Why this, Miss Fluttershy?

You could have flown over.  Listened to the joke, even.  Laughed with us.

Miss Fluttershy, why this?  I have all your modeling sets, still your biggest fan.

I don’t care if you scratch like a dog, and pick your nose, don’t feel the way you do in my Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash fanfiction that I read last weekend at the fanclub, unleash swarms of ravenous monsters, and smell like an angry bear sometimes.

But why this?

Whose hoof does this sock even fit?

Mother of Invention #1


Trying this again. We’ve seen Cherry Berry before, here and in the show, where she spends her time piloting the Twinkling Balloon and being kinda moody. Watermelody’s interest in flying dates back a couple months, originating in that time she dressed everyone up as fairies and it wasn’t canon. So let’s have them chat.

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