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ok summarize every year that dan and phil have known each other in a sentence, go!

2009 - Everything is cherry.

2010 - I love spending time with you.

2011 - It’s going to be fine.

2012 - Things are better than people think.

2013 - Did anything actually happen this year?

2014 - They rebranded to danandphil officially.

2015 - What is this pure emotional and successful bliss????

2016 - That’s the plan.


Last set from Tuesday Night Guitar Shopping, this week at Long & McQuade in Burlington, just west of Toronto:

(again…I have already posted some of these in previous months - but just like a good TV show, I don’t mind watching it in reruns!)

  • Rerun #1: silver burst ES-335
  • Rerun #2: Custom Shop silver burst LPC (plus a lovely, fully hollow, 6 lb ES-390 on the right!)
  • I have yet to meet a Taylor I didn’t love!
  • The Ibanez/Depth of Field experiment.
  • Truck and snow, Queen Elizabeth Way eastbound.
  • Hey I had a cherry 339 back in 2010!  Sold it to help pay for another guitar.  It just didn’t click with me.  A couple of years later I acquired a sunburst 339 and it is FANTASTIC!  One of my all time faves.
  • Rerun #3: Custom Shop ES-330 VOS.  Dear Gibson people - your recent VOS finishes are incredible.  I have actually been fooled a couple of times lately…I would be thinking I was looking at an actual vintage guitar, when it turned out to be a brand new VOS finish!
  • Classic ‘burst
  • Rerun #4: funky and weird, yet strangely intriguing ES-195.