Bungou Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス)

Atsushi Nakajima innocently turns his back on a dangerous cherry blossom viewing with the pleasantly inebriated Osamu Dazai, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, and Chuuya Nakahara. Poster art from the Newtype Romance SPRING 2017 (Amazon Japan | eBay) and illustrated by animation director Kouhei Tokuoka (徳岡紘平). 

Spring vocabulary in Japanese

春 [はる] - spring
三月 [さんがつ] - March
四月 [しがつ] - April
五月 [ごがつ] - May
花見 [はなみ] - cherry blossom viewing
エイプリルフール - picnic
ひな祭り [ひなまつり] - Hinamatsuri, Girls’ Festival, Dolls’ Festival
ホワイトデー - White Day
春分の日 [しゅんぶんのひ] - Vernal Equinox Day
イースター - Easter
エイプリルフール - April Fools’ Day
ゴールデンウィーク - Golden Week
昭和の日 [しょうわのひ] - Showa Day
憲法記念日 [けんぽうきねんび] - Constitution Memorial Day Holiday
緑の日 [みどりのひ] - Greenery Day
子供の日 [こどものひ] - Children’s Day
母の日 [ははのひ] - Mother’s Day
日 [ひ] - sun; day
晴れ [はれ] - clear weather, fine weather
暖かい [あたたかい] - warm
風 [かぜ] - wind
涼しい [すずしい] - cool
霧 [きり] - fog
雨 [あめ] - rain
雪 [ゆき] - snow
氷 [こおり] - ice
溶ける [とける] - to melt
水たまり [みずたまり] - puddle
流れ [ながれ] - stream
洪水 [こうずい] - flood
木 [き] - tree
葉(っぱ) [は(っぱ)] - leaf
草 [くさ] - grass
花 [はな] - flower
桜 [さくら] - cherry blossom
種子 [しゅし] - seed
芽 [め] - sprout, shoot, bud
芽を出す [めをだす] - to sprout; to put forth buds
蕾 [つぼみ] - bud
球根 [きゅうこん] - bulb
咲く [さく] - to bloom
花粉 [かふん] - pollen
アレルギー - allergy
動物 [どうぶつ] - animal 
生まれる [うまれる] - to be born
孵る [かえる] - to hatch
鳥 [とり] - bird
巣 [す] - nest
卵 [たまご] - egg
昆虫 [こんちゅう] - insect
虫 [むし] - bug
蝶々 [ちょうちょう] - butterfly
蠅 [はえ] - fly
蛙 [かえる] - frog
蜥蜴 [とかげ] - lizard
蚯蚓 [みみず] - worm

(ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚Pretty Japanese words

特別な人 = special person

優しい = gentle

心 = heart

ドキドキ = heart beat sound

ふわふわ = fluffy (cloud like)

雲 = clouds

青空 = blue sky

奇跡 = miracle

夢い = dream

幸せ= happiness

大切 = cherish

森 = forest

海 = beach

花見 = cherry blossom viewing

春の雨 = spring rain

紅葉 = autumn leaves

冬の雪 = winter snow

時間の中で凍っている = frozen in time

木漏れ日 = the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees

森林浴 = “Forest bathing” to go deep into the woods to relax where it’s quiet and peaceful.

This is my first langblr post, so I hope you guys like it! ;u; 

170407 Leo Twitter Reply Compilation


오랜만에 원합니까??

It’s been a while, do you want it??

I want to get off work
Leo: 😓

Taekwoonie run~~~~~~~~~
Leo: run

Leo: I’m Leo
T/N: In Japanese.


오늘은 주제가 있음.
정택운이게 궁금한것 물어보기.
10개만 뽑을까봐.

There’s a theme today.
It’s asking Jung Taekwoon something you are curious about.
I’ll only pick 10.

Did you eat?
Leo: I’ll eat soon.
T/N: In Japanese.

Oppa, why don’t you update Twitter
Leo: I don’t need anything more than this

Your mood today!?
Leo: My mood today is sunny after being cloudy

Q. Tell us a song you’re into recently. Reccomend a song for Spring.
Leo: Tom odell-constellation👍

I’m a Russian fan named ☆^^ Please say hello^^
T/N: I put a star for her name for privacy, etc.

Oppa, why are you using so many emoticons recently You just learned that function didn’t you
Leo: 😖

Will you put up a selca at the end of the mention party??ㅇㅅㅇ??
Leo: I’ll think about it 😤

What’s the chance I’ll get a reply from Daeguni?
Leo: 👿

What should I do to succeed with ticketing?
Leo: Lee Hongbin’s control ability

Will you go cherry blossom viewing with me?
Leo: When What time?

Do you know how much I like you?
Leo: (One more) I can feel it


재밌었네  즐거웠고 슬슬 날이 풀리는데
저녁에는 또 쌀쌀하니까 감기들 조심히구 맛있는거 많이먹고 곧봅시다.😬

That was fun and enjoyable The days are gradually getting warmer, but it’s chilly again in the evening, so be careful of colds and eat lots of yummy things and let’s see each other soon.😬