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Crushed Velvet Ch. 2

“What the fuck are you doing with a human girl Jimin? And why does she smell like that?”

The frustration in his voice was evident. Yoongi had an intense gaze set upon the poorly dressed young woman, devouring every single part of her with his mesmerizing eclipsed violet eyes. This caused a feeling of consternation to course through her body like electricity forcing her to stay frozen in her tracks. The tantalizing male, who looked as if he were some type of nobility, was capable of creating a completely contradicting feeling within Sky to stir. She was udderly terrified by him, although she couldn’t place her finger on why considering she wasn’t nearly as intimidated by Jimin or his protégés—even after almost being consumed by Taehyung. However, even with the fear that Yoongi invoked, she was incredibly drawn to him and couldn’t help but ogle at the sight.

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