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A little gif I made to celebrate his arrival!
Mayor of Popcorn
Dream Address: 7000-3514-3916


My four main (current) Miitomo outfits as well as my Miitomo QR code for all those requesting non-wacky images of my outfits as well as the code!

In Order:

Outfit #1 - Princess Dress Set

Outfit #2 - Steampunk Dress Set

Outfit #3 - Blue Rose Bouquet Dress Set

Outfit #4 - Lacy Cherry-Blossom Dress Set

and of course my Miitomo QR code!

Hopefully Nintendo will add in a way to send out friends requests to ANYONE, but for the time being if you see me on any of your existing Miitomo Friends “Friends Lists”, feel free to add me, I accept every friends request I get!

PIKMIN’s Return.

More Cute, More Red, More Yellow More Blue !
I like this game so much  but it’s so hard. Seriously, PIKMIN are KILLING THEMSELF FOR YOU. D:

Few mistakes but whatever.. Hard Day.
The other cuttiiiie Pikmin i’ve made :