Mmmmm another cherryberry picture because… Why not? These two are adorable as shit. Who doesn’t like a lil sweet to their spice hm? Once again, I was experimenting with shading, trying to fins the right shading technique. I kinda like how this turned out tbh~ Hope you guys like it too!


On our way to and from school, Severus and I frequently pass by this odd sculpture creation thing of a bird. 

We’re pretty sure it’s a chicken, given the feet, but we just call it a bird to be safe.

And every day we see it, we giggle and shake our heads a little, because it is such a silly bird. 

On the way back home from school one day, Severus and I passed our shovel chicken friend, and he said “Man, that bird is dickless! It is SO dickless!” 

Shocked. Instead of agreeing with him as per usual, I was silent, so he asked me: “Mama, don’t you think that bird is dickless?” 

And I answered - “Ummmm, possibly. But I’d prefer you didn’t use that word. It’s not very appropriate, okay.”

He was a little frustrated at my answer, first of all we’d already agreed that the bird was dickless, because we laugh at it all the time, second he knows the word is appropriate because I’m the one who asked him to use that instead of saying “stupid”. 

So I’m running through my vernacular, when the hell in my sleep deprived state, did I give him permission to say “dickless” and what even does that mean? 

He sees me searching, and says “Mama, it means ‘silly’, you know? Ri-dickless?”