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They've could've had halsey opening for them.. or against the current.. or Mali koa? I mean I'm sorry but hey violet is just not.. good. I don't understand it. They're just.. neh.. I don't get it honestly

I am not a fan of them either! But Julia Pierce was the original member of “Hey Violet”, which was originally Cherri Bomb! So basically the members of Hey Violet bullied the original member out of the band. So no, I do not like Hey Violet. 

Picking up where Mark Ryden’s ‘Wolf’ left off, here with ‘Cherry Bomb’ the orange bike of our protagonist hits the mask shown below, taking our hero into a crash and eventual discovery of whatever the fuck that is. This one draws inspiration from Tank Girl, both the art and the film which I spent the previous day watching before completing this. As seen on Tyler’s instagram, now available to own….Chur Bum.

All paper & ink are archival, 16″x20″. Hand numbered, limited edition of 50.