cherryfume 2014


Toshiharu, our ryokan in Kyoto, is a cosy and beautiful home built in the Meiji era. The family that run the ryokan were the nicest hosts we could ask for, always taking care of our every needs and there to greet us with a smile whenever we made our way back after a long day out. We were checked in with a cup of hot matcha and warm sakuramochi (sweet pink rice cake wrapped in sakura leaf). Had the best time lounging around on our futons wearing cute sleeping robes after soaking in the hot Japanese cedarwood bath. I want to go back. T_T


ORD —> LAX —> NRT. People always express disbelief at 30 hours of total travel time for a week-long trip, but long haul flights aren’t too bad if you plan them right. Got lucky this time and was seated in an exit row with nobody next to me so I had plenty of room to stretch out. Kind of surprised that no one (not even my parents!) asked about who’s traveling with me in Japan, but I’ll chalk that up as another lucky break because I’m not sure how I’d explain @teafume anyway (´・﹏・`)


What’s a trip to Tokyo without an X/1999 tour stop at the Metropolitan Government Building? (Still holding out hope that the final chapters will get released… before I die… ㅜㅜ) Supposedly you can see Mt. Fuji in the distance on a clear day, but the overcast had other plans. Made for a dreamy atmosphere at least.