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SUN & MOON  ;  a photobook 

the sun can only be seen during the daytime and the moon can only be seen during the night time. so they say the sun and moon cannot be together, can never collide; but look closely, they are under the same sky


Cardcaptor Sakura: White Cat Sakura 

I’ve known for years of this picture & the opposite color version (which was actually drawn first), but I wanted to go for the whole “Ying Yang” effect. Anyways, it’s white-cat Sakura-chan looking super cute as always. I sourced it from the 20th anniversary art book and I’m very happy this was included in it. It features Sakura’s star wand & an entourage of cherry blossom petals, although they look a bit like rose petals too. You decide! Another scan for my “Cat Month” collection.

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Title: 遠雷 (Distant Thunder)

Scans: @cherry-toxic

Pairing: Shizaya

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