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Babysitter turn horny

When I was 14, I was babysitting a 7 year old. Once she had fallen asleep I started watching porn and got real horny. I looked over at her and became overcome with lust. I opened her mouth gently and stuffed my cock in. I then woke her up and began to fuck her throat. She seemed alarmed at first, but then started to moan with my cock in her mouth. I stripped her down and spread her legs wide. She stayed very quiet and and blushed bright red while I rubbed my tip against her tiny pussy. I was way to big for her vagina put after some fingering and lots of spit I thrusted in and popped her cherry. The girl screamed and moaned like there was no tomorrow. I must have came in her 4 times that night. She loved my cock. I know this because the next time I babysat I woke up to her lips around it. That little angle to this day drains my balls of their cum every time we’re together.

Anon submitted.

  • Shinoa: what is your type, Yuu-san?
  • Yuu: my type?
  • Shinoa: I'm talking about your type of girl, cherry boy!
  • Yuu: I don't have time for that sort of thing, Shinoa!
  • Shinoa: you can't lie to me~ I know you have a type
  • Yuu: tsk okay then let me think
  • Shinoa: *giggles* this will be fun
  • Yuu: *thoughtful* blondes, I guess
  • Shinoa: oh, like Mitsu-
  • Yuu: tall, strong
  • Shinoa: then-
  • Yuu: smart, nice, elegant
  • Shinoa: ...
  • Yuu: the prettiest shade of blue eyes
  • Shinoa: Yuu-
  • Yuu: or the prettiest shade of red-
  • Shinoa: you are just describing Mika-san
  • Yuu: pale skin...
  • Shinoa: yep, you're talking about Mikaela. I didn't know you were into him!
  • Yuu: what? No, I'm not into Mika! I was just thinking and he's- he's just adorable to look at! That's all
  • Shinoa: whatever you say
  • Yuu: it's the truth! What is your type then?
  • Shinoa: tsunderes with big boobs~!
  • Yuu: why am I not surprised?
  • Shinoa: at least I know who I'm into, unlike someone who seems to be in denial~
  • Yuu: I'm not in denial, I'm not in love with Mika!
  • Mika: *walks into the room* hey, what's going on in here?
  • Yuu: nothing, beautiful! I-I mean, Mika
  • Shinoa: wow that was so embarrassing. Good thing Mika is not your crush, right?

things i’m sick of:

- steve not being considered smart

- people pretending like some of the meaner/tougher guys would change everything about themselves when they meet some sweet perfect dream girl

- cherry valance being villainized 

- acting like johnny was weak

- treating bob or randy like they were anything worse than confused kids

- sylvia and sandy being treated poorly

- christ just give all the girls a little credit

- seeing ‘mickey mouse’ and ‘two bit’ in the same sentence constantly

- ^^^ ‘car’ and ‘steve’

cherry-time-girl submitted :

This is me before and after 9 WEEKS!
After lots and lots and lots of exercise and a healthier diet! I was way too ashamed to post this picture for a while but if it could help someone to stay motivated it’s worth it!

The most incredible thing is that I still weight the same! But I am not! I look different- I feel different!

So please trust me: weight is just a number! It doesn’t mean anything. Get yourself the tightest, most flexible shorts you can get and start taking pictures of yourself every day/ week/ month. You will see the results!