Feliz día del amor y la amistad: ¡Regalos!

It’s time to post the presents!

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Yunjae fue mi OTP por muuucho tiempo también. hehehe.

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I was holding back because I wanted to give other people a chance, but if they’re going to be slow about it, I’ll make my request: Kagami (in jeans) & Kise (in a t-shirt).

I was like “waiiiit.. should I draw smut? but proportions” then this happened

they look so young, sorry I can’t draw adult/muscular bodies ;A; OMG disloqué el hombro de kise


ww you cutiieee <3 si quieres dibuja a mi tohjoh esta en mi tag de art, el muchachón de pelo naranja, hijo de tigre pintito lawl

hice lo que pude xD sabes que no me gustan mucho los moretones así que digamos que aquí ya estaba sanando :p [me gustan sus ojos]


quizá algo de la serie Kuroko no Basuke si es que la ves (menos Haizaki o Hanamiya), cualquier otro personaje (masculino o femenino, incluso el perrito Nigou) que te guste de allí está bien si es que tenés tiempo y te parece bien.

Ojalá viera  Kuroko, pero lo quiero ver después de terminar de leer Slam Dunk. :p lo tengo que hacer este año. Entonces ya podré unirme a ustedes xD

Oops! Human version Nigou?


Um, if you’re still doing them, then can you doodle me a Ninetails? It’s my favorite Pokemon. :D

Ninetails was/is my favorite pokemon too!!!! the fisrt time I saw it was.. I think, when I was in elementary school in one of those collectible cards, it was so beautiful I fell in love xD. Now I’m not in to pokemon anymore but I still like her.. it.. I always though ninetails was a she but idk now

So~ today is a really special day

July 31th is the day Vanessa and I married, it was a silly ask game, but from then on my daily life had a little extra that made me really happy (-^〇^-)

she’s really lovely and nice to me (no. 1 husbando)~ she cared to listen to the story of my life (?) and many other of my non sense conplaints and I listened to hers as well~

so today it makes a year since we married, it mean it’s our anniversary! a paper anniversary (according to the european tradition), so I prepared some cute drawings involving paper as theme (I actually wanted to get her books some actual paper)


(yep, the paper Kitty!Mel is holding says “I love you”)



I got tagged :P


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My questions for you:

1: What’s your favorite holiday? 

New Year’s! I honestly don’t know why I like it so much, but I do ^^;

2: What’s your favorite drink? 

Boba tea :3

3: What are some of your favorite movies?

Oh geez… Wolf Children (gah so sad), Summer Wars, 1408, White Chicks (don’t judge me) and *continues on until universe ends*

4: Do you think it’s better to get married when you’re young or better to wait a while?

I’d say wait. I’ve seen a lot of friends get married young and it failed so many times. Personally marriage scares me so >.>

5: What are some of your favorite websites?

This one. 

6: Do you like to talk on the phone or text?

Texting for friends, phone for my sweety <3

7: Do you like JPOP/ vocaloid/KPOP?

J pop!

8: What’re some good anime/shows that you recommend?

Soul Eater, Attack on Titan, Steins;Gate and Another. All are beautiful.

9: Do you cry easily?

Geez no. I do good to cry at all in life ._.

10: Have you even been on a plane?

No T.T

11: Do you like school?

I like learning, but I cannot stand my school program. The books are so stupid that it pains me. I find it sad when a student knows more information on certain topics than the teachers do.

My questions for you: 

Do you have any pets?

Favorite anime?

Like video games?

If you were a Pokemon, which one would you be?

Do you like hugs?

Favorite pizza?

Ever broke a bone?

Like J rock?

Do you like foxes?

Favorite color?

Will you forgive me for this pathetic questions?

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deathscythesouleaterevans (dammit boy that name is a mouthful) 






I ran out of people :P