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The Outsiders as real quotes from people I go to school with...
  • Ponyboy: "when I stepped out, into the cold wind, from the odd warmth of the school... I had only two things in my mind. A jacket and a ride home."
  • Johnny: "please... don't... talk to me... ever..."
  • Dallas: "I'm not a tease, I'm a natural, sexual, flirt."
  • Two-bit: "after four years of this hell hole I finally know enough al-gee-braah to hit the poles."
  • Steve: "if you think I won't eat all five of these candy bars before lunch you're wrong."
  • Sodapop: "Fuck this," *slams school computer shut* "I'm pretty."
  • Darry: "I've been teaching for more than ten years and I'm pretty sure this is the weirdest request I've gotten."
  • Tim: "it's supposed to smell like smoke, not Cotten candy."
  • Angela: "if anyone ask, those aren't my nudes."
  • Curly: "no one gives a shit, the janitor caught me smoking weed in the bathroom, she just sprayed some Febreeze and walked out."
  • Cherry: "Yes, I'm a real ginger. Yes, I do steal souls." *points at freckle* "this one is yours."
  • Marcia: "I'm not a lesbian I just really like your boobs."
  • Bob: "That's my pube, give it back!"
  • Randy: "he might smell bad but he's pretty cool."

Cherry is best at approaching others yes

Dre belongs to the wonderful mun of @cursetale~

Cherry belongs to me~

[Just wanted to draw this because I just LOVE Dre, he’s a freakin adorable bean just omg]


Very rare footage of "6.1 THE MEN", the joint presentation of Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme and Comme des Garçons Homme Plus F/W 1991 in Tokyo on June 1st, 1991.

This was the first time that both designers had presented their menswear in Japan. The shows were modeled by musicians, actors, and various other creatives - even some members of Yohji’s company, if I am not mistaken.

The two men being interviewed in the video are (in order) Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi of the legendary electronic trio Yellow Magic Orchestra, with the famed Ryuichi Sakamoto being the third member.

Below is a more thorough explanation of the show’s theme and significance, followed by an extremely valuable and hilarious first hand account of the show and a certain happening backstage, told by German guitarist Ottmar Liebert who was invited to model for the show - Courtesy of Asobu from Styleforum.

A/W 1991, as far as I know, showed in Paris at the end of January 1991 and then showed again together with CdG in Tokyo on June 1st and called “6.1 THE MEN”. Still one of the most talked about and coveted collections by Yohji fans in Japan from what I can tell, many of the pieces still catch quite large sums on the second hand market. The theme was “war”, several musicians including Charles Lloyd and John Cale (who also modeled in A/W04 btw) modeled the show and apparently sang some antiwar song together at the final part of the show (the collection was created and shown during the gulf war). Some of the signature pieces was the leather jacket with women prints on the back (he referenced this in “my dear bomb” as well, when he talked about nose art of american fighter planes being pictures of “girlfriends and sexy ladies” when heading into battle), zipper jackets and Joan Miró inspired blazers.

This is a great story from Ottmar Liebert about his experience when he walked the show, well worth the read.

“In 1991 the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, together with Comme des Garçons, was putting on the first men’s fashion show in Japan and asked me to be one of his runway models. At the time Yohji prefered to use actors and musicians over models and he has also used athletes in the past. I flew to Tokyo from Los Angeles and was picked up at the airport and taken to a very nice hotel in Tokyo, which Frank Lloyd Wright had designed in the sixties. The show took place in the Olympic swim stadium of Tokyo, where the pool had been covered by a runway stage. On each end of the runway a huge wall was erected. Behind one wall Yamamoto was set up and behind the other wall Comme des Garçons. 

Comme des Garçons : Dennis Hopper, Trumpet player Don Cherry and his son Eagle-Eye Cherry (a TV presenter in the UK and not yet the pop star), British actor Julian something or other, Keyboardist Morgan Fisher (who later produced the wonderful CD "Miniatures” to which I contributed a piece)… 

Yohji Yamamoto : Charles Lloyd, Edgar Winter, a member of YMO (one of Japan’s most famous bands, which also featured Ryuichi Sakamoto)… Yohji and his people treated everyone wonderfully. And then he made a mistake on the day of the show. 

Thinking we were all men instead of the stars some felt they were, he offered as part of the refreshments Japanese cans of beer. In Japan cans are tiny, they are cute and many of the guys probably thought that one couldn’t possibly get drunk from drinking tiny cans of beer….well, if you drink a dozen of them you do get drunk, you know! And then a British pop singer asked a French rapper to turn down the crap on his boom-box and the French guy responded with his fist, which fractured the pop guy’s jaw. While he was rushed to the hospital Yohji’s people frantically searched for somebody who could wear his clothes…. In the end one of Yohji’s French employees took his place and wore the clothes well. I felt terribly embarassed. Here we were in one of the great cities of the world, guests of a real artist, and these men had to get into a fight. What a way to repay Yohji’s kindness! But fame is fleeting and karma instant.. I never heard from the British pop star and the French rapper again…

I remember how amazed we were at the Japanese audience. Some had waited since the early morning hours and yet, when the doors opened the first in line went to the last seat instead of claiming the best seat in the house. It was almost biblical…

One thing I remember about the show itself is that Yohji, who is a guitarist himself and also produced the soundtrack, had installed sound triggers along the runway. We were invited to step on those triggers, each of which controlled a different sound that would blast over the music. Car crashes, industrial sounds, drum breaks, glass breaking, guitar riffs etc…I also remember that the Brit who was walking ahead of me was drunk or high or both and thought that the crowd’s enthusiasm was directed at him instead of the clothing…I remember three or four people helping me change into the next outfit, grabbing shirts, pulling on shoes…I remember the late Don Cherry walking around on the runway like a court jester and greeting the other Comme des 
Garçons walkers…“

Times when Fashion really seemed to be about the passion and love for the beautiful creative work of these designers. Inspiring.

This collage idea came to me in a dream (which is very fitting) probably because Twin Peaks is all I’m thinking/talking about lately

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Make A Wish // Jungkook

Originally posted by so-bangtastic

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Can I request some Jungkook smut for my virgin being? He’s oficially an adult now so he and his gf celebrate that.

“Happy Birthday Jungkook!” the entire room exploded in excitement as Jungkook entered through the hotel function room doors with you. He had absolutely no idea that you, his family and the other members of BTS had been planning his surprise 18th birthday party for the past 2 months.  Trying to keep it a secret from him proved to be somewhat difficult with his constant pestering and questioning of what you were all planning to do for him, also trying to make sure that one of the boys didn’t let it slip by accident turned out to be a nightmare and a half, but they managed to keep everything under wraps – just.

You had told him that you were taking him to a fancy hotel, just you and him for dinner on the night of his birthday. You were both dressed elegantly, Jungkook donning a classic black tuxedo, and you in your black, lace dress with a gorgeous pair of black heels which complimented your toned legs perfectly. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you as you both rode the short distance in the taxi to the hotel together, his eyes lingering on your dress and the way it hugged your curves in all the correct places. You and Jungkook were still virgins, never having gone further than just heavy petting and groping. You had long decided that as part of his birthday present, it would be you ready to give yourself to him. Jungkook had always wanted to take things to the next level; especially in the heat of the moment, but knew that you weren’t fully ready either, thus he respected your decision and always took care of himself when the need arose.

Jungkook almost jumped out of his skin at the sight of his family, friends and members screaming Happy Birthday to him, grabbing on to your arm in pure shock. You giggled at his reaction, before he looked at you with a knowing stare.

“You planned this all along…ahhh” he whined loudly into your face. You pulled him into your arms before telling him that everyone had known about it for months, not just you. To which he sighed “So you’ve been keeping secrets from me?” You have him a light, playful punch to the arm, before walking over, hand in hand to join the rest of the party in the middle of the room.

The night was filled with celebrations. Jungkook greeted each guest and thanked them for coming and making his party one to remember. You all danced, sang and finally when it was time for Jungkook to blow out his candles, Namjoon reminded him “Don’t forget to make a wish, Kookie!”

Jungkook looked to the ceiling while nibbling on his bottom lip before glancing over to you, smiling coyly. He winked, before blowing out all 18 candles in one go, resulting in the room erupting with cheers and singing.

“What did you wish for?” you asked sweetly, taking your place beside him as a slow, ballad like song began to play. Jungkook took your hand in his and led you to the middle of the dance floor, joining the rest of the couples who were beginning their romantic style dancing together. “If I tell you, it won’t come true. We’ll just have to wait and see” he gave you a cheeky grin as he pulled you firmly against him, his left hand resting on your waist while holding your right hand in the air with his as you lay your head on his shoulder and began dancing to the slow, meaningful music.

“Thank you for planning all of this, it must not have been easy to keep it all a secret.” He said while nodding over in the direction of the other boys who were pulling “lovey-dovey” gestures at you both dancing together. “They are a handful, but I love them like they were my brothers. They were so helpful with everything.” You cooed into his ear, making him smile even more. He thought about how lucky he was to have a girl who he loved with all his heart, a girl who his family adored, and a girl who got on so well with the other members of BTS who also loved you like family.

The party began to wrap up around 1am, Jungkook’s family saying their goodbyes along with the other members of BTS who were giving knowing winks to Jungkook as they knew you were both staying in the hotel together that night, their words and actions making both you and Jungkook’s cheeks burn with embarrassment. You hadn’t informed them of your plans with Jungkook tonight; obviously. But they boys weren’t idiots either.

“Enjoy the rest of your evening Jungkook. Remember; nice guys finish last!” Jimin called out, biting into a cherry as he walked out of the room, making Jungkook gulp nervously. You gave Jimin the evils as he winked at you, before joining the rest of BTS in the van and driving off in the direction of their dorm. You walked towards Jungkook, taking his hand in yours.

“Shall we go up to the room then?” you said nervously, to which Jungkook gave you a small smile and followed you like a lamb. As you stepped out of the elevator on the 11th floor, you both stayed silent while walking to your room, not really knowing what to say to each other.

Jungkook plopped down on the bed upon entering the room, untying his shoe laces and kicking the dress shoes to the side of the room before slumping back against the pillows. He sighed, thinking about how much fun he had spending time with everyone. You however, were in the bathroom slightly freaking out about how to bring up the topic of “I’m ready” to Jungkook. You slipped out of your dress and heels, leaving you only in your new black lingerie that you had bought especially for this evening. It was beautiful, trimmed with cute lace around the edges and small pink bow sat between the cups on your bra. You fiddled with it nervously, before putting on the white dressing robe as provided by the hotel. You took a deep breath, and decided that you would just wing it, that there was no point in thinking about it too much. You opened the door and walked back into the bedroom to find Jungkook laying back on the bed. His shirt was slightly unbuttoned, revealing his beautiful collarbones as he lazily flicked through the channels on the T.V. His eyes glanced over at you from the T.V, before realizing that you were in your dressing robe.

“Are you tired babe?” he asked.

You wandered over in front of the T.V before slowly switching it off. You looked back over at Jungkook. He licked his lips slowly, trying to read your expression.

“What is it?” he grinned nervously.

You held your breath, before slowly undoing the tie around your stomach, and letting the robe fall to the ground, leaving you in just your bra and panties. Jungkook’s face fell to the floor, as his eyes widened at the sight of you. He swallowed heavily as he felt his heart beat pound in his chest. You were nervous as hell, but you wanted him badly. You were more than ready to let him have you.

You climbed on to the bed, crawling into the space between his legs. Your face burned crimson as your body heat began to rise at the thought of Jungkook’s skin on yours. You crawled onto his lap, putting your arms around his neck.

“Happy Birthday Kookie~” you whispered into his ear, your breath tickling the sensitive skin of his neck as you did so. Jungkook’s hands primitively found themselves resting on your hips as he pulled you in closer to him, eliminating the space between you both. Your lips found his, giving him small, open mouthed kisses as he began to hungrily kiss you back, feeling a fire ignite with in him that burned with passion at the feeling of your clothed core just on top of his semi-hard member as he tried his best to control himself.

“Tell me what you wished for” you purred into his ear, feeling a little braver from his needy reactions. Jungkook bit his lip before rolling you on to your back and putting his weight on you, taking your breath right out of your lungs.

“This…” he said, looking into your eyes as he began gently kissing your neck, moving down your collarbones to your chest as he groped your breasts through your bra. You arched your back, letting him wriggle his hand around. He fumbled a little with the clasp, but to your surprise he eventually got it. “Anyone would think you’re a pro at this” you teased, making him smile his adorable bunny smile that you fell in love with the first day you ever met him.

“No (Y/N). You’re my first…that’s what you want, right?” he asked shyly.

“Yes Jungkook…I want to be your first. I want you to be mine too…” you felt hot as the words left your mouth. Jungkook’s face lit up at your confession, as he slipped the straps of your bra down your arms, before taking the bra completely off and revealing your soft bosom. His mouth went straight for your nipple, as he gently kneaded your other breast, switching every so often to even out the attention. You panted softly at his tongue flicking over your hardened buds as he looked up to your face to see it twisted in the most beautiful way ever, making him feel a little braver. His right hand began travelling down your body, lightly tracing its way before slipping underneath your panties and massaging your wet folds, making you hiss at the contact. You were already so wet for him. Even though Jungkook had never done this before, it felt natural; it felt right. It felt like he was always meant to do this with you and only you, as he took the initiative and inserted one long digit inside you, eliciting small mewls from you as he began to go at a faster pace, pumping in and out of you gently, sliding his fingers up your sex to meet your clit, lubricating it with your juices. He raised his head up and began kissing you again, this time his kisses being a little more rough and needy than before as you moaned into his mouth.

“It feels so good…” you panted, tensing your stomach up as he massaged your aching clit with his fingers. He stopped; much to your displeasure, to lean back and remove his shirt. You examined his beautiful physique, his impressive abs, making you hungrier for him as he undid his belt and pants before pushing them down his legs and throwing them somewhere on the floor. Your eyes fell to the obvious tent in his trousers. You widened your eyes, as Jungkook slowly pulled his boxers down and you took in his large length. He chuckled at your shocked and obviously scared reaction, feeding his ego by the second. You had an idea that he was well endowed, but you didn’t imagine it would be this big.

“I’ll be gentle…don’t worry.” He said softly, pulling you panties down to feast his eyes on your naked womanhood. Feeling embarrassed, you closed your legs and put your hands over your face. “Don’t hide from me…you’re so…beautiful” he said as he spread your legs again, before crawling in between them.

“Oh, wait” you said, making Jungkook jump back slightly, thinking that you had suddenly changed your mind. He watched you reach down the side of the bed, before pulling out the foil wrapper containing a condom. He sighed and smiled at the thought of you planning all of this, as he took the packet out of your hand and opened it carefully as to not tear the condom. He began to roll it slowly on to his length, securing it in place before aligning himself with you. With his chest pressed to yours and his lips ghosting over your face, he looked deep into your eyes with complete love and adoration.

“Tell me if it hurts…if you want me to stop, I will. Okay?” he caressed your soft cheek in his hand. You smiled as you swallowed the lump which had formed in your throat, giving him a quick nod. Jungkook slowly entered you, watching your face wince in slight pain as your tight walls hugged his member. He bit his lip hard, trying not to cum then and there as you felt so amazing even now. Once he was all the way in, he stopped to let you adjust to his size. The pain slowly turned dull, as you motioned your hips upward to let him know you were ready. Jungkook began slowly thrusting deep within you as he panted into your ear. The feeling of him inside you was strange, but oh so pleasurable as you placed your hands on his shoulders. He tucked his arms under yours as you both moved together, making the bed rock gently at your movements.

You felt your body tense as he hit your g-spot over and over, his movements becoming less rhythmic as he neared his end. You gripped the back of his head, making him look into your eyes.

“(Y/N)…I love you so much” he said in between soft moans as his thrusting became harder and more sporadic. You moaned his name over and over, before seeing stars as you unravelled underneath him. Jungkook’s orgasm took over him at the feeling of your walls contracting around his member as he shot his load into the condom, silently applauding himself for not finishing before you. He continued to thrust, riding out his high before eventually slowing down. Gently, he pulled out of you, before removing the condom, and placing it in the bin beside the bed. He collapsed on top of you, both of you out of breath and panting heavily as you stroked his slightly damp hair from his sweat. He lay with his head on your breasts, listening to your heartbeat becoming calmer as each minute that went by.

“Happy Birthday baby, I love you” you broke the silence. Jungkook didn’t answer, causing you to look down at him. He was fast asleep on top of you, making you giggle quietly at his post orgasm expression. You carefully pulled the covers up around your naked bodies, before turning the bedside lights off, leaving you both in complete darkness.

Jungkook dreamt of making love to you again that night, knowing that you were the only girl he wanted to make love to. This had been the best birthday present he ever could have wished for.

Two can play that game- A Jacob Black imagine

Woo! Another imagine! I worked so hard on this so I hope you all like it, this is two requests tied into one that’s why it is so long, I like them long what about you? Anyway! Tell me if you like it!

Request 1: Jacob black imagine where you imprint on him but you’re to scared so you run away but then jacob finds out and confronts you about it? thx

Request 2: Could you do a jacob black imagine where you and him are dating but every time bella comes he goes off with her and you can’t take it anymore so you go flirt with edward (he flirts back) and jacob gets protective and all that? thank you hun!

“Don’t worry, we’re here to help you.” The calming voice said behind me, I turned to look and saw a strong shirtless man, with dark tan skin and short black hair. “My name is Sam, this is Leah and Seth.” He said motioning to the two people on the left of him. “You just phased for the first time, I know you must be scared, we can help you control it.”

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Pairing: Veronica Sawyer x Fem!Reader

Request: Are requests open if so ,can you pls write Veronica sawyer x female reader pls (like Veronica protecting her gf from JD :) ~ Anonymous

AN: Imagine Ryan’ s JD.  This is a stupid title,  I just couldn’t think of a better one. And this isn’t the best x reader ever but it’ll do for now.

Words: 342



You happily sipped away at your cherry slushie as you walked down the isles of the 7/11 along side your girlfriend Veronica. You really did love each other. But unfortunately couldn’t really show it in public because not a lot of people approved of same sex couples. But hey it could be worse.

The bell above the door jingled. Curiously you looked over and froze once you saw who it was.

Jason Dean.

His eyes locked onto yours, he smirked. You tore your eyes away and grabbed Veronica’s hand. She was in mid-chew of her Slim Jim when she looked at you curiously because you never hold her hand in public. Her eyes caught sight of your nervousness. She swallowed the slim jim and tugged you close to her as she led you to check out.

The cashier checked out their items before putting some things into a bag handing it to Veronica who quickly pulled you out of the store and away from JD.

Veronica was very well aware of what JD is capable of that’s why she broke up with him, and you had no idea what he’s done just that he wasn’t good. Ever since they broke up JD tried to get Veronica back and failed miserably.

The last time she was alone with JD he threatened to hurt Y/N, and Veronica wouldn’t have that so she knew you needed to be far away from him when he came.

Veronica ushered you to the car.

“Veronica I know he’s not a good person, but you shouldn’t leave because of him. Screw him!” You told her as she backed the car up.

“Trust me, it for the best.” Reaching over her hand grabbed hold of yours.

She won’t let JD or anyone touch you, over her dead body.

“I’ll never stop looking out for you, you know that right?” Veronica said, half way through the drive home. You looked at her.

“I know.” You grinned, leaning over, you pecked her cheek.

“Never.” Veronica muttered, but you didn’t hear it.


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Who Says

Characters: Alpha Steve Rogers x Beta Cherry Bomb

Who says things have to be the way they are? Who says things have to follow the natural order of things? Who says you can’t be with the one you love even though they might not be what was intended for you?

A/N: I really have no clue what the fuck I’m doing. And I’m so sorry. This probably sucks and I promise I’ll never write another A/B/O fic again. Everything I know about the Omegaverse, I picked up from fics I’ve read and from the A/B/O Wikipedia page. The core idea stuck with me and it wasn’t until I read a wonderful fic by @sherrybaby14 that I became inspired. And I’d really like to thank @ursulaismymiddlename for answering my Omegaverse questions and having confidence in me that this doesn’t, in fact, suck.

Angst. Smut. Feels. Some fluff if you squint.

“Ok, sweetheart. You’re cut off.” The bartender tapped Cherry’s head where it lay on the bar.
“I’m not drunk, Larry. You just activated the spin cycle on the bar.”
He chuckled. “Oh lord. Cherry, go out to the beer garden and get some air before you throw up.”
“Yes, Larry.”
“Want me to call him?” She groaned and pouted, slumping her shoulders back like a toddler in a tantrum as she trudged out to the low lit beer garden. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Larry picked up her phone from where it lay by her purse as he moved them both behind the bar. “What’s your unlock code!”
“His fucking birthday, Christ, girl.” The burly bartender unlocked her phone and thumbed up the ICE contacts and dialed ‘Captain Stevie Bear’.
“What’s up, firecracker? How’s the date going?”
“Not so good by the state of her.”
Steve sighed down the line. “Who is this? Where is she? And is she alright?”
“This is Larry, bartender at the Steel Horse and I’m wondering why you didn’t recognize my voice. I’m hurt, Captain Rogers.” Steve chuckled. “She’s alright, I guess. Definitely drunk off her ass.”
Steve grunted. “I’ll be right there. Don’t let her leave.”
“Wouldn’t think of it, sir.” Larry ended the call and tucked the phone in her purse and waited for Captain America to come to Cherry Bomb’s rescue.

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