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all that cherry stuff....why did they speak about it on public forums?

because they were young, dumb, and in love? 

and weren’t aware that in eight years they’d still be together and have a salivating mass of a fanbase dredging up every detail that they tweeted and cobbling together the exact sordid narrative of their early relationship 

Knowing my fat ass if I were Belle I would have tried a hell of a lot harder to eat all those foods during Be Our Guest

I mean look at this shit 

Bitch just grabbed a cherry 

“Try the grey stuff it’s delicious” Bitch please pass me the fork 

This scene is visually stunning, but my drunk ass would have climbed the table for some champagne  

Don’t even get me started with the live action version I MEAN LOOK AT THIS

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In summary I would basically look like this throughout the song 


sehun for L’Optimum Thailand Magazine (March 2017)
THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT ME; your pretty pretty boy