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Aphrodite Dedication Spell

Historical Background –

Aphrodite is represented as the Greek goddess of love, associated with maturity, adult relationships, romance, sexuality, beauty and the arts. She is the envelopment of sexual union, and has been experienced by men as fascinatingly exotic, a seductress. She can distract a man from his task and direction as a result of her seductive enchantment. Yet, Aphrodite belongs to the category of ‘virgin’ goddess in that she does not suffer at the hand of any man. In ancient accounts, Aphrodite rose up from the foam of the ocean as a naked and fully developed beautiful woman riding on a scallop shell. She is said to be older than time. In Roman mythology, Aphrodite is known as Venus.  

Supplies –

· Different sized candles, Aphrodite loves all shapes and sizes.

· Incense

· Sand/shells

· Maybe a container like a fancy plate to arrange the sand/shells/candles on.

· Offerings – Apples (story of the golden apple), cherries, honey, pears, rosemary, strawberries, tomatoes, roses  

· Bowl for offerings

Timing –

· Full moon, or when you feel most powerful.

Ritual –

· Set up your altar to honor Aphrodite, offerings to the side.

· Caste a Circle.

· In your own words, ask Aphrodite to accept you as the child she never had (possibly write it down). Ask her to guide you on your spiritual path and help you make your magick more powerful. 

· Raise the offerings skyward and chant:

Goddess Aphrodite, I offer all to you, so mote it be.

This post is for my favorite lil witch, glitterycleavage. Love you Em :)
Blessed Yule everyone!!!


sans: right…. breakfast parties…. will do boss.

Just a little thing I drew based off a group rp with lust pap and sans, fell pap and sans, and swap pap and sans…… cuuuuuz…. whynot?