Gaiden: Cherry Girl

((Soundtrack: Banquet of Nature ))
((For reference: Musume  and Cold Shoulder - this story happens between those two. Also tagging @celestial-opposition​ because of brief mention))

I used to be the girl you took care.

Then, I was forced to leave, and everything was taken from me. That means you too. When I came back, you were gone. Everything was gone. Everything but one person. He approached me, slowly, with a smile on his face.

“What a lovely girl. Why are you here? Tell me your story.”

And I told him. The Tenryuu estate had been destroyed, put to flames, there were nothing but ashes now. But the village was there. And he was leading them. I didn’t feel when I first arrived, anything. There weren’t souls, only bodies. Working bodies. The village was lifeless. Only walking and working their regular activities, but they didn’t talk to each other. They didn’t look the other way. They were just… there.

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things i’m sick of:

- steve not being considered smart

- people pretending like some of the meaner/tougher guys would change everything about themselves when they meet some sweet perfect dream girl

- cherry valance being villainized 

- acting like johnny was weak

- treating bob or randy like they were anything worse than confused kids

- sylvia and sandy being treated poorly

- christ just give all the girls a little credit

- seeing ‘mickey mouse’ and ‘two bit’ in the same sentence constantly

- ^^^ ‘car’ and ‘steve’

cherry-time-girl submitted :

This is me before and after 9 WEEKS!
After lots and lots and lots of exercise and a healthier diet! I was way too ashamed to post this picture for a while but if it could help someone to stay motivated it’s worth it!

The most incredible thing is that I still weight the same! But I am not! I look different- I feel different!

So please trust me: weight is just a number! It doesn’t mean anything. Get yourself the tightest, most flexible shorts you can get and start taking pictures of yourself every day/ week/ month. You will see the results!