I swear fanfictions changed how I look at normal books forever. Like if I read a normal book after reading fanfictions, I would be so bored, and be like “Where’s the drama? Where’s the smut? Where’s the never ending pool of sadness? WHERE IS IT?!?
This is boring as heck”

Crimson: So, how ‘bout that annual family Baseball game huh?

//(( SOME NEW PLAYERS ENTER THE GAME. I loved ‘Hit the Diamond so much, I was so excited to add in the rubies ahhh. So here are Ruby’s Quintuplet cousins! (it runs in the family woof) //(( Also, Just pretend that like, the mega fusion of them is sick or something, I could NOT decide on a design I liked yet orz, plus I drew so many rubies…so so many rubies//))