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Do you have any Evie x Sylvia headcanons?

- Sylvia’s always trying to convince Evie to let her try new hair and make up styles on her, Evie gives in for the makeup, but never for the hair. 

- Evie knows that Sylvia doesn’t really get along with Steve, mostly because the three of them are all blunt little spitfires, but Sylvia’s learned that talking shit about Steve won’t fly with her.

-  When they were 14, Sylvia slept over at Evie’s and snuck into her dad’s liquor cabinet. She ended up puking all over Evie’s favourite pink, fuzzy slippers and Evie gave her hell for it. 

- Evie told Sylvia about Steve being hauled in when she was still really upset, and Sylvia rolled her eyes and told her she’s getting a VIP look into her life with Dallas. 

- Evie is one of the only people on the planet Sylvia really trusts. She trusts her to be honest, even though she almost never wants to hear it, she trusts her to comfort her, even when she doesn’t know how to comfort Evie back. She just trusts her. 

- Sex talk. It’s usually Sylvia egging it on and getting descriptive, but Evie can’t help but laugh and join in. 

- Sylvia’s shown up on Evie’s doortstep on more than one occasion, drunk, upset, eye make up smudged, and Evie, groggy with sleep, still held her hair up as she leaned over the toilet and would then let her sleep next to her. 

- They will sometimes go weeks without talking, though. They aren’t best-friends. Sylvia’s not even sure she’s the type to have a “best-friend,” but if she did, Evie would probably be it for her, even though she knows Evie was probably closer to Sandy

- Once after a trip to the convenient store, they were walking down the street together, Sylvia eating a popsicle and Evie sipping on a Coke, and a bunch of fuckboys catcalled them. Evie rolled her eyes and flipped them off, but Sylvia stared at them, sucking and licking her Popsicle while they hooted in approval. But their faces fell when she smirked and bit down hard into it. 
Evie almost snorted out her coke 

- Evie stopped trying to “understand” Sylvia and Dallas a long time ago. 

- Evie tells her all the time that she should stop dying her hair because she’s ruining it. Sylvia laughs because damaged hair is the least of her worries. Besides, it will always grow back. 

- Sylvia has obnoxious and cute nicknames for Evie. She started calling her “Princess Ann,” because she knows Evie only cut her black hair short after watching Roman Holiday as a kid. 

- Sylvia won’t give anyone her tears, but she’s the type of person who will tear up at sad scenes in movies she’s into (displaced/ transference of emotion). So when they were watching La Strada together, one scene made Sylvia tear up and when Evie nudged her, she whipped her head around and told her that if she told anyone, she’d claw her eyes out. 

- Sylvia to Evie: I don’t like most people, but I like you. 

- Evie admires how self-possessed and independent Sylvia is. Sylvia admires Evie’s will.