11 Questions (Tag Game)
  1. Simple things that make you dance/I mean happy: A really good book, a beautiful sky… and being in school.
  2. 2 things that fill your heart with gratefulness: I am grateful when somebody appreciates what little talent and skill I have. 
  3. Who is your all time favorite author? I am tempted to answer that it is the bunch of people who wrote the Bible because I still think it is the best book ever written. But a more proper answer is a toss between Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Charles Dickens. :P Although I am such a huge fan of Faulkner despite my unfamiliarity to most of his books. 
  4. What kind of dresser are you? I don’t know the “kinds of dressers” (lol) but I usually wear lethargic polo shirts over dark jeans. Qualify me. :) I think I am a non-recusant dresser. 
  5. If you were a flower, what kind would you be? I cannot be a flower because I can never elicit the same effect that flowers have on people. Besides, flowers seem so dependent. :)
  6. Favorite subject to photograph & why? Books, because they are the most animate of inanimate objects. Boom!
  7. 3 infamous facts about yourself: I kill people in my head. I get quite irate when I read a teenager’s take on love and life. I am insecure about a lot of things.
  8. What is your biggest insecurity and why? My biggest insecurity right now is not being in school but my biggest insecurity since the age of self-consciousness is being effeminate. I have often fallen below the standards of what people call “macho” hence the mockery to homosexuality.
  9. Do you like rain? I do, its the only time bums can wash themselves and the only time the sky can be walked on. 
  10. What do you think of writers? Writers are the most interesting people. They are… little bundles of contradictions.  
  11. A song that reminds you of Cherryl :p I’ll be by Edwin McCain…

Thank yow you (! :D Shamelessly neglected the rest of the rules. haha.