Lookbook Nr. 27

Skin by S-Club

Hair by Newsea (Retexture by Aveirasims)

Eyebrows by Pralinesims

Eyes by Ms Blue

Eyeliner by S-Club

Eyeshadow by Bernies Simblr

Eyelashes by Maysims

Blush by Nightcrawler/Darkosims3

Lips by Screaming Mustard

Top by CherryBerrySim

Cardigan by Marigold

Necklace by Toksik

Bracelet by Toksik

Jeans by Chisami

Shoes by Madlen

Nails by S-Club

Pose set 1 by Ms Blue

Pose set 2 by MartyP

Thank you to all the CC creators, your work is amazing!  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


Glam Rock Vs. Sophisticated 

I don’t even know what looks I was going for here…. anyway, enjoy! :) 



Poses : @flowerchamber

Many thanks yous to all CC creators! 

Sorry for not having info on some items. I have a TON of CC n if there is no ID on the thumbnail , then I really can’t remember where I got that CC. 

Hope you guys understand!