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5 Times Pie Would Have Saved the Day in Classic Literature

It is a truth universally acknowledged that pie is beautiful and delicious, and classic novels are full of characters gritting through their complicated, difficult lives. But what if these characters had a heartwarming slice of pie? Things could have been very different…

1. Captain Ahab. Was ever a man more in need of a slice of coconut cream pie? Like the giant whale Moby Dick, coconut cream pie is large and white, but far less likely to induce unholy fury and a life-shattering revenge spree. Plus, Ahab would have to sail to some beautiful tropic isle to obtain the requisite coconuts, and a balmy tropic vacation could only do good things for his chilly temper.

2. Scarlett O’Hara. This feisty Southern belle has demonstrated time and again that she won’t give her heart away easily. The only solution to her inevitable loneliness is a cherry pie as bold, classic, and all-American as Scarlett herself.

3. Dorian Gray. Rich, dreamy, and devilishly smooth. Are we describing Dorian Gray or a chocolate silk pie? You don’t know, and that’s why they’re the perfect match. Perhaps if Dorian had been able to channel the passions of his youth into eating chocolate pies, he wouldn’t have turned out as dark and bitter as a Ghiradelli 86% cacao bar. Just sayin’.

4. Miss Havisham. Jilted at the altar. Left alone with her misery in a rotting home. Surrounded for years by reminders of her thwarted romance. This woman needs some SUNSHINE in her life, for goodness’ sake! No pie is better suited to the task than a cheery lemon meringue. Its pillowy meringue, sunny yellow curd, and buttery crust are enough to make anyone clear out the cobwebs and start spring cleaning.

5. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Look, man. We know you tried. But heading into a proposal with the general game plan of “Insult family, point out her inferiority, bring up class difference, overwhelm her with ardent love” was a pretty poor strategy, all things considered. Imagine how things might have gone over with Elizabeth B. if you had shown up, casually, with a steaming rhubarb pie. You could have told her her that the bold tartness of the rhubarb reminds you of her stinging wit, but that you believe she could also be subtly sweet. Things could have gone so much better for you, Darcy.

But, since you botched the first proposal attempt, maybe you should go practice swimming in the lake at Pemberley. Don’t ask us why.

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▪last movie I watched: Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 2)

▪last song I listened to: Brandy by Looking Glass..  one of my all time favs…because I had just seen GOTG2 and it just so made me smile

▪last book I read: The Little Red Chairs by Irish author Edna O’Brien.  Unbelievably stunning prose and a searing premise. The title is taken from an art installation of red chairs representing those who died in the seige of Sarajevo.  The book explores the nature of our perception of evil and how those who are evil (a character based on Radovan Karadzic, the Butcher of Bosnia) can hide in plain sight.  

▪last thing I ate: lemon pepper tuna and leftover cherry pie from Mother’s day

where would you want to time travel to?:  The 1960s, just to immerse myself in Motown when it was newish, the Beatles, all the great music and be a part of that counter-culture for a bit.  Also to witness the rise of amazing classic Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

▪fictional character I would hang out with for a day:  Faramir of Gondor so long as it was Fourth Age, after the fall of Mordor, and we had the luxury to discuss  ME politics, history, and the rejuvenation of Ithilien  while sitting under Emyn Arnen’s mallorn tree.  

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

Current fandom obsession? Do you have to ask? Steve Rogers.

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Sweet Cherry Pie

Fresh cherries were first pitted then cooked in a pot along with sugar, water, tapioca, and lemon juice. The filling was poured into an unbaked sour cream pie shell, covered with a lattice top, and baked. After removing from the oven a sugar glaze was applied to the center and the edges of the crust.

Beverage:  The Tea Table’s ’Crime of Passion’ green tea made into an unsweetened iced tea with pitted cherries stirred in and a single whole cherry served on top.

I'm Pregnant, Dean! Part-3



I got a lot of requests for a part-3, so here we go… 

You hadn’t spoken a word since the time you told your boyfriend that you had just lost his baby. You couldn’t speak, cry or think for yourself reasonably. After the tragic incidence, Dean had hugged you tight to his body but you couldn’t conjure yourself to lift your hands and wrap them around his waist. You were just dead inside for losing something that was holding your relationship with Dean together; for losing a life that would once have been your child. 

Dean had started to unbutton your pants and pulled them down as the blood oozed out of your inner thighs like someone had cut through the skin with a sharp blade. You couldn’t move your body as it was paralyzed in shock. Your mind repeated the events from earlier—flashing all the moments of you and Dean together after he had started ignoring you. It focused on the moment when you had dragged your body down the sink by the kitchen cabinets and cried your heart out. It was a sign that your brain was giving you to let you know it wanted to explode in tears, to try to make itself feel better, but your heart wanted to keep all the pain inside of you to keep torturing yourself with it every moment you got; to remind yourself of what you’d lost. 

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