It’s a known fact that Necromongers do not reproduce because they believe that life itself is antagonistic to its natural state and that they need to cleanse this universe from life on their path to another verse that welcomes and cherishes life, the Underverse, their promised land.

Instead of propagating life any further, they are always looking for new converts as soon as they invaded another planet. In the end, all living Necromongers are converts and used to be something else before they did undergo conversion to receive the mark of the Necromonger.

The purification itself is a process to learn how one pain can lessen another. Two painful spikes stabbed into the side of their necks are going to fulfil this lesson and leave the mark.

The Pisces Potion

Neptune rules Pisces and the elusive blue liquid shoots stars through the Piscean veins. The Pisces world is interpreted through dream, and reality is the spectrum he wishes it to be. The myth of the suffering horned child Dionysis, and the methods of worship through wine, orgasm, pleasure, dancing until trance, divine drunkenness, mania, psychosis, all relate to Neptune and the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Joseph Campbell writes that almost all non-literal mythology has a trickster-hero of some kind. He represents all the possibilities of life and those your mind hasn’t decided it wants to deal with. The fool or the trickster represents a whole range of possibilities. Pisceans aren’t the only people fooled by Neptunian lullabies. We can be too tranquilized by the Piscean expression, and mislead by subterfuge. Too often, we may associate the Pisces archetype with its lighter frame of reference, such as being naive, impressionable, flustered, and weak. The adaptability in the individual is tremendous and his interpersonal intuition is acute. Pisces is an incredibly powerful sign, and some of the world’s most formidable people now and in history have potent Piscean influence. Steve Jobs was born with the Sun conjunct Moon in Pisces. Think of how visionary and imaginary Apple is? It’s kind of like how Einstein described that he reached his profound conclusions through fantasy and intuition to arrive at rationality. And he was also born with a Pisces Sun. Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has the Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces. Television is quite Neptunian, we can kind of go into a reverie trance. Murdoch holds power through television and media, communication methods that can involve embellishing the truth or deceiving through Neptune trickery. A close conjunct between Neptune and Pluto in Gemini in the 1880′s related to the publication of George’s Orwells 1984 that focused on the media’s manipulation of the mass consciousness. And Pisces has many faces, some individuals express the longings of Neptune through its highest octave - creativity. There are high representations of Pisces and Neptune types in the arts, and they tend to be profoundly influential, like writers Anais Nin and Jack Koreauc, and designer Alexander McQueen who has Sun Moon Mercury conjunct Pisces. Neptune is known for hypnotizing the area of the mind that is subject to impressionability. Pisceans are not forgettable and trembling, there is the capacity to leave a powerful imprint on the world. And maybe we are most fooled by the Neptune sea smoke.


gif by enedakuka

IKON REACTION: Where you are dating one of the them and you are friends with the others and one of them changes their picture in your phone to one of them selfes and your bf see it and asks why you have a pic of another member

B.I.: “jagiya… why is Koo june’s picture on your look scream?”

“oh… He put it and I forgot to take it off”

“not just my sister, he wants my girlfriend too”

Jinhwan: “you! Why a picture of Donghyuk? What have I done to you?”

Yunhyeong: “yaah! Exchange this now! I’m much more handsome than bobby hyung”

Bobby: “I’m sorry oppa… I forgot to change it”

“no problem, it’s okay you have Hanbin photo in your lock scream… nothing wrong”

Donghyuk: “Since when are you so close to JInhwan hyung? I didn’t know that…”

June: “are you kidding me or what?” He’d say annoyed, before switching to one of his pictures

Chanwoo: “god is watching what you are doing with your boyfriend”

~ADM Cherry

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MONSTA X REACTION: Of the girl they like or they are dating being 6ft and being taller than them

Shownu: “it’ll be interesting jagi…”

Wonho: “how is this going to work? won’t it be weird? and when you wear high heels?”

He’d think about everything.

Minhyuk: “6ft? Why all this girl?

Kihyun: “I’m still handsome right?!”

Hyungwon: “are you kidding me? 6ft? It cound’t be real”

Jooheon: “so… no high heels okay?”

I.M: *sigh* “oh god…”

~ADM Cherry

GIF credits to their original owners!