into the questions here.  I chose my pen name because… It sounded cool?  I don’t know.  Curious to hear the story behind yours, I’m sure it’s way more interesting, lol.

What do I think of the teachers here?  They aren’t that much crazier than any of the other teachers I’ve been around, really. Aside from that Daryl guy.  Were you there when he locked the gym on a bunch of the students?  Pretty crazy prank!  Kind of wish I’d thought of it, hahahaha.

An exciting event? Well, I’m going to say swimsuit competition.  That or an eating contest or something, since those are always fun.

I signed up for the pen pal system because it seemed mysterious.  That and I have too much free time on my hands, so I figured I might as well!  I like to socialize!

Have I ever thought of online dating?  Honestly, no.  I never really saw why people did that instead of just trying to meet people face to face.  I guess if you’re a shy person, but I’m not all that shy.  What about you?  Are you looking to find true love?  Me? I don’t know if I’m cut out for such a thing.

Anyways, hit me back, and we’ll chat some more! Peace out!


cherryveins replied to your post: :D

I’m pretty average, Just being in a crappy mood and hating the world for no reason at all. You?

Oh you know just the usual, wanting and wishing my body was different. It’s just the same shit on a different day.