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Oneshot Fanfic Master Post 10/Jan/15

Have realised i missed my mile high club fic from the last master post, plus can now add in this weeks fic, so that all my newbies can catch up on my past smut! Enjoy!

Bite Me - AU Tom Hiddleston Cowboy/Vampire Hybrid Fanfiction Smut
Rated 18+

Blood Drive – AU Tom Hiddleston/Vampire Fanfiction/Smut
Rated 18+

Cupids Bow - AU Tom Hiddleston/Cupid Fanfiction
Rated 18+

It’s a Kind of Magic – AU Tom Hiddleston/Sheriff Fanfiction/Smut
Rated 18+

Its a Monster! - AU Tom Hiddleston/Frankenstein Fanfiction/Smut/fluff
Rated 18+

Jeans - Actor Tom Hiddleston/PWP (Porn Without Plot) Fanfiction/Smut
Rated 21+

Left Hanging in Silence - Loki AU Smut One shot
Rated 18+

More Tea Vicar? - AU Benedict Cumberbatch/Vicar/Priest Smut/Fanfiction
Rated 18+

Taking Him Down a Peg or Two - Actor Tom Hiddleston/OFC S&M One shot Smut Fanfiction Hardcore
Rated 21+

The Back of the Bus - AU Punk/Drummer!Tom Hiddleston Smut Fanfiction
Rated 18+

The Last Night Before War - AU Capt James Nichols (War Horse) and Lady Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey) Smut Fanfiction
Rated 18+

The Nasty Diamond Heist - AU Tom Hiddleston/Benedict Cumberbatch Hardcore Fanfiction/Smut
Rated 21+

The Mile High Club - Actor Tom Hiddleston/OFC Smut One-shot Fanfiction
Rated 18+

Under the Arches - AU Jaguar!Tom AU One shot
Rated 18+

You will be -Actor Tom Hiddleston/OFC Fanfiction Smut One Shot
Rated 18+

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so… @dorianslover asked me for a Cowboy Tom :D hope this is what you wanted luv *stupid tumblr someone tag them pwez*

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My current sexuality.

Imagine, this expression as he stalks closer to you, backing you, panting against the wall. His hands brace on either side of your head as he leans closer, his breath ghosting against you lips. You gasp as his body moves closer, pinning you to him……

Let your imagination run wild.

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Sand sculptures

I got inspired by clojury her post to take a look back at my pics, these are from 2 years ago in Blankenberge, Belgium

Captain America



Star Wars

Pirates of the Carribean


Avatar (this one was my favourite)

And as a bonus, the Belgian sea ;)

Not sure who wants to see these so I’m just tagging a few of you: xdelayedgratification curator-at-large tegwin villain-lover littletime67 iamtopdrawer loki-in-winterfell larouau12 sigyn-hiddleston d-m-jonas cherry-tom-ato damageditem maneth985 nwadadnama captainmayablog dorito82 ladywyldfire antyc67 marinebassas megsesvids

Here is my beautiful king in all his gorgeous Jotun form :) Edit done by the amazing jjangredpanda *check her out* painting done my yours truly :D I love this one… :sigh: if I didn’t love Pan so much I’d have a new desktop :)

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lokis-ice-queen asked for Thomas Grey :D I hope I did OK love. 

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Magnus black and white, isn´t that a fabulous sight?


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and anyone else who loves the Swedish curly boy

Pics and gifs not mine, understood.

This is for maneth985 she made this beautiful edit and asked me to paint it. Sorry it took so long luv :) 

The other presents are fics that I am still working on. I have another chapter of Pan and a Tom & Christine that is being finished up… hopefully both this weekend if the nieces allow :D 

Also have a rather… juicy RP going with rainbow-cobra over on my Hiddleston RP thomaswh-rp… if you guys are interested in that :D

OH and there might be a couple more Jotun paintings floating around that need finished… might be a very busy weekend :D :smooches:

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I’m on mobile, so tag on Ladies.
Pics not mine.

I saw it… and had to… I’m so even not sorry :evil grin:

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how about another cowboy tom… how you guys feel about that?

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I´m in the mood for black and white Loki.

Gods bless his (s)ass.

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Pics and gifs aren´t mine, ya know it.


Okay, I think I’m in love with the colour white this time… Help me?

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*whispers*white shirts ans tshirts of sex…

(by the way, I’m posting these once in a while, but if you don’t want to be tagged just let me know that’s perfectly fine :) )


As soon as he’s done carrying that heavy washer…he can carry me…to the bedroom…where I broke something…maybe…I’m still in awe of this delicious man…I’m tagging cause I’m not dying alone damn it!

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Nope, gray is definitely not my favourite colour…

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My new babies, who I actually adopted on a whim. The black one is Plum Pudding and the cream one is Cherry Tom Ato. Plum is much more calm than Cherry right not, but hopefully that will change.

We went into the pet store to pick up some crickets for a snake and we kinda found our way to the rodent tanks. I was originally gonna take home some feeder mice as pets, because I’ve had them as pets before, but then the guy working there suggested the rats that had been put up for adoption. They came with one small cage and a friend gave me an extra cage she had with a little tube to connect them.

They’re eating cherry tomatoes, a few carrot slivers, and some rat food pellets. Cherry actually bit me and one of my friends, but I think that’s just purely out of nervousness and new surroundings, because she was fine when we held her at the store.

If there’s anyone with any rat experience that would like to offer me some good advice, I’d appreciate it. I know they need one big cage instead of two small ones, but I’m going to wait a few weeks so I can build up some funds for a good one.

Also, my mom was a little uneasy when she first saw them, but now she’s only worried about the cats getting to them. And, I actually had to remove one of the astronaut bubbles on their tank because one of the rats, or a cat, pulled/pushed it off the tank and Plum left. I woke up to a Plum Pudding cuddling me.