cherry pit spitting

Tying a Naught With a Cherry Stem {Reaction}

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You and Namjoon had been going through a fruit binge lately and your favorite has been cherries. You had decided to show Namjoon your hidden talent, which was you were able to tie a knot with a cherry stem using only your mouth. “Joonie look what I can do.” He was watching you with confused eyes as you were contorting your mouth in odd shapes. When you were done you pulled the stem out it had two knots in it. With wide eyes Namjoon took the stem out of your hands.

“1 I’m not surprised that you could do that but 2 I’m shocked you could do a double knot. So how about you demonstrate that on me personally princess”?

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Jin was decorating a cake he had bought that he said wasn’t ‘to his standards’ so he decided to add cherries and sprinkles. You had snatched a cherry from him. “Jin I’ve never shown you I can do this.” A few seconds later you pull out the stem with a knot tied in it.

“Ah Y/N that’s so naughty” He giggled as he gave you a quick kiss and continued adding cherries to the cake.

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You had walked into yours and J-Hope’s shared apartment when you could hear him getting frustrated. You had went down the hallway to see J-Hope trying to spit cherry pits across the kitchen into the trashcan but failed every time. You had grabbed a cherry only putting the stem into your mouth.       “Y/N the actual cherry is the part you eat”. You rolled your eyes at him showing him the knotted stem between your teeth and spit the stem perfectly into the trashcan as you waltzed out of the kitchen.

“Why must you be so perfect and such a showoff”. J-Hope had whined defeated. 

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Yoongi had brought home ice-cream sundaes after practice. You had taken yours and quickly stuck the whole cherry in your mouth, stem and all. After Yoongi had looked at you confused and a few seconds had passed by you took out the stem with a knot and set it on the table with a cocky attitude.

“The planets have aligned, my mind is blown, but now your head game makes so much sense”.

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You and Taehyung had been super competitive since day one of meeting. Today he came home with cherries and wanted to have a competition of who could tie a knot in the most cherry stems in five minutes. When he pressed start on the timer he gave you a wink as he put the first stem in his mouth. By time he finished his first knot you were already on your fourth stem. When the timer went off you had eleven and Taehyung had six.

“How about loser gets head”? He threw you over his shoulder to carry you to the bedroom before you could even answer.  

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“Hey Jiminie look what I just figured out I could do”. You popped a cherry stem in your mouth and within a minute you pulled out the stem with a knot in it. Jimin smirked at you while putting a stem in his mouth and within a shorter time than you, Jimin pulled out a stem with two knots.

“I can teach you personally if you’d like babygirl”.

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You had told Jungkook you could tie a knot in a cherry stem awhile back but never showed him, until tonight. You thought he forgot about it, but that was a whole different story since he came home and plopped a whole bag of cherries on the counter in front of you. You happily took one since you loved fresh cherries and easily tied a knot showing Jungkook.

“Oddly enough that is so fucking hot”.  

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IxxP Aesthetic

One for the misfits.

INFP: Industrial ruins offering glimpses into a post-apocalyptic world where slowly, but inevitably, wild grasses will softly bury everything until the sun will engulf the earth and the universe will implode. Getting lost in the streets of an unfamiliar town, door creaking as you enter the messiest antiquarian bookshop imaginable and are greeted with a kind smile. Wooden merry-go-rounds with hand-carved horses, hand-cranked organ playing circus tunes. Ten-page letters never sent, messages in a bottle found a hundred years later. An abandoned train station in the middle of nowhere where maybe the ghost of the porter is forever waiting for passengers he knows will not arrive. Being careful to avoid an audible click between tracks so to not ruin that well-nigh perfect transition between songs as you record a mixtape onto cassette. Modern-day hand bookbinders and watchmakers. That one good line from that awful poem you wrote in seventh grade. Everything cringeworthy about your favorite band’s first demo tape.

INTP: Home plastered with whiteboards, fridge-freezer door painted with chalkboard paint for good measure so you can deal with your brainstorms whenever you have them. Chindōgu, the Japanese art of coming up with creative solutions to minor everyday annoyances that are ultimately useless because people would be too embarrassed to use them, such as the famous noodle splash guard. Fringe sports. Like curling. Disc golf. Or robot soccer. The USS Enterprise-shaped pizza cutter. Setting Wikipedia’s Randompage as your homepage, never getting started on anything because you keep clicking the hyperlinks in the articles. Avoiding TV Tropes for the very reason. Getting unexpectedly invested in the debate when it comes to footnotes vs. endnotes. Wanting to learn Elvish but getting stuck when you can’t decide between Quenya and Sindarin. Also maybe wanting to learn stenography. Or steganography. Or how to play the contrabass balalaika.

ISTP: Blue jeans, white shirt, vintage leather jacket. Wishing the multiplayer trend in gaming would go away because you like the sense of personal responsibility found in a classic adventure but getting really competitive at Mario Kart. Cherry pit spitting. Building your own bed frame out of recycled pallets. Wearing your battle scars with pride. That one delinquent character in a highschool anime setting with the key to the forbidden rooftop. Just… sitting on rooftops. When the silence between two people isn’t awkward at all but feels natural for once. Knees grazed from skateboarding, callused fingers from playing guitar. Collecting vintage horror pulp zines. Or baseball cards. Or pocket knives. Tinkering things apart and putting them back together again to see how they work. Patching up your worn-out combat boots with shoe goo to grant them another chance at life. The rewarding view from the summit after a particularly challenging hike.

Those utterly perfect movie scenes. Like when Luke Skywalker gazes into Tatooine’s evening sky, Binary Sunsets is playing, and nothing fucking happens but you feel that this, this is the very moment he realizes he might just be stuck on that dead-ass planet for the rest of his life and he’s mourning the life he’ll never have, or maybe he’s actually deciding he’s indeed made for greater things, who knows, but the sheer significance is there for everyone to forever burn onto their retinas. You know the scenes. Not being intimidated by an empty canvas but excited about the unlimited possibilities contained within. Decorating your dorm room with washi tape. Meticulously consistent editing of pictures so to not disrupt the flow of your Instagram feed. The plethora of colours light shines onto a soap bubble. Bath bombs. Sidewalk chalk. Not necessarily studying but always stocking up on cute stationery. Having strong opinions on the fonts used in movie end credits (Wes Anderson has a thing for Futura, by the way). The brand of escapism embodied in a Lana Del Rey video.
Cherry Pits [Shakarian]

“Alright, fine. I’ll give you a chance to regain your honour.”

“What are you talking about, Vakarian.”

He was literally unable to just let her nap in peace, wasn’t he?

“What, you don’t remember your shameful defeat on top of the Presidium?”

A ghost of a smile flickered across Shepard’s face.

“Must have forgotten, hit my head pretty hard recently, you know.”

“Mhm, convenient.”

She scoffed at that.

“Anyway, generous as I am, I’ll offer you a rematch.”

“Quit the crap, Garrus. How would I… ”

Clearly annoyed now, Shepard clenched her teeth, holding back words that were threatening to spill out. No need to state the obvious.

“Trust me.”

Her eyes flickered up to his at the gentleness in his voice and she groaned. No peace, no rest with him around. No time for her to wallow in self pity either…

“Fine. I’m fucking Commander Shepard, Saviour of the Galaxy. No reason I can’t be a One Armed Sniper, too.”

“That’s my girl.”

“What the fuck, Garrus.”

“Expected something else?”

The glee in his voice made her stop feeling slightly bad about him having to crouch uncomfortably to be able to push her in her human-sized wheelchair.

“I don’t know who sold you those but they were bullshitting you. Those are not bullets, those are-”

“Cherry pits, yeah.”

Garrus walked around the wheelchair until she could see him and then squatted down so they were eye to eye. His mandibles flicked in amusement and his talons rested on her good knee.

“What, you thought they’d let us fire sniper rifles in the hospital?”


“Why don’t we wait until your super cool robot arm is attached before I smuggle you out for target practice.”

“Maybe they’ll install an assault rifle function, if I ask them nicely.”

“Until then…”

He nodded towards the bowl of cherry pits. Unbelievable… how did he… when…



Her fingers curled around one of his talons and without meaning to, a tear ran down her cheek. Traitor eyes.

His forehead pressed against hers, his eyes closed, giving her the illusion of a hiding place until she moved her head back a little so she could kiss him.

“What would I do without you…”

“You wouldn’t have to suffer through being embarrassed in the noble human tradition of cherry pit spitting by your turian boyfriend, for one.”

“I’ll destroy you.”

Turns out, Turians had a hard time spitting cherry pits without lips. However, they excelled at making their lovers laugh until a wound starts bleeding again.

Worth it.

The year of tightrope. Learning to balance on two left feet. Where the brightest moments came between the darkest days. Realizing that forgiveness starts with myself. The year that no amount of water could have put out the fire. Of realizing the power of my own hands. Where some days my own voice was the noose around my neck. The year of keeping a knife under my tongue for good measure. Of pitting cherries, spitting out sunflower seeds. Turning everything I loved into starbursts and neon lights. The year my castles crumbled and I slept in the rubble. I learned to love in the dark. I learned when to run, and what it feels like to stay. The year of parachutes. Of hope, of light, of everything golden. Of loss, of salt water, of getting lost in the tunnel. The year of blood in my mouth and on my hands. Keeping quiet but never bowing down. The year of girl, coil, snakes. The year I came wide awake. My nerves snapped back to life. The year the dead girl couldn’t win. The sky couldn’t outweigh me, and I stopped wishing for wings. The year of the collision that nearly left me shattered. The year that I grew back stronger.

2016, Angelea Lowes

(Inspired by Warsan Shire)

Things that remind me of the signs

Aries: bonfires, unbearable heat, car radios, daisies
Taurus: laughing until you can’t breathe, new shoes, playing tag
Gemini: sparkly earrings, smoke, holding hands, resting your eyes
Cancer: midnight walks, long hugs, pink icing, baseball games
Leo: 80’s music, dazzling smiles, walking in bare feet, summertime
Virgo: being shy, movie theaters, lemonade, mispronouncing words
Libra: honesty, punk rock, gold nail polish, silent giggles
Scorpio: Halloween, sunrise, telling ghost stories, gravel roads
Sagittarius: painting, running late, butterfly kisses
Capricorn: spinning until you’re dizzy, pinky promises, raking leaves, coffee
Aquarius: infomercials, sidewalk chalk, spitting cherry pits
Pisces: mermaids, salt, singing until you lose your voice, independence

okay BUT… imagine the raven gang at the beach

  • adam seeing the ocean for the first time and freezing in his tracks to admire it until ronan shoves him forward with a “cmon parrish, the sharks cant get you from here”
  • ronan “accidentally” kicking sand onto blues towel
  • ronan getting SUPER sunburnt bc he refuses to wear sunscreen and blue made fun of him for trying to sit under an umbrella
  • blue slathering on half a bottle of sunscreen
  • adam panicking when she asks him to get her back
  • blue throwing the rest of the bottle directly aimed at ganseys face when she realizes hes putting on TANNING OIL
  • ronan and noah competing to spit cherry pits into a cup
  • noah diving under the waves and freaking everyone out by touching their legs
  • ronan dunking adam and laughing when he comes up sputtering with salt water up his nose
  • blue pointing out a boat on the horizon and gansey speculating about what kind it is until he ends up with a faceful of sand 
  • noah giddy after discovering a tidepool 
  • adam, blue, and noah creating an elaborate sandcastle until a huge wave wipes it (and them) out
  • gansey touching blues nose where its beginning to turn pink before realizing what hes doing and snatching his hand away, casually suggesting she reapply sunscreen
  • all piling in the camaro to go home smelling like sun and salt and sweat and summer
Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in morning Sailor's warning.

kingofthebutts submitted: 

  I wasn’t here for this story but when my mom was around 7 or 8 she lived in the house of an old sailor. There was a story that his daughter had fallen off his fishing boat and drowned during a storm on one of their fishing trips and that’s whose room my mother lived in. 

Strange things had always happened in that room. She would leave the house dead silent and when she came back the radio in her room would be blasting at top volume. And her window would repeatedly be opened in the middle of the night while she was sleeping and the crows would spit cherry pits all over her bed.

However, the scariest story I’ve heard of that house was one day when my mother was home alone the radio mysteriously turned on again. When she went to turn it off her door slammed behind her and before she knew what was happening she was pushed into her closet and locked in. Sitting in the darkness she heard a lilting laugh and a little girl singing

“Red sky at night, Sailor’s delight.

Red sky in morning, Sailor’s warning.”

She was locked in there for 2 hours until my grandmother came home and heard my mom screaming and crying. She went to her room and found her closet door handle had been jammed with her desk chair with my mom still inside.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!!