cherry garcia

This song was for his ex Carmen Electra who cheated on him while in her hometown. He put her in a room and played this and when it was over, he sent her back home on a plane to LA. But its One of my favorites. Just in honor of me missing him. This song still gives me chills.

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This route, if it really is a V route, is going to be so intense and so emotional and I'm so ready I'm going to be sobbing for d a y s

It’s not even released yet and I can already spidey sense the amount of wine and Ben&Jerrys Cherry Garcia I’m going to be consuming just to get through this.
I love the pain, I’m so ready to be sad af and cherish and love this beautiful man

How To Control Negative Thoughts: A Practical Approach On How To Suffer Less

This pattern is a lot like psychological quicksand. As soon as we have a negative thought, like “I should be studying or I shouldn’t be eating this pint of delicious Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.”, our instinct to fight it gives that negative thought more emotional charge. That emotional charge is expressed as an increased feeling of distress which makes us think even more negatively. And, before long, our head is beneath the sand and we’re suffocating from what was originally just a relatively benign negative thought.